Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin by Charlie O'Shields - Doodlewash


So looks like we ended up with something cute from the South Pole based on your votes. In this case, it’s a rockhopper penguin because the name is just so cool and he’s also rocking a really nice hairdo that would give the guineafowl a run for its money. Or a run to its hairdresser to demand they step it up a notch.

Rockhoppers are among the world’s smallest penguins, standing about 20 inches (50cm) tall. What I think it cool and super romantic is that each year at breeding time they usually search out the previous year’s mate. I guess it’s only listed as “usually” since life’s not always a storybook and last year’s mate could have been a real jerk. Either that, or there are some slutty penguins, similar to the phenomenon that occurs in some human animals.

These penguins are among the most numerous on the planet, but sadly, their population is in rapid decline. Colonies on the Falkland Islands were once the largest around, but commercial overfishing, pollution, and other factors have cut the penguins’ numbers by 90 percent. They are currently listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and if declines continue, they are likely to be listed as endangered in the near future. There are many working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen.

That’s about all I know about Rockhoppers, but here’s to hoping they’ll be around for years to come! The countdown to Christmas Eve night has officially switched to hours. As I was typing this, I just realized there’s only about 25.5 hours until we open the first gift here! Hope all of you are spending time with the people you enjoy most and have an awesome and lovely Christmas Eve!

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  1. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Merry Merry time ahead! I love the Rock Hoppers. Nicely done Charlie! 😍🎄

  2. Jodi 7 years ago

    look at you just rockin’ the doodlewash C.O.! Another amazing work of art and learning something new! 🙂 We are in full holiday mode here! Happy Christmas time!

    • Author

      Yay to full holiday mode!!! It’s time finally!!! I’m thrilled beyond belief and my inner child has completely taken over!! 😊😊Have a Merry time Jodi!! ❤️❤️😃

  3. Jacob 7 years ago

    I’ve never known excitement to burst through the monitor quite as much as when it’s coming from you. Marvellous. And I stand by my previous comments about needing to keep this energy going – another absolute masterpiece. He’s so cool!

    I don’t know why ‘slutty penguins’ made me laugh so much. Well, I do.

    It’s already Christmas Eve here! Meh 😉 I’ll let you be excited for the both of us. I hope your day lives up to all this build-up – I’ve no doubt it will! Happy Christmas (Eve)!!

    • Author

      Haha!! And I have no idea why I end up writing about slutty penguins. I blame my inner child who is in complete control now! Lol 😊😊🎄🎁 Thanks Jacob!! ❤️ You better ramp up that Christmas spirit so you can continue to play with me!! Hehe 😉

      • Jacob 7 years ago

        Oh no! I want to play! I’m festive! I’m very festive!!

        I actually just watched The Snowman, so it is now properly Christmas for me. We’re walkinggg iinnn theee aiiirrrr…. (Though I don’t know why I do it to myself every year, as I always find it so desperately sad.)

        • Author

          Haha! You really can’t escape playing with me. I’m like that little irritating boy next door who keeps coming ’round and doesn’t take hints very well. I’ll always assume you enjoy me and want more. Lol And I’ve never watched The Snowman… sounds like I’d be in tears… I even got teary-eyed watching Elf last night. 😊😊

          • Jacob 7 years ago

            I did actually have a friend next door who did just that. He would turn up at 6am some days. Are you that bad? 😛 But I wouldn’t want to escape anyway! It’s fun! 😀

            Never!?!? 😮 Watch The Snowman! You have to! It’s so beautiful, if also devastating.

          • Author

            Hehe!! I’ll try to watch it tomorrow! Nothing like being devastated on Christmas! Lol And no…I’m not that bad. I’m not even awake at 6:00am so you’re safe there! 😊😉

          • Jacob 7 years ago

            Oh dear! I’m sure you’ll like it but don’t go blaming me if you cry on Christmas!

          • Author

            We watched it after stockings this morning while having blueberry muffins. It was super sweet! But didn’t cry…kind of saw the end coming. 😊

          • Jacob 7 years ago

            It’s beautifully done. Ha… I’ve seen the end coming for twenty-odd years and it still gets to me!

