For our prompt of “Fairytale” today, and our final prompt of November, I opted for this little fox resting in a field of storybook mushrooms. In fables, the fox is often presented as a trickster, but I figured even a trickster needs a little rest every now and then. Yet, I hope, as ever, you’ll keep right on painting with me during our December challenge. It’s quite possibly the busiest month of the year for many folks, so join when you like and enjoy the month! Today, Philippe and I went with friends to see A Christmas Carol on stage at our local repertory theatre. This is the second year in a row that we’ve seen it and it was just as wonderful as last year. It’s the story of Scrooge who doesn’t feel the joy of the season. Written in 1843, it’s still a timeless tale that’s really about finding joy in the most important bits of life. Primarily, the love between family and friends. The simple moments are always the ones that matter most. Those dreamy moments where nothing more happens than a simple act of love. Perhaps it’s enjoying food together or holding that hug just a bit longer than usual. Though real life doesn’t always seem like a storybook, it truly can be when we embrace love and happiness.

After the show, Philippe and I went to World Market and picked up our advent calendars with little treats for the month ahead. One would think we’d have them by now, but we’re rather frugal and enjoy them just a bit more when they’re 40% off. And some might even think we’re far too old for them, but I’m rather sure those folks don’t read this blog. We’re now watching a documentary about Disney imagineers, and having a glass of wine. Yeah, that last bit is our little nod to adulthood. But, beyond that, the year ends with food, games, and family fun! As we’re watching a show about Disney parks, I told Philippe that I’ve never been to Disneyland in California. He smugly told me that we can go, but it will be his second time. His parents toured the western coast of the United States when he was three years old. And this is the point where I remind him that he was far too young to really remember anything. And, apparently he was sick the entire time, so it’s definitely something that should be experienced again without the tantrums.

In truth, this holiday season sort of snuck up on us. Philippe and I are both very busy with work and we’re both trying hard to get everything done before the end of the year. But, no matter how busy I get, I can’t help but pause and enjoy the magic of the season. The twinkling lights remind me that magic is always within my reach. It just takes a moment of thinking about what really matters to me. This in itself is a rather cathartic experience as when I stop to ponder the question, I’m usually always quite surprised. In the heat of the moment, I think it must be my pending deadlines, but in the warmth of a holiday moment, I realize it’s something else entirely. Moments with the people I care about are indeed the most important moments of all. Whether it’s time spent with friends and family or the perfectly ordinary evening spent with Philippe and Phineas. Yet, even the most ordinary of times can become extraordinary beneath the glow of sparkling holiday lights. This is a special time of year that I cherish because, no matter what comes my way, it always feels like I’m simply relaxing into a dream.

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Fairytale Mushroom Fox Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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27 thoughts on “Relaxing Into A Dream

  1. Fantastic post, Charlie! Glad that you are getting into the Christmas season! Today is my one year anniversary of my last day of working in the world of corporate finance. How my life has changed in one year. It’s nice to have art as my focus now. Life is at a much more relaxed paced and much less stressful. Tomorrow we have a good sized winter storm heading our way. I am hoping to get back home to New Hampshire from Maine before the snow arrives. We shall see. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Looking forward to December DOodles!

  2. Aweeeeeeeeeee such a cute Fox!!! In a beautiful mushroom world!!! You know it makes perfect sense for Fox to be hanging out by the mushrooms which seems to be a place the fairies live or enjoy hanging out around. Fairies are mischievous too. so they must be good friends. 🙂

  3. Your art is amazing and your stories are so entertaining! I love them all! It’s refreshing to see that the fox in this fairy tale is getting to rest and is not getting into mischief! Foxes are one of my favorite animals.

    1. Thank you so much, Darlene! 😃💕 I’m so thrilled to know you enjoy my stories and art! That makes me so happy! And yes, I think foxes are wonderful! And truly, getting into a bit of mischief is what keeps life interesting! 😉

  4. I’m eating a late night snack of a raw carrot. So much food here this weekend and all I wanted was something healthy😄! There are too many sweets laying around here. I just can’t stand the idea of eating anything with sugar in it. We are still having a good time with our friends. Tomorrow is fijita night, then Joe and I will be eating leftovers for a week!

  5. Every trickster needs a rest now and then, I love that . Yet, there is still is a little gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face. He is ready to go. He reminds me of one of the foxes we have here in our community, living in the wooded area behind our mailbox. They have a glow about them this time of year, especially when running thru the snow covered fields in front of our clubhouse. Observing all the wildlife here is a source of quiet meditation on our place in nature and the gifts that God sends us every day. Enjoy your Advent season!

  6. I love this painting, Charlie🥰. The colorful mushroom always remind me thinking about an other world. From the day I’ve known the fox, best friend of The little prince, I’ve always looked foxes with tender eyes. Yeah, this month was a little crazy as a rollercoaster to me. However, I love to do art and listen to your podcast 😍

  7. Well, it certainly looks dreamy! The presence of mushrooms surely indicates a rather vivid experience, too. 😉 Somewhat related to the idea of the cunning fox enjoying some down time, as a kid I used to watch something like Batman and wonder/theorise about what the Joker did in his spare time. Does he too sleep amidst some funky mushrooms? Watch TV? Prank phone calls? Are they too crass for him? Although, I think a big part of that was me just being annoyed that Batman was stealing his screen time 😛

  8. Charlie says, “After the show, Philippe and I went to World Market and picked up our advent calendars with little treats for the month ahead. One would think we’d have them by now, but we’re rather frugal and enjoy them just a bit more when they’re 40% off. And some might even think we’re far too old for them, but I’m rather sure those folks don’t read this blog. ”

    That should win a Pulitzer, It is so unassumingly natural, and absolutely hilarious without setting out to be. Once again, perfection achieved!

    btw…I do love that painting. The mushrooms and the fox are such meaningful icons from my childhood and you have painted them exactly as they appear in my mind.

    1. Aww thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 You make me believe I might just be a writer. That’s probably the greatest gift I could ever hope to receive! And if this is what you imagine for mushrooms, that’s a pure inner child view. Love it!

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