For Day 11 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Element” today, I made a sketch of a little bunny hiding out from the rain with an umbrella. There are usually lots of thunderstorms that happen during the summer months here. Lately, it seems that most of them have been happening overnight and none have been too severe. I love hearing the thunder and rain outside when I’m curled up in bed away from the elements. And it’s always lovely to be inside painting or reading on a long rainy day, and I usually find a way to do both. My favorite days are when we get a bit of rain that clears up suddenly and is replaced with sunshine. These are those magical days where there might even be a beautiful rainbow glittering on the horizon. When the clouds hide the sun for too long, I grow a bit wistful and start wishing for just a glimpse. Yet, I do really love how saturated and beautiful bright colors look on a cloudy bright day! They seem to glow with vivid color!

Philippe and I don’t tend to walk in the rain much, and I realized this the other day when we could only find one umbrella. Our pup Elliott is not a fan of rain and won’t go too far if the sky is spitting on him. Which is what I imagine he believes to be the case as each time a large drop hits his back he looks up at the sky with an irritated expression that seems say, “How rude!” Yet, I get secretly excited to find out it’s going to rain all day on the weekend. It immediately gives me an excuse to do fun indoor things that I might feel guilty doing were the weather more hospitable. I like to splash around paint just for fun and play with colors. Though it might seem a bit wasteful of good watercolor paper, I learn so much and get good ideas when I’m not trying to create a specific thing. And, it’s always fun to watch the colors spin together in that magical way that only watercolor makes possible!

Tonight, Elliott is supposed to have another playdate with his friend. Thankfully, there are no storms in the forecast so everything should work out fine. Though, it feels a bit warmer than it actually is, so it might be a relaxed date of lying in the shade and chewing on sticks. Elliott seems equally happy doing either. He just loves being outdoors, sans rain, of course. We got one of those contraptions where you can fling a ball long distances and it’s amazing to watch him run. His head goes down and he turns into a streamlined, wild cheetah. He usually runs past us on his return with the ball, because he’s moving too fast to stop. And, while it’s fun to be outdoors with him, I’m always happy to get cozy back at home once more. Then, I can dream about all the wondrous things I’d like to do. I’ll ponder all of the exciting projects that I’ve been saving like pennies in my mind, just waiting for one of those rainy days.

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Bunny Rabbit Holding Rainbow Umbrella In The Rain Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Sweetest face I’ve ever seen on a rabbit, Charlie!!! I think my favorite part of a rainstorm is watching the golden light breaking through the dark clouds at the end of the storm. Rain and then sunshine in the afternoon are pretty much the summer norm down here….when the weather is behaving normally. The afternoon storms help cool the air down a bit and that is a very good thing.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s the same here. I sometimes complain that rain is coming when I don’t want it, but it always makes summer a bit more bearable before the temperature creeps back up again!

  2. We had a little rain yesterday, and I was wishing it was more because wildfires are starting to pop up here and there. So far, they haven’t got too far out of control, and some really good rain would help keep it that way. I don’t walk in the rain very much either, but I would gladly do so these days if only we could get more!

  3. Aaw, poor bunny! He reminds me of my bunny outside. We have wild bunnies that come for corn that I put out and when it rains (which is seldom) his ears go back as though he really is not enjoying it at all. He looks so forlorn and wet. lol We can see the rain on the radar but it just dissipates and poof it is gone before it reaches us. But this is our month of thunderstorms and being so close to the mountains we get doozies. So even if the rain misses us we hear the thunder all around and get lightning displays on the other side of the lake that are quite spectacular. Nothing beats mother natures fireworks 😉 after which we are usually treated to a double rainbow over the lake. I can always tell when we will get rain because the birds become very quiet. I love your bunny my friend, he is so cute. I wish for you a rainy weekend so you can feel cozy and enjoy your inside things 🙂 Hugs <3

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