            If you liked it *a lot*, there was a ‘sequel’ made a couple of years ago, The Snowman and The Snowdog – it has a cool dog in it this time! 😉

          • Author

            Hehe!! I almost watched the sequel! But got distracted again by my gifts! 😊 I might try still…it’s Christmas for me until the New Year! Hehe yay! 🎄

  4. Jill Holmes 7 years ago

    He’s absolutely fabulous! I feel as though I could reach out and touch his “fur”! Merry Christmas, Charlie! I hope you and yours have a wonderful and prosperous New Year! 🙂

    • Author

      Awww thanks so much Jill!! 💕😃I’m so happy you like him! Wishing you the best Christmas ever to you and everyone you love! ❤️🎄

  5. Cathe 7 years ago

    What a handsome Rock Hopper, and I agree, such a cool name.

    My Mom was a big fan of “table gifts,” let’s just say they were the pre-gifts to the official gifts. I think you might need to take up this idea… Can’t wait to see what’s under your tree! Yippeee!!

    • Author

      Hehe! Thanks Cathe!! I think Rockhoppers are pretty cool! 😉Glad you liked my little doodlewash tribute. I think all our gifts are sort of table gifts in that we just give them as we see fit throughout the evening! Hehe… But my mother used to create an advent for me with little gifts in matchboxes throughout the month. It was awesome!! 😃🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁

  6. Kari 7 years ago

    What a great doodlewash! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    • Author

      Thanks Kari!! 💕😃Glad you liked him!! And I’m so excited for tomorrow…if I can survive my enthusiasm, they’ll be another doodlewash to share! Lol 😊

  7. Carmel Campbell 7 years ago

    Love him, especially his feet. The intensity of your colors is so good!

    • Author

      Thanks so much Carmel! 💕😃 I went back in on the feet as I was pleased with the first outcome. Glad you like the result! Thanks!!

  8. He looks so proud to be a penguin! Merry, Merry, Charlie bro!! 🎄❄️🎨👏👍

    • Author

      Hehe…he looks a bit cocky doesn’t he? Like he has the best hair in the South Pole! Lol 🐧😎 Thanks Sis!! Hehe!! Hope you have an amazing Christmas Eve!! 🎄❤️😃🎁

  9. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Another creature with personality to spare.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, I know you will enjoy it to its fullest. (K)

    • Author

      Thanks so much Kerfe!! For everything!! Your support is so encouraging! Although my mother always told people, “don’t encourage him!” 😊hehe Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve as well! ❤️😃

  10. Jill Kuhn 7 years ago

    You ROCKED this penguin Charlie!! 🐧🌟🐧 And Happy Christmas my friend! Cheers! 🎄🍷☃🎁🌟

  11. Arvind 7 years ago

    your ability to evoke textures is wonderful. I can almost touch it.

  12. thepaperbaker 7 years ago

    Super Fabulous Doodlewash!

  13. Fabulous penguin, Charlie, an inspired choice of subject. I wonder why some birds have elaborate hair-dos? What do they think of each other? Anyway, another three and a half hours and work will be over for the year and it’ll be time to get down to preparing the spiced red cabbage, bread sauce and giblet stock for the big day tomorrow. The prosecco will be chilling, the red wine breathing…

    A joyful Christmas Eve to you and Phillipe – you’ve really made the run-up to the Big Day rather special this year!

    • Author

      Awww thank so much Michael!! 😃❤️ Such a sweet thing to say. Can’t thank you enough for all your kind words and encouraging me to keep making doodlewashes! And I was wondering the same about bird hairdos! Lol… Like do they look at one and think… OMG… Those roots! What were they thinking?! They’re trying too hard!

      At this point work is over for you, so yay!! I can smell everything you mentioned from your description…wow…sounds delicious! Hope you have an amazing Christmas my friend!!

  14. beverlydyer 7 years ago

    It’s a party line here Charlie! Your magnetic enthusiasm is catchy! Merry Christmas Eve to all!

    • Author

      Yay!! Party on Beverly!! Hehe…Merry Christmas Eve!!!! This is the point where I lose all of my adult side and just let the kid inside take over. Time to play and have fun today and keep myself distracted so I don’t think too much about the gifts tonight!! 😊🎄🎁hehe!!!

  15. Teri C 7 years ago

    Love it! Merry Christmas.

  16. ann christina 7 years ago

    I hope the rockhoppers will be around for at least the next hundred years and more!!! This is a great portrait, Charlie!!! Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🌟🐧

  17. Sandra Strait 5 years ago

    I love your penguin! Another animal that I’ve sketched for my hubby, but should probably paint as well.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 You should totally paint a penguin!

  18. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    Love this one. A great job.

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