For day nine of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Goal,” I thought about soccer and ended up with a quick sketch of a pup chasing after a soccer ball. I love watching dogs play. They always have this feeling of pure joy on their faces. And, even the repetition of doing the same thing over and over fails to quell their enthusiasm. Seeing my own puppy Elliott chase after a ball like this always makes me smile as well. There’s just this amazing sense of joy that exudes from him in those moments. While the goal is definitely to get that particular ball, I think the real goal is getting that sense of joy. Indeed, I think as goals go, joy is probably the one that I put at the top of my list. If I’m doing something that makes me super happy, then I know any other goals I might have are less important than anything I could feel from simply enjoying that singular amazing moment.

Philippe and I are spending a couple of nights with friends at their house outside of the city and having a fabulous time. It’s great to unplug for a bit and enjoy what used to be normal life. We’ve wandered through shops and talked to people in person, while never worrying about snapping a photo to remember the moment. The moment was already wonderful and therefore memorable. At one shop, I heard my name being called and realized I knew the woman behind the counter. It was fabulous to have that feeling of it being truly a small world in the end. There’s so much happening in the world around me, and while I want to be aware and concerned like every good citizen, it’s still nice to be in my own little world. In that world, it’s just about friends and family and the love the I feel when I get to spend quality time with them.

So tonight, we’re going to enjoy more of the same. Just taking each moment as it happens and letting life play out in a more natural and easy-going fashion. Philippe is going to make us all dinner and my friend is making key lime pie for dessert. There’s no real schedule for the events ahead and we’ll just enjoy each thing that happens as it happens. While I spends most of my time chasing after that next big idea that I want to pursue, I have to admit that there’s a magic in chasing nothing at all. There’s a beauty to be found in simply enjoying the seconds as they tick by without treating them as though they’re a countdown of some kind. It’s entirely possible to enjoy life and be successful without sublimating all of the best bits of it with feelings that don’t provide any sort of happiness. And, that’s how I choose to live each and every day. If I have one goal in this lifetime, it’s to always experience as often as possible that thrilling feeling of pure joy!

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Dog Running After Soccer Ball Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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16 thoughts on “Pure Joy

  1. once when I was not doing well, I learned to take joy in little things – the way a cat climbed stairs, the softness of fur, the way a fox is perfectly crafted for pouncing, bluebirds on the wires, my husband’s eyes.

  2. What a fabulous way to live! I think that’s what I’m waiting on as I wait for this chapter in my life to close. The page is turning, but oh so slowly. I just want to live and see and experience and breathe deeply and laugh out loud and walk without pain and not fear anything weird like climbing stairs/falling/standing up. I want normal again. Sometimes it seems so far away, but the Lord is faithful. What a glorious trip, Charlie! I’ve thought a lot about travelling recently. I want to run there, not walk. I’m tired of slow-mo. Soon, I hope. 💜 Covid is getting bad here again. And we were 104*F today. Wonk, wonk. 😂😂😂 Enjoy your weekend, mi amigo!

    1. Thanks, mi amiga! 😃💕 I’m sure the pages of your story will start to turn more quickly soon! But, yeah… it’s so darn hot that running anywhere at this point would not be advised anyway! lol Ugh! I’m ready for autumn… this heat is not fun! 😉

  3. Hello Charlie,

    That’s a fun Doodlewash. The pup looks thrilled. And that moment when someone called out to you – just to say hello – when you were least expecting it, that’s so sweet. Though I’m not a people’s person, I somehow like those moments. They hold stories in them. Wishing you many more story moments…


    1. Aww thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I love the idea of story moments. I think those are the best kind of all. Little moments you weren’t expecting, but feel so special and joyful. I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Hugs to you!

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