For today’s prompt of simply “orange,” I grabbed three colors, in the short 15 minutes I had to paint today, and made this little autumn leaf. I love the leaves here this time of year as they blaze against a blue sky, turning shocking colors for a brief and brilliant moment. Sometimes it all seems to happen too quickly, and I don’t get to enjoy it properly. Days can get so busy that stopping for a moment to appreciate the changing nature around you becomes rather difficult. And it’s true, I’ve been feverishly working on exciting new features for Doodlewash lately (a big new feature, just quietly launched today, in fact!). I’m so thrilled with the community that’s formed here and so thankful. On days like this, when it feels like I couldn’t possibly make that bit of time to paint, you all inspire me. No matter what is happening in my busy day, I show up because you DO! You make me want to create and try new things, and for that I’m so happy and grateful. Thanks for all you DO! You’re each amazing! 

And if you read this far, then I’ll go ahead and share that awesome new feature that was added just today. Now the DO Shop includes a Watercolor Boutique where featured artists can create their own shops and sell their work as well! Three brave featured artists have agreed to jump in and test this new addition and though it’s not yet linked on the main site, you can visit these shops right now by clicking here! Yeah, why limit our community to just Facebook and Instagram features, when we can add a little bit of Etsy on top! And best of all, a portion of all proceeds in the Watercolor Boutique goes to help our future artists so underprivileged kids can get the art supplies they truly need. It’s always been my sincere hope and passion to help artists promote themselves, while simultaneously providing a little help and hope for the next generation of artists. And to also ensure there actually is a next generation as funding for art classes gets cut each year. This is a crazy BIG dream, to be sure, but I’m thrilled to see bits and pieces of it finally coming true!

So, if you’re a former featured guest artist who would like to open a shop here, please contact me and let me know! And if you’ve not yet been featured, let’s start there. Contact me and let me know that as well! Please note, this site is entirely community-driven, so although I host all these features, we’re really just building them all together. In the end, I truly believe that will make this little place on the internet one of the best places to visit on the planet! I’ve never been a fan of strict rules, as I prefer to let things build themselves organically. Sure, there will be bumps and issues along the way, but that’s all part of the process and fun. Much like watercolor, you just have to allow the colors to flow and let what happens next, simply happen. I DO hope you’ll join me on this next stage of the adventure! We’ve made something amazing together, and it’s just going to get even cooler from here. There’s lots of work to be done yet, to be sure, but as always, there’s still a bit of time to stop and make a quick little autumn leaf.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Da Vinci Yellow, Da Vinci Red, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 19 - Quick Little Autumn Leaf - Doodlewash

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42 thoughts on “Quick Little Autumn Leaf

  1. Great leaf Charlie!Good color contrast 🙂
    Also I’m glad for new feature.I never think to sell my paintings although I’ve done the exhibition once.It’s really a must have feature like doodlewash.I’ll try to be brave 😀

  2. Charlie, thank you for all you do for underprivileged children, including setting up this shop. 🙂 I grew up in an area like that, and art classes are always the first thing to get cut. And I was lucky enough that my family would buy me cheap kids paints and stuff to use, but not everyone had even that. It means a lot that somebody would do something.

  3. First of all, I love the autumn leaf, its brilliant orange contrasting with its blue shadow. We don’t get a lot of autumn look around here in California as most of the trees are evergreen or succulents – or in the case of our garden, inching toward dead in a very sad way. Long drought and poor gardening skills have a deleterious effect on the yard.

    Second, I’m very excited about the new features on Doodlewash. You’re truly building a community around watercolor art, Charlie, and it’s a pleasure to see the entire venture grow. The best of all is helping provide kids with art supplies. Art is a great equalizer and a wonderful opportunity for expression for kids, yet most schools don’t provide art classes of any kind. So what you’re doing is generous in the very best sense.

    1. Thanks so much, Shari! 😃💕 Yeah, as much as I’m passionate about helping our current artists, my heart hurts knowing that there could possibly be less artists in our future. I can’t and won’t stand for that! Something needs to change, and I hope that in my own small way, I can be a part of that.

  4. What a beautiful 15-minute Autumn leaf, a treasure of the most beautiful season!
    I think the new DO Shop is awesome. You do so much to promote art and artists. Good for you! I already see a few faves in the shop that I would love to have!

  5. Wow Charlie! First for the fabulous leaf, and second for your wonderful new feature on Doodlewash. Having funds go to art supplies for children is a fantastic idea! Yay!! I’m off to check out those links…..

    1. Thanks so much, Susan!! 😃💕 It’s a start! Will hopefully grow the boutique with many more artists in the future. And together, we might just be able to make a real difference and provide a means for future artists!

  6. I like your little leaf. I’ve painted several and find myself getting lost in their complexity. Your leaf reminds me that simplified into a 15 minute sketch they are still beautiful. Every fall I find myself greedily gathering up and pressing these bright jewels. I tell myself I need to find a use for them, and that I don’t need so many. After many years, I am getting better at limiting my collection. I’m thinking about coating them with a varnish or shellac, and hanging them s mobiles, maybe making earings of a few. They’d make a nice collage.

    I hope your new feature is a great success. And I’m hoping that you’ll still have time to paint your little gems, and share your thoughts.

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! 😃💕 I love your little gems! I think you should totally varnish or shellac them! And yes, I’ll still be showing up with my little doodlewashes and thoughts. Actually, that last feature was the toughest to complete, so I’m thrilled it’s launched now!

  7. I love your quick little leaf. Autumn is so beautiful with all the brights pops of color as the leaves change. Lol, it is a wonder that I don’t crash my car while running errands from all the rubbernecking of the brilliant reds, golds and oranges along my route.

  8. Fall! Sweatshirt weather = Love! As Wisconsin recently said on a travel ad “Get it while supplies last!” 😍 Today we are at 38 degrees. So much for Fall! lol

    I love the Boutique! It’s brilliant!! **standing ovation** ❤️

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