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GUEST ARTIST: “All That Glitters & Glistens” by Sarah Style

My name is Sarah Style and I’m from Sacramento, California. About six years ago my daughter was born. While I was lucky enough to be able to stay home and care for her and my other kids, I was really feeling down. I loved being a Mom, but something felt like it was missing. I was searching for that missing feeling and ultimately came to the conclusion that I needed to do something for myself.

I started dabbling with brush pens and watercolor and my whole mood changed. Whether it was for five minutes of the day or thirty, it was “me time.” That was exactly what I needed and from then on I was hooked.

Sunflower in Metallic Watercolor

Metallic Watercolors became one of my favorite mediums to work with. Watching the sparkles flow and dance peacefully along the paper became my Zen and happy place. I’ve used so many brands over the years from the big manufactured companies, to the small businesses and I’ve found I love handmade metallic watercolors from the small businesses.

Metallic Watercolor Palettes

My two favorite brands are Hydracolour and IUILE Watercolors. With handmade watercolors, makers can add different materials in them to make them sparkle and shine more than regular manufactured watercolors. They can create unique mixtures that no one has ever made before.

Butterfly in Metallic Watercolor

There are so many different types of watercolors with different properties and characteristics. There’s mica watercolors which usually consist of a single color pigment, there’s holographic watercolors which contain holographic glitter, there are color shifting watercolors which contain pigments that shift in color from ranges such as green to purple, and there are many more other types as well!

Lettering in Metallic Watercolor Sarah Style

I love using metallic watercolors to add sparkle and shimmer to regular matte watercolor paintings as well as using them to create a whole shimmering masterpiece. More than anything I love using my watercolors for lettering and custom projects. Clients love the sparkle and shimmer results that are added to any painting or lettering piece. Although I like painting for the result, I LOVE painting for the process.

My passion for metallic watercolors has driven me to write a book called Marvelous Metallic Watercolor. It contains over 32 beginner step by step projects from lettering to illustration. Projects include designs like Gleaming Gemstone and Beaming Butterfly―which bring out the vibrancy of this medium―as well as lettering projects like Glittering Rainbow Ombré and Luminous Leopard, which will have you writing shiny calligraphy like a pro.

Marvelous Metallic Watercolor Book Cover

Prepare to be obsessed with metallic watercolors and watch as they brighten up and revolutionize your art forever. You can order your copy by clicking this link! 

Sunflower Metallic Watercolor Closeup

Painting should be light-hearted with no pressure or stress. If you get the chance, I hope you are able to pick up a paint brush and some metallic watercolors and just watch the colors and the sparkles just gently flow into one another. You will slowly find your heart rate lowering, and all your stresses diminish while you are painting.

Sarah Style
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  1. How fun it must be to wake up, go to your table, sit down, and let all of that glorious metallic color greet you! Your work is lovely, and it was a delight to read about your art journey. I really enjoyed your large palettes of color! Thank you for sharing your happy story.

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