For our prompt of “Ribbon” today, I ended up with a little mouse playing with a bit of red ribbon. This was actually a good reminder that I need to do a bit of Christmas shopping so that I actually have things to wrap with a ribbon this year. I keep thinking there’s more time, but then the days seem to be speeding by lately. I truly love giving gifts more than receiving them, but I’m terrible when it comes to wrapping and instead give credence to the phrase that it’s the thought that counts. I tend to get the ribbon to look lovely on a couple of sides and then strategically place the package under the tree so that only those sides are visible. The remaining sides are a hot mess of ribbon and tape as though they were actually wrapped by a mouse. Mostly, this is caused by my feverishly short attention span. I start with all of the best intentions and then get a bit bored with it all and make a made dash to the finish.

When I was a kid, I don’t think ribbon was used much for wrapping packages in my house. Perhaps, that’s why I never really learned how to use it properly. We would just plunk one of those peal and stick bows on wrapped boxes and call it a gift. So, that’s pretty much how I approach things today. Another type of red ribbon that I remember are the ones used for judging art shows when I was in middle school. My art teacher entered me in a couple of these, but what I remember most is that I thought the red ribbons were the prettiest. The blue ribbon was actually the one given for first place, but it wasn’t my shade of blue. As it turned out, I did actually receive first place for a contour line drawing. But, when I went to the makeshift gallery in the school gym I was a bit jealous of the people who got the red ribbons. Those ribbons looked so pretty next to the artwork. It was right about this time that I confirmed that I was not remotely the competitive type.

Though my mother was quite proud of me and she still has the art and the ribbon to this day. There are other ribbons with medals on them that I won as well back then, and she placed them in a little glass shadow box. Even looking at them now, however, I can’t quite figure out what wonderful thing I’d accomplished, but that’s just fine. Her pride in me was really the best prize of all. And as the countdown to this magical season begins, I’m just thrilled for every shining moment. Philippe and I started our advent calendars and so each night we start with a bit of childhood fun before moving on to a glass of wine. And thought I’m certainly thrilled for all of the little presents that will come on that big night, I still want the days to pass a bit more slowly. And when the night finally arrives, I’ll be excited to give Philippe his gifts. Especially the one that looks like it was wrapped by a gleeful maniac that would certainly never win first place. That one special gift with the lovely red ribbon.

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29 thoughts on “Red Ribbon

  1. I hate wrapping gifts. Gift bags are my go to when I have to give gifts in person. Sometimes, with Joe, I just tell him to close his eyes and then hand him an Amazon box. For people who live far away, Amazon is my best friend, because I just have packages sent directly to them. Works for me!

  2. I do agree that gift bags make it quick and easy, but I love wrapping gifts. I have never been big on ribbon, but I would love to try. Like you, I remember the peel and stick bows. haha haha I have seen some very beautiful and elegant wrapped gifts, but it’s a shame to take them apart to open. Plus, some people don’t want to work for their gift. haha haha haha I like wrap that I can tear into guilt free. 😁 Still, you are right, Charlie. It’s the thought that counts. 💜
    Charlie, you share such beautiful memories. It’s very touching especially when you yourself never experienced that. You know my story. I can’t even begin to understand what it’s like to feel loved like that. No wonder you are so sweet and loving.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, I will always end up with a few gift bags. hehe… we have a couple that we’ve used for years and just recycle. One is useful because it’s really large and wrapping a large gift is annoying! lol I love unwrapping gifts though… it’s so fun to be surprised!

  3. She looks like one of those ribbon dancers. I don’t know how those dancers don’t tie themselves up in knots. I surely would! Better get that shopping done, shipping is horrible this year! 😉

  4. Adorable Charlie! It spit snow here today. It is because our snowblower was picked up for annual service, late! Now we’ll see if we get it back before the snow comes to stay. 🤔 Time to call it a night.

  5. Hello Charlie,

    The mouse looks likeit’s doing a fancy dance with the ribbon… the one where people make long graceful shapes with a long strip of fabric (I dont know what it’s called 🙁 ). The image brought back a strange memory… when I was about 10, I’d picked up a new hobby of collecting bits of pretty fabric, lace and ribbons. I used to keep my “collection” in a box. Once after a weeklong vacation, I came back to find that a mouse had found the box and feasted on my precious treasure. I smile at the memory now, but back then, I had wished all mice to be extinct. I guess I can start again…


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yay! I was hoping to get a bit of dance across. Oh no! What a naughty mouse! Definitely a much better version of the story would be to find that mouse simply dancing with all of those treasures!

  6. Your idea of wrapping is soooooooooooo close to I used to take time and make sure it was all done nicely. Now I don’t have as much patience. I still want it to look nice as possible it is a far cry from years ago..
    In the meantime I will focus on “its the thought that counts” rather than the wrapping
    Very nice painting!!

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