Perhaps it was all the Easter stuff in the stores today, but I decided to go with a rabbit for the next letter. Besides being pretty darn cute, rabbits have an excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision. They actually have 360° panoramic vision, which allows them to detect predators in all directions. While they can see everything behind them, like some people, they unfortunately have a small blind-spot when it comes to something right in front of their nose.

Rabbits can sometimes “binky” which is a term used to describe what happens when they reach a state of unadulterated exuberance. In this state, which can also seem like they’re having a full seizure, they’ll twitch their heads and body in different directions and jump high in the air. Though it looks like they’ve turned suddenly insane, a binky moment is just a way to express their joy. Though it might look ridiculous for a human to do the same, it’s enviable that these little creatures can become so instantly happy.

In the wild, rabbits have a ton of predators, and their main line of defense is an incredible ability to reproduce. It’s possible for a female to have up to a 1,000 babies in her lifetime and the female babies can mate as soon as the day after they are born. Though the actual mating is not very romantic by human standards and consists of a male circling the female, showing his tail, sometimes urinating on her, and then completing the act in less than 30 seconds. Strange to be sure, but there you have it. Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend, going binky doing what you love most! Next up is “S” so please shout out your suggestions in the comments!

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M. Graham watercolors: Burnt Sienna, Gamboge, and Neutral Tint. Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Opera Rose. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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62 thoughts on “R Is For Rabbit

  1. It’s not Bugs but it’ll definitely do! Ha ha, oh, here’s that hysteria again – I want to cuddle this adorable bunny rabbit, even if he does look ready to hop off at any moment. Awesome doodlewash. And I had no idea about the ‘binky’… I don’t remember any of my childhood rabbits binkying. How very novel!

    S is for Samoyed. Springbok. Skunk. Swan. Stag. Seal. Seal. Seal. Seal.

    1. Thanks Jacob!! Yeah I couldn’t resist a rabbit…they’re just too cute and cuddly. Hehe And yeah…I’d never heard of “binky” before…so strange! And still don’t know where the name came from. Thanks for all the suggestions! Including the last…er…four! Lol But I’ve done 2 of those before!! 😊

      1. I’ve googled. There was Matt Groening rabbit character from the 70s called Binky, apparently. Nothing concrete though. Hmm! It’s a strange one.

        And haha! I think I’m still suggesting Seal actually. Repeat to fade 😉 But yes – I forgot you did two in one go! I’ll let you off, then!

  2. You know how much I love rabbits and yours is done beautifuly. His little feet are so cute. I didn’t know about the whole “blinky” thing but I have seen the rabbits in our yard act like that. I thought it was a spring time love thing!😀
    My suggestion for S is sloth. They have really expressive eyes and your eyes are always done so well.

  3. YAY Charlie! What a rascally looking rabbit! Hehe! 😊 Interesting facts today! 😳 Poor Mrs Bunny… As for S, how about a stripped skunk! You might even have a story to tell?! 😉🎨💕

  4. While I’m not a big rabbit fan (because they are huge garden pests), your bunny is all kinds of cuteness! <3

    "Binky"…hahaha! Crazy rabbits. Did you know that rabbits can scream like a banshee when panicked?

  5. Oh wow! It’s so cute! We once agreed to keep a class pet (two bunnies) over spring break. We didn’t know that my son was allergic! He broke out into hives and scared me to death. Of course it was the weekend and my husband was out of town. I went to the pharmacy for Benadryl and had to sign lots of paperwork because I tried to buy more than two bottles.. Lol. Yeah, they are adorable but no more bunnies for us.. 😜

  6. This is in my top ten of your stuff of all time, Charlie. I love this bunny, and thanks for creating him! He is wonderful! Lol, loved the binky info and now It’s suddenly making sense why people sometimes call pacifiers binkys. I never understood that before. For S I think sparrow. Stork (Haha maybe for the bunny). Sloth. Ooh squirrel! But you may have done that one. Hmm I know snot-nosed kid is out LOL but couldn’t resist typing it, as it actually came to mind 😎. I like seal also but haven’t you done one? There are so many you’ve already done. Of course, we’ve all done hundreds of birds and everyone loves them. Don’t mind me as I think (type) out loud……ooh shark! That’d be a cool one. Gosh, but haven’t you done this too?! I can’t keep track. I like skunk also. Wow, can’t think of more, but S should be an easy one! Have fun, Charlie!

    1. Awww yay!! So glad this one made your top 10 …hehe…he was fun to doodlewash! And I love when type out loud!!! Haha!! 💜💜💜😃 And snot-nosed kid would be soooooo tempting if I wasn’t doing non-human creatures! Perhaps he’ll kick off my pending foray into human portraits. And shark would be cool too! S is making me insane…WAY too many options!!!!! 😳lol

  7. Binky is a great word. I will file it for future reference!
    I like everyone’s S suggestions…snake would be cool, skunk, shark, sloth, seal…squirrel? Perhaps just put the names in a hat! (K)

  8. Very handsome rabbit! And for binky, yikes, now I know! I see lots of binky behavior at work! As for “s” wow there are so many options! I’m a fan of a stork, but a shark is cool too. Oh just surprise us!

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