GUEST ARTIST: “A Colorful Connection” by Sarah Janece Garcia

Noble Guardian by Sarah Janece Garcia

My name is Sarah Janece Garcia, a Texas artist currently residing in Denver, Colorado. I work primarily in watercolor to create unique wildlife portraits and nature inspired paintings. My work is influenced by my passion for art, attraction to color, and love for nature’s beauty.

My wish is to capture the wildlife that roams the earth alongside us, swims freely near us, and flies peacefully above us in unique ways to show the spirit and energy they have while also celebrating the vibrancy they bring to life.

My Art Journey to Watercolor

Since childhood I have created art and throughout those years of knowing I wanted to be an artist I explored many mediums as well as subject matter. As I began to form my true artistic voice and style I found that the medium of watercolor allowed me to capture the energetic movements, vivid colors, and intricate details I am so drawn to and love placing in each painting I produce.

Highland Watercolor Painting by Sarah Janece Garcia


In the medium of watercolor I am able to paint using a mix of extra vibrant and dense color while still retaining so many moments of natural translucent washes. I paint my work in various sizes some watercolor originals being over 60”x50”. The growing love I have developed for painting watercolor in a large-scale format continues to inspire and challenge me throughout the amazing creative process.

Capturing Vibrant Souls in Vivid Colors

I have always felt that nature provides endless artistic inspiration. All that is in nature & wildlife have an honesty, a power, a beauty that continues to make me wish and need to pick up a brush to capture each and every amazing element to the best of my ability. The energy I feel when surrounded by nature & wildlife enriches my soul and continues to bring me comfort and happiness at the precise moment I need it. I also have an innate love for color, shape, line, composition and energetic movement.

Guided by Grace Watercolor Painting by Sarah Janece Garcia

Guided by Grace

I believe working to capture these elements in my art allow me to speak a visual language that I have an unending passion to express. Creating this visual expression of my inner realm of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and inspirations has been a labor of love I have been fortunate enough to explore through the creative process of making art for as long as I can remember.

Warrior Among Us Watercolor Painting by Sarah Janece Garcia

Warrior Among Us

As my art journey continues I find that vivid and varying colors best speak this vision I have. I see souls in full color…natural wonders and animals are a bright light that humans get to share the earth with and for me that story can only be told in the boldest of colors.

QoR Watercolors & Me

I create my watercolor paintings exclusively using QoR watercolors by Golden Artist Colors, Inc. I not only enjoy using the product in my own work but I also enjoy giving watercolor demos and teaching workshops where I am able to share and demonstrate the QoR product with other artists.

QoR Watercolor Art Supplies

My journey with using the QoR products has been quite an exciting one. Prior to working with watercolor I always worked in oil paints due to the strength of color and pigment I could capture with that medium. As I painted with oil I was continually working to make the oil paint look, feel, and work more like watercolor. Upon QoR entering the marketplace, I knew I had finally found the product that would allow me to work fully in watercolor while still achieving the deep, vibrant, and intense color that I love.

Sarah Janece Garcia sharing her art in gallery show

QoR offers such a great range of colors and the paint allows me the ability to work with it transparently and/or opaquely all while retaining beautiful washes and saturation. The very first QoR watercolor product I tried was their high chroma set and I created a painting using just those colors.

Sacred Sun by Sarah Janece Garcia

Sacred Sun

After creating that piece and sharing it online I was contacted by Golden Artist Colors and they asked to purchase that piece to display in the Golden Facility in New Berlin, NY. I am honored that my original painting hangs in the QoR Tour Path near the swatches of all the QoR colors that I love and use daily in my work. The journey with this amazing company has continued to be wonderful. In 2019, I was selected by them to be a QoR Artist Educator. I am thrilled to use this product and highly recommend that artists give it a try in their own work.

Other Art Tools I Use & Love

The brushes I paint with are Trekell Brushes. The sizes I use range from the largest size they make down to the smallest liner brushes. The flow & durability of their brushes are very impressive. Regarding paper, Canson made paper is my go to, L’Aquarelle and Moulin Du Roy being my two favorites. I most prefer 300lb cold press paper. The weight and texture of this paper type allows me to obtain the depth of color that I prefer along with enabling me to capture strong lines in my abstractions.

Wild Dog Work In Progress Watercolor by Sarah Janece Garcia

Wild Dog – Work In Progress

Additionally, the textural pockets and grooves on the paper along with the slower absorption rate of the heavier weighted paper enables the color blends to organically mix as the paint slowly absorbs into the paper.

