For our optional World Watercolor Month of “Fast” today, this was perfect timing as I had no time at all left to sketch. So we have a super speedy little doodle of a cheetah, which also happens to be the fastest animal on the planet. I’ve actually never sketched a cheetah before so this was equally a good opportunity, albeit in a blazingly short amount of time. Some days just get really action-packed and though it would be easy for me to think that I just don’t have time to sketch, that would be ludicrous! I adore sketching so even if there’s only a few minutes left in the day and I feel a bit rushed, that’s all the more reason to go for it. It’s always interesting to see what comes out when there’s not enough time to second guess anything. And always fun to find out what watercolor feels like doing when it’s simply splashed about on the page!

As many of you know by now, Friday nights are pizza night for Philippe and I. Apologies to our dog Phineas as he doesn’t get any pizza, and spends the evening sneezing his displeasure. So, I always have to be sure that I finish my post really quickly so I can log off and enjoy a lovely evening. It also includes a glass of wine to toast to a celebration of another work week completed and the start of the beautiful weekend. Even if the week wasn’t a complete success, it always gets a toast anyway. It’s good to celebrate just that something is over and a new something is on its way next. A bad week just means that a better one can’t be far away. I actually had a really good week, but it was super busy and I’m ready to kick back and relax a little this evening. I’ve no idea if we’ll find something fun to watch, but I’m holding out hope something will pop up.

While I know that I could work on a single painting over a period of days, this just doesn’t excite me. I always get the biggest thrill when I’m making something new and to come back to it doesn’t feel quite as exciting. And, it’s a fun little challenge to make something in the tiniest amount of time. I often enjoy those sketches even more and feel a greater sense of pride as though I just did the impossible. The truth is, it’s totally possible and easy when I just let my inner child play and DO whatever the heck he likes. He likes big cats so he could sort of figure it out quickly. My adult brain would have still been agonizing over all of those spots. And so, just under the wire, I’ve shown up once more to share my little doodle for the day and it feels like another nice accomplishment. I just might have a second glass of wine to celebrate that. And I hope you all have a fabulous weekend ahead. Hopefully, it goes by much slower and doesn’t become a race to the finish.

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Cheetah Running Fastest Animal Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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39 thoughts on “Race To The Finish

    1. Hola, Charlie! I love that Sandra Strait loves Mexican food especially mole! My mother is from Mexico so every night is “Mexican”. Of course, we don’t call it Mexican food, we just call it food. haha haha A wonderful cheetah. I love mountain lions, too. They are gorgeous! Your cheetah is so pretty. 😊 So jealous that you just whipped that up right quick. haha Have a wonderful weekend. I think that Texas is going to go into lockdown again. Things are bad here, Charlie. Another reason for lockdown: my new watercolors that I won. 😊 Thanks again. Buenas noches, Charlie.

      1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 I adore Mexican food! We just had some today for lunch and it was amazing. It’s a little family-owned restaurant and they separate the American “Mexican” from the authentic dishes. We always order the authentic… so good! And sending you much love… stay healthy and safe!

  1. That is a great cheetah! You turned him just right and made the dust boil up so well that he indeed looks fast. As for me, I painted a fat bottom pear today from a live model I got at the grocery. I also have a russet one waiting to be painted. Since neither is ripe, I have time.

  2. Second cheetah I’ve seen today, Charlie! Time’s certainly flying by, they’re telling me! I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple more watercolours, but I’ll post them later in the week. I’m trying to organise time a little better!
    Another good watercolour from you, Charlie.

  3. We make time for what we love! Your wonderful Cheetah is racing to the week finish line! Nothing planned, again this weekend. Slowly shutting us down. Groups of 10 now, down from 25. It is nice not to have to hurry up and go anywhere on the weekends. Now if only the neighbors family would go somewhere else! Haha!

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