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Saturday Mornings With Scooby-Doo

One of the greatest joys as a kid was watching cartoons on television. They brought a colorful world of fun and humor that always had me mesmerized. When met with our prompt for today, my mind immediately leapt to my favorite cartoon of all time which is Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Or, of course, simply Scooby-Doo as that’s what we all called it back then. The show actually aired for only two seasons just before I was born, but returned in the late 70’s for another 16 episodes. These were actually marketed under a different name, but are still often referred to as the third season of the show. It featured a cast of teens driving a cool van dubbed “Mystery Machine” named Fred Jones, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake and Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. But the star and namesake of the show was a snack-loving Great Dane named Scooby-Doo. They would band together to solve a mystery involving supernatural creatures that turned out to be some ordinary person unmasked in the final scene. Usually old mister something or another. It was great fun and I remember thinking I wanted to grow up to write mysteries. This never quite happened, but my imagination of it happening at the time, almost feels like it did.

Actually the first and only full book I ever wrote was a bit of mystery, so perhaps that childhood dream did come true after all. It was a ridiculous show on hindsight, filled with more sight gags than anything substantial, but it was spooky fun and I really loved it as a kid. As an adult, I remember being on a train heading back to Madrid from the southern coast of Spain. They were playing the live action version of Scooby-Doo dubbed entirely in Spanish. Though my French is wretched, my Spanish is far better, so it was rather fun to watch. The memories it brought back to me where not simply of the show itself, but the entire moment of being a kid again. The feeling that all I had to deal with was that week’s homework and then I could relax and enjoy a morning filled with colorful cartoons. Looking back, there’s so much of that time I simply took for granted. My life now consists of way more things on my to-do list and my cartoons on Saturday mornings have been reduced to only one hour. Oh yes, I still watch them. You can still grow up without ever really growing old.

I’m about to grow older in age this Friday, yet I feel like I’m still that little boy, ready to solve a mystery. I hope that feeling never goes away. In many ways, it’s what keeps me going and motivated to try the next thing, whatever that may be. I think maintaining a steady curiosity in life is key to making life joyful. The moment I ever think I’ve figured out all of its mysteries is the very moment I should probably check it all in and give up. The world is perfectly mysterious to me to this day. As much as I’ve learned, or think I’ve learned about life, there is always something new that catches me off guard. That new thing is the shiniest and coolest thing of all! I love learning new things and discovering the world I thought I knew like it was the first time. I don’t seek mastery in anything that I do, as I think it feels like a conclusion. When I love something, I don’t ever want it to end. I hope it will simply continue on and morph slowly, letting each moment pass just as it should. Like those amazing and thrilling moments I spent on Saturday mornings with Scooby-Doo!

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36 thoughts on “Saturday Mornings With Scooby-Doo

  1. Your TV complete with cartoon is amazing! And now I’m full of images of Charlie on a train watching Scoobie Doo …when suddenly there’s a scream in the next car – a body has been found. It’s Murder Not on the Orient Express and Charlie fingers his huge waxed mustache and sets to solving the case!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕LOL… Oh that would have been grand! Not the murder bit, of course… just the chance to solve a mystery! Instead I was sitting near a man who was chomping on Jamón flavored potato chips and rubbing the residue on his legs. 😳

  2. My dad used to say that the minute he got home from work, The Micky Mouse Club show came on and all three of us kids would charge into the house to watch. He never got to relax in front of the TV news ever! 😁😁

    1. Thanks so much, Frances! 😃💕 Yeah… Friday the 13th sounds ominous, but in my defense, it sometimes falls on Good Friday since Easter moves around a lot. hehe And yay! Happy pre-birthday to you as well my friend!

  3. Four people in this one – go you! 😉 It’s so cool, and I love the colour of this particular box. I do feel their flatscreen contemporaries are missing some of the magic. I remember enjoying Scooby-Doo on weekday mornings before school (if I got up early enough, which wasn’t always the case!). But nothing beats Saturday mornings as a child; cartoonish fun on the TV – Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog for me! – and the feeling that the weekend will last forever. Ahh!

    1. Lol… do they count as people? They’re just cartoons! hehe… but yeah.. four people in one doodlewash? Yay! 😃💕 See? You’re way younger than me, but I did have a Game Gear in college and played the heck our of Sonic The Hedgehog!

      1. Let’s just make them count anyway ’cause it’s a momentous occasion! My brother always wanted a Game Gear, long after they’d been discontinued for some reason. The Sonic games on there were so frustrating, but fun!

          1. Amazing. I still have our Master System, it’s in a drawer right beside me. It wasn’t working that well in the 90s so I wouldn’t hold out much hope now!

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