Sarah Janece Garcia Gallery Exhibition

Once the work is complete, I frame in Larson Juhl moldings and I often float the piece in the frame. I typically frame my work with white framing and matting, which I believe allows the color and subject of the painting to shine.

Sarah Janece Garcia

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  1. Sandra Strait 3 years ago

    Sarah, the bold color and energy in your work is amazing! I’m not surprised that QoR is displaying your work! Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the feature and leave this very kind comment! Happy World Watercolor Month!!

  2. Janneke Booister 3 years ago

    Your paintings are great! Thank you for sharing them – and your story of course

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Thanks for the positivity shown to my work and story! Wishing you a wonderfully creative week!

  3. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 3 years ago

    Sarah, your art is the most creative application of watercolor I’ve ever seen and your story about how you work toward fulfilling your vision is as unique as the paintings. I’m going to see if you’ll be exhibiting in Southern California.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Wow Sharon, what an inspiring comment. It means so much to me to receive this kind of feedback & of course it makes my heart very happy! I hope you have a creative and colorful World Watercolor Month!

  4. Laura Hale 3 years ago

    Wow! So lovely and vibrant. Thank you for sharing your journey and art with us.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Thank you Laura for your kindness and for taking the time to read the feature and leave this comment! You all certainly bring me joy & inspiration!

  5. Krati Saxena 3 years ago

    Really amazing.. I wish I could paint like this 😊😊

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Thank you Krati! Happy creating during World Watercolor Month, I have no doubt you are creating wonderfully unique & inspirational art that is impressing many!

  6. Karen Fortier 3 years ago

    I love your color choices! Qor paints are so vibrant. I have a few and love them.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Karen, thank you so much for your feedback…isn’t creating in vibrant colors just so very wonderful!?! Living and creating in vivid, bold, & varying colors will always be so fulfilling to my soul! Happy World Watercolor Month!

  7. Lisa Ann Ulibarri 3 years ago

    I have so enjoyed reading about your art journey. Thanks so much!!! Being new to watercolors this so inspires me thank you again, I love your art so much, it is breathtaking 🙂

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Hi Lisa, well your comment inspires me so thank you very much for your lovely feedback! Happy creating, watercolor is such a beautiful medium to create with so I hope it brings you much joy along the process!!!

  8. brielleh 3 years ago

    Your work is absolutely breathtaking! I love the colourful streaks in all of your backgrounds.

  9. Sharon Nolfi 3 years ago

    Wow – gorgeous use of beautiful colors! I love the large formats and wildlife subjects.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for the positivity sent to my work. I truly love painting wildlife in bold colors and largescale, then to have others feel a connection to the work, well there are just no words grand enough to express my gratitude for that connection!!!

  10. LoriCtoo 3 years ago

    Just beautiful! Oh how I would love to take one of your classes. Thank you for sharing your journey and work.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Your comment makes my heart jump for joy! Thank you for your kindness and I would love to see what you would create in that class…the unique & one of a kind artistic expressions we all have to share is just so inspiring to experience! Your spin on the watercolor style would be a joy to see!

  11. Lin Powell 3 years ago

    The colours and lines in your artwork makes it so exciting to look at. You are a beautiful artist. Thanks for sharing your work.

  12. Fanna 3 years ago

    What an usual style you’ve created! I love the big bold transparent streaks of color (I just made a chart using that same method to give my new Da Vinci paints a spin) which are SO brave! I envy your subjects: you’ve not selected an easy array of models. I’m curious how you came to incorporate the large lovely swaths of color in all of your compositions? Anyway, they’re gorgeous and such a delight to see a new and fresh approach to watercolor painting.

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Fanna, thanks for this feedback as it is very inspiring to me and makes me feel so happy that you connected with various aspects of my work! I also appreciate being called brave, all us artists are quite brave aren’t we!?! To put our heart. mind, imagination, soul and etc. in our work and then put it out on display for all to see, aren’t we blessed to be able to bravely create!!! Wishing you a great week!

    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Ps. In answer to your question, I lay the large abstractions in the compositions 1st before placing in the subject matter. This allows me to capture not only abstract movements but also have the wildlife subject matter flow on top organically with the background. I incorporate that in my work as I wish to capture the movement of water & wind alongside the wildlife! Hope that answers a bit of the how & why 🙂

  13. Kelly Miller 3 years ago


    • Sarah Janece Garcia 3 years ago

      Thanks so much Kelly! Happy World Watercolor Month! Lets all create something GREAT this week!

  14. Jerson Antao 3 years ago

    Your works are wonderful Sarah especially your strokes and colours are vibrant. keep up the good work!

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