As the work week comes to a close, I’m feeling tired and yet refreshed. So, for our “Mellow Yellow” prompt, I first thought of a bit of lemonade on a summer day. When I had this drink as a kid, it was usually after a lot of feverishly intensive play of some kind. That’s why I tend to think of it as an elixir that helps you feel more me relaxed and mellow. I never get too terribly stressed out about things as I know everything will somehow sort itself out in the end. But when I have a ton of projects all going at once, I sometimes get a little distracted and find it difficult to keep up with everything. This is precisely why my little sketching break has never been optional. I feel like I’ve found the perfect elixir to ease a busy mind each time I sit down to sketch stuff. This weekend we have lots of plans, including two theatre shows, which is completely rare for us, so I’m already figuring out the timing of when I can sneak in a bit of sketching time. I’m a super mellow person, but still thrive a bit on the excitement of having just a bit too much to DO! It’s like putting together a puzzle and figuring out just how the pieces can all fit together. I’ve always loved putting together puzzles, so it’s not at all surprising that I’ve built my life to resemble one. It’s a such a thrill when all the pieces find their place.

Though I loved lemonade as a kid, it has a bit too much sugar for me as an aging adult. I sometimes feel like my body is betraying me. Like it doesn’t realize we’re 8 years old and ready to take over the world one day with our gigantic dreams. I have way more to do in a day, yet my body tells me I’m tired and need to go to sleep. My first response to that is from my inner child as he declares my body a complete buzzkill and then curls up his face and sticks out his tongue. But, my second response is a bit more thoughtful. Taking that much needed rest is what helps me figure out the current problem I’ve been riddling. Sure, I’m known to actually dream about the solutions themselves while sleeping, but it’s still made possible from at least an attempt to rest properly. Last night, I had a rather wild dream that woke me at 3am. It wasn’t a typical nightmare worthy of stirring me out of my sleep, but simply a comment from someone who appeared there. A man who I had apparently worked with me at one time, but I couldn’t recognize properly in his dream version, said, “you can’t lose sight of what made you show up here in the first place.” A perfectly ridiculous and inexplicable comment to be sure, but it shook me awake.

I’ve no idea who this dream person was, but those words haunted me today. They are, of course, my own words as it was my own mind, after all, dreaming up these things. But, our minds are a clever thing indeed. They can bury much of what we need to consider until the very moment we need to consider it. So, why did I show up here in the first place? Well, I was excited about sketching each day and coloring my sketches with watercolor. I wanted to share that joy with the world and get as many others as I could to try it with me and feature works from beginners to masters. Yet also, in my heart, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Learning to illustrate my words was a wonderful thing indeed, but it was just a final piece of the puzzle. That’s why I’ve shown up here each and every day. I’m not sure that what I have to say or ramble on about, as is my approach, is noteworthy or even, at times, of any value at all. But, I continue to show up with my illustrated story. And that little kid in me, who used to write stories and doodle illustrations in the corner of his notebooks at school is smiling at us both now. It may have been through quite a circuitous path, but I’m truly living my childhood dream. And, when you finally get the chance in life to figure out the riddle of yourself, that’s certainly one of life’s most refreshing moments.

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24 thoughts on “Refreshing Moments

  1. Yeah! I find I really need to get my sleep these days. It’s less time each night, but I’ve got to have that time or it is soooo much harder to create. Or think. Or moove. Dream Charlie is very wise, but day Charlie is wiser still to listen to his advice! I look forward to reading your daily ramble – it’s part of my refreshment for the day!

  2. I feel sure I’ve run into that dream idiom before, but I will be darned if I can remember where. Oh well, the sentiment is a good one. A little self check once in a while is both healthy and helpful I think. Instead of giving up the dream, just scale the dream to the current situation. I always wanted to walk one of the long trails in the U.S., especially the Appalachian Trail. I scaled that back to the North Country Trail, then to the Pictured Rocks section of that trail. But since I can’t walk any more an interesting thing happened. A friend of mine walked that trail last summer and she picked up a small stone at the beginning of the trail and wrote my name on it in permanent marker. At the end of the trail, she left it on the beach. There are photos to prove it. It’s not the same as doing it myself, but still, some of the spirit of the idea is there and that is pretty darn cool.

    1. I love this story Lisa! I too have MS, however I am one of the fortunate ones that is at the other end of the disease. Because of medication, mine went into remission. I am going to remember this idea and use it the next time I go on an adventure…..maybe take you with me. 😉

  3. When I was a kid I hated going to bed because it meant the end of the day’s adventures. Things haven’t changed much and I still hate to give in to sleep.; there are so many creative adventures….too fun and too few waking hours. Love your lemonade!!

  4. Don’t you just love dreams? I like to try to disect them and figure out why I had it. Most of the time I forget about it by the time I get to the kitchen. Lol, benefit of getting older. Your sketch today makes my lips pucker!

  5. You hardly see children with lemonade stands anymore…. and if you doi it’s the powdered stuff. When i read your post I thought of one if your podcasts you mentioned about if you could just pick up and move to another country… and the big change… well you are where you are supposed to be and it’s what brought you to where you are in creating this site and sharing your art and allowing others to become part of your journey. Dreams are what gets us up in the morning and the art is the quiet time we should all embrace. It is my happy place too. Keep sharing your stories because they are touching people from all over the world…

  6. Charlie says, “you can’t lose sight of what made you show up here in the first place.”

    sounds like your inner child is at play even in your dreams.
    something like ‘don’t take your eye off the ball’ or maybe
    even ‘take time to taste the lemonade’.

    Speaking of lemonade…the painting is delicious!

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