For our final May prompt of “Stalk” today, I made a sketch of a little cat in stalks of grass who is stalking something mysterious just off the page. I’m often in this mode as I’m curious about nearly everything, though my version lacks this level of focus and is more about being easily distracted. I have the best intentions when I set out to get things done each day and can often accomplish quite a lot of things on my list. But, inevitably, I see something shiny that grabs my attention along the way, and soon I’m looking at the clock wondering where on earth the time has gone. I’m always impressed by people who seem to possess a lot of focus. These are the folks who seem to clear a to-do list in record time with a level of ease that’s like breathing. My own lists are made up of things that once seemed necessary when added and yet morphed into mere suggestions in the end. Can this or that wait? Most of the time, my answer is yes, even if the better answer was probably nope, not at all.

Philippe and I went back to the the little town we visited recently for a longer visit this past weekend. We realized that we were long overdo for a break and just needed to get away for a few more days. It was wonderful! We even hiked for over five miles, which left all of my friends suitably shocked when I told them on our return. I’m not really the athletic type. But, strolling through nature is always really interesting to me, so I totally forget that I’m accidentally exercising. And seeing a winding path ahead always peaks my interest. I really want to know what’s around the corner. I guess this is pretty much how I live my life in general. If I see an opportunity on the horizon, I’ll typically just head in that general direction to see what comes next. In truth, it’s really just a lovely combination of saying “yes” to way too many things at once while frantically trying to keep on any path at all. But, it makes living rather more fun than it would be if I didn’t take quite so many of those chances.

After the holiday weekend here and an extended break, I do feel suitably refreshed and ready to tackle those pesky lists again. That said, it was a little bit of a slow start getting back into the groove today. After a few cups of coffee, though, I was soon off and running wildly along again. Our puppy Elliott loved hiking as well, and has spent most of his time back taking little naps. I feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I envy him. It would be amazing to take a little nap today, but there was simply too much to get done. I didn’t get most of what I thought I could do completed. I think I mistook myself for ten people in my head. Yet, I did the best I could and managed to bluster through quite a lot. I give myself permission to try just about anything within reason, but I never punish myself for anything I fail to do properly. I figure if I’m at least open to the idea of doing something, it’s brilliant way to start. And, even though I may not be the most adept at getting everything completed, at least I’m always ready to pounce.

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Cat Kitten Stalking Something In Stalks Of Grass Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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16 thoughts on “Ready To Pounce

  1. I need to start making to-do lists as I often find myself lacking direction. I only found your blog today but I love what I’ve seen so far and I’m looking forward to trying to learn how to use watercolours through your prompts for June!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Not sure what happened, but they all eventually came through so thanks 3 times! hehe Technology is a wild and mysterious thing sometimes… I’m just happy that it works most of the time and keep my fingers crossed the rest. 😉

  2. That’s a great doodle Charlie. There’s nothing I like more than being out in nature,either in my garden or out for a ride or walk. Even my 8 mile cycle to work gives me a boost in the morning.

  3. Hola, mi amigo, Charlie! Such a cute kitty! Yeah, nothing beats nature. Before I got injured, I ran every afternoon/evening. I just loved being outside especially when the evening turned into night time. I loved seeing the beautiful colors and the first stars that were so beautifully and elegantly scattered throughout. And don’t get me started on breezy evenings. So, you can imagine the angst when I got injured and my doctor ordered those horrific words: no more running; bed rest. I thought I would lose my mind!
    It was a sad week for us, Charlie. Uvalde, Texas is not very far from San Antonio and some critical patients were brought here for treatment. So sad.
    Sending you hugs, my friend. Te quiero mucho, Charlie!

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Muchas gracias! It’s definitely so beautiful to watch the evening turn to night. We can’t see many stars where we live in the city, but I like knowing they’re all still up there. And yes… it’s truly horrible what happened in Uvalde. Sending love to those poor families there.

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