There were so many options for “S” it was super hard to choose, so in the end, I just opted for the most colorful option I could find. Choosing a snake, I then landed on this bright green little guy who I think is a Chinese rat snake, though I rather improvised my way through his creation. I’m not really a fan of snakes usually, but this one seemed rather cute as snakes go, so I decided to doodlewash him.

This kind of snake apparently feeds mainly on rats and other rodents so that’s where the name comes from. The actual scientific name is, as ever, something unpronounceable, as names you can’t pronounce make scientists feel superior. Though this one is still rather small, adult versions can be over 1 meter (3 feet) in length. This particular kind of snake is not venomous to humans and can be held without striking, if you’re someone who is into holding snakes.

Truthfully, snakes rather terrify me, with or without venom, so I figured I would confront my fears by painting one. And once again, I needed a break from all the brown and black that seems to be prevalent in so many creatures. Though I managed to get through the doodlewash, this did nothing to ease my fear of snakes and I’ll still be avoiding them in real life. But for any of you out there who are snake fans, here’s one for you! Next up is “T”, so if you have a suggestions, please shout them out in the comments!

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Permanent Green Pale, Quinacridone Gold, Ultramarine Blue, Neutral Tint and Titanium White Gouache. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon blue ink and second pen with black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal


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58 thoughts on “S Is For Snake

  1. I love snakes! Never been afraid of them, for some reason (now, spider…oh my gawd….). Snakes are much maligned; they’re generally pretty decent fellows. Hubby accidentally kicked a Copperhead in the head once and instead of striking at hubby, it just gave him kind of a hurt-feelings look and took off.

    Yours is adorable! <3 If I weren't opposed to keeping wildlife as pets, I'd want him as a pet. 🙂 Scientific names are in Latin by convention…and dead languages are hard to pronounce. LOL!

      1. Hubby once used a cooler to trap and release a Timber Rattlesnake that was cozying up to his tractor. It was pretty docile, too. And I hadn’t even told you about my “pet” copperhead that was guarding a blueberry bush for me, had I? LOL!

  2. you actually made the snake so pretty and friendly looking in your doodlewash style. The neogreen is awesome! How did we get to “T” already?!??!! How about a crazy wild Tazmanian Devil? 🙂

  3. Love the color and he looks so real!! Like he’s ready to strike! Wow! Love this one, Charlie, and I’m not a lizard fan. Nice work! Love how slithery slimy he looks. Hmm T. I do like turtle and tarantula, both! Tanager is a really pretty bird. Hmm…..T should be easy! Tern! Terrier! Terrapin! Wow they’re all ter words lol. Yay, sounds like fun, whichever way you slice it! 😎👍🏼🎨😘💃🏻

    1. Thanks Laura!! 💕😃 Glad you like him. It was fun to try to get a little slime going. lol Even though these things still freak me out! And yeah…there’s lots of possibilities for T. Yay! Some of these letters are tough. I think “U” is actually more difficult than Q looking ahead. Hehe

  4. I like snakes…well the idea and symbolism of them anyway. Actually as a child I had no fear, and we used to play with garter snakes all the time. This one looks pretty benevolent.
    Turtle. (K)

  5. He’s adorable. I like snakes from afar. Nature is winning. I started liking animals in small increments and it’s thanks to all the pet lovers of the Internet. I now admire them when I go for walks in the forest. They perk up for a quick hello and go back to sleep. Have a great week ahead.

  6. Now this animal would not seem so strange to be stripping – of it’s skin that is! 😳 Super doodlewash Charlie – although I’m not fond of snakes either. 😉 As for the letter T, I’m voting for a terrific tiger! 😍💕

    1. Lol…thanks so much Jill! 💕😃 Yeah…I’m going to avoid these creatures whether stripping or not! They freak me out! 😊 And tiger is definitely on the list… I was looking at a baby one and they’re cute but look like a jaguar which I’ve already done. Hehe…who knows…I never decide until late afternoon!

  7. Yikes! Not a big fan of snakes either. Yours is super cute but it still gives me shivers. When I was young still living in Okinawa, I had a close encounter with a Habu which is extremely deadly. Ever since then, I will not go near a snake. 😟

  8. wonderful job Charlie! great face on him too – this snake Looks Friendly 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of snakes…. living where we do. I’ve ‘met in passing, 4 of the most deadly snakes, plus a 12 foot swamp python while walking.

      1. Charlie, geesh! live a little! you haven’t experienced the THRILL of nearly having a stroke out in the bush, walking the dog – discovering the locals 🙂 mr. death adder has my vote for closest call though. I only wish, I’d seen him in an exhibit!

  9. Perfect snake, Charlie! I’m terrified of the things but you’ve won me over. I love those luminous greens – I can’t work out if it makes him look cool, dangerous, or both. It’s the same with that apparent grin on his face!

    T is for Toad. Tiger. Tanager.

      1. I’ve never encountered one on the loose; there are meant to be lots of adders locally but no sightings (Thank heavens – I hope I’m not talking the things up!) I think I’d react the same way! Shudder!

  10. I am NOT fond of snakes. They are far too slithery for my liking. However your snake seems harmless enough even though he survives on rats and other rodents. Maybe that is how I can forgive him for being a snake? I await “T”!! 🙂 And yes to a toucan please!

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