For our prompt of “Cold” today, the weather outside seemed to know as well since it suddenly got much colder where I live than it was yesterday. So, I’ve spent much of the day hiding indoors, snuggled under a blanket. Philippe made us some hot chocolate, which is always a wonderful treat when it’s cold outdoors. I always love the first days of colder weather as it’s such a cozy feeling. I snuck out from under my blanket just long enough to make this quick little doodle of a tiny mouse enjoying a similar sort of day. The wind keeps blustering through, determined to shed every tree of its leaves, creating a blanket of color on the ground. It’s the kind of day that feels slow and easy. I decided to just be lazy and enjoy it without worrying about focusing on more important things that suddenly didn’t seem so important after all. It’s nice to relax into a day, doing whatever comes naturally, as nature does the same just outside the window.

I was actually impressed in the middle of the day, when Phineas demanded to go outside on the deck. He sat there for quite awhile, before coming back indoors. Normally, he would just stick his nose out when it’s cold and then look up at me as though I should fix it immediately. I’m not sure where he got the notion that Philippe and I control the weather, but he seems to blame us for it nonetheless. Later in the afternoon, he kept popping up next to us and sitting there. This is his version of cuddling, meaning we’re meant to pet him a bit. At least until it gets weird and he wanders off again. Today, though, the cuddles lasted a bit longer as well. It was a sweet way to spend the afternoon and I totally enjoyed spending it with my little family. We played games and watched a movie and made the most of every moment.

This evening, Philippe is going to make a lentil soup. I’m so happy that soup season has returned as there’s quite a list of them that he makes each year. Phineas is already in his usual spot by the door. He doesn’t want to go out this time, he’s just making sure he’s where we can see him so we don’t forget to feed him. Philippe bought him a new treat ball today that’s a little more complex, so we can limit his treats a bit. As soon as he finally got them all out of the new one he was still back for more. But this time, he had the older, easier treat ball in his mouth instead as if to say that this one was the better one as that other one must be totally broken. He still thinks it odd that he has to work for his treats when Philippe and I don’t have to do the same. Indeed, this would probably be a good thing and an excellent diet plan for humans. Yet, we’ll skip trying that this evening as we enjoy some lovely food and continue to stay cozy and safe from the cold.

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24 thoughts on “Safe From The Cold

  1. Saw some snow thus morning!!!! I’m not thrilled! I need two days of Indian summer yet!

    I made sweet and sour red cabbage for dinner, and it smells so good that I’m off to have dinner.

    1. Oh wow! Yeah, it’s way too early for snow, but we could have gotten some here as it’s been so cold! It’s going to be unseasonably warm on Thursday though… hehe… so who knows. Hope your dinner was delicious as it smelled! 😃💕

  2. You should totally market the treat ball idea for humans. Claim it’s a highly researched diet idea with the added benefit of improving cognitive ability and it will sell like hotcakes. You could market new designs every six months or so. I’d probably even buy one.

  3. Hi Charlie, Yes it is not so nice here either, at plus 5 Celsius in Canada’s hot spot. We had mixed precip this morning — wet stringy snow yuck yuck yuck. I had my heat on for a few days and this day I just left it up although it isn’t running as it is warm in here. I had my red blankie on too for a bit. Soup sounds beautiful — I have it year round. Ask Phillippe if he ever tries roasted sweet potato in his turkey or chicken soup. It is beautiful.

  4. Sounds like a perfect Sunday. We’re still seeing temps in the mid to upper 80’s and I am so ready for some hot chocolate weather!! Sweet little mouse looks very comfy and content!! Nice post, Charlie!

  5. We ran the A/C today. It was a hot and humid 92*F. I don’t know what I would do if we had frost, snow, or cold weather. I can’t wear shorts and flip-flops in those temps. 😁 You guys enjoy it for me. I ‘ll stay here in South Central Texas. Warm, toasty, and tan. 💜

      1. I can’t gloat when it’s 104*F so I get to brag during Winter. haha haha 😂😂😂 No one envys our Summers. Your weather sounds like ours. We go back and forth. Well, “cold” for wimps like us. haha haha It gets annoying especially when trying to dress for the weather. I just stay in shorts. 😁
        Is “envys” correct? Or is it envies? My auto-correct doesn’t recognize either one. I am forgetting my English. haha haha 😂

  6. I always love seeing your artwork. It sounds like a perfect Sunday to me and I’m envious of the quiet time you guys got to spend. Those quiet, happy intervals are the truly irreplaceable moments that we need to be focused on. 💕

  7. Hello Charlie,

    What a snug cozy Doodlewash and what a snug cozy Sunday you spent! Am feeling so happy for you. It’s hilarious that Phineas seems to think you and Phillipe manage the weather. Imagine if we could manage the weather. It would be exciting for a few days but I guess it would get boring soon coz things would be too predictable. I personally love the little surprises that come with a sudden weather change. 🙂 Hope you enjoy soup season lots!


  8. Ahhh, he is great! His little red coat is darling. I was looking forward to a cozy day yesterday. We were suppose to get some rain, but it failed to show up. Instead it was 67 and sunny. My brain can’t wrap around this weather we are having in the middle of October. They say the cold is coming in later this week. Yeah, we will see. 😉

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