For Day 5 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Startle,” I sketched a scared kitty jumping in the air. It’s the first idea that popped into my mind so I just made a little drawing from my imagination as scaring an actual cat seemed a bit cruel. I had mentioned in my last post that my pup Elliott wasn’t really scared of fireworks, but even he had a few moments of uncertainty during all of the festivities of the 4th of July. A couple more friends joined us and we sat on our rooftop deck and enjoyed the city’s fireworks display. Elliott stayed inside downstairs below us. He wasn’t pleased to be left out of the party, however, and when we came back down after the festivities, we were alarmed to find that he had locked us out. Apparently while we were watching fireworks, he was learning how to work the lock on the sliding glass doors. Thankfully, our neighbor was still up on the roof and was able to come through our house to let us all back inside.

Once inside, Elliott seemed rather too pleased with himself. It was, in his mind, the perfect punishment for leaving him behind. It was almost cute, even though it did give us a bit of a scare initially as we were two stories up and trapped outside without a way down. We’ll have to start leaving Elliott on the first floor when we’re heading to the roof just in case. I should have known he was up to something. He was examining the handle and lock very closely as we all left to go outside. He’s learned how to open and close the kitchen door as well. Though he can only open it from the outside to get it and close it after he’s back inside. That’s not the intent, however, as he wants to go back outside, but even a smart dog has his limits.

This was my final day off work and I’m going to miss all of the extra free time. I managed to paint a bit more, read a bit more, and even play video games. As for Elliott, he’s a bit tired today along with Philippe and I, since the fireworks continued late into the evening, making sleep a touch difficult. At one point in the night, I got up and noticed Elliott standing by our bedroom door. He didn’t look frightened, but I could see he was unsure about the apparent war happening outside. I told him everything was fine and he should go back to bed, which he did right away. Even the bravest of pups can have moments of uncertainty. I find myself having little moments of worry all of the time. My mind will fill up with all sorts of scenarios and possibilities and then the doubt begins to roll in. Yet, when I’m painting, I never feel afraid. I just feel like everything will work out somehow, even when I’m splashing around color and honestly confused as to what I’m going to do to complete the illustration. It’s fun to just play and try things, and stepping even a bit outside my comfort zone helps me prove to myself that, in the end, I’m not a scaredy-cat!

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Scared Tabby Cat Jumping Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “Scaredy-Cat

  1. I did a small amount of research into the 4th of July drone shows and discovered that many cities who tried them this year are planning to go back to traditional fireworks. Turns out people want those big booms that frighten the animals so much. Not to be a party poop, but I wish they would keep the drones and fake the booms, because those big shows are unhealthy for both people and the environment, too.

    Clapping Hands
    • wwbyjw
  2. You’ve sort of captured the look of one of our cats when the first firework goes off…and then she high tails it to some unknown location in the house to hide until all the noise goes away. Elliott is one very smart pup and that is a tale you will tell for a long time to come.

  3. Charlie apparently when I was a baby my parents had a huge cat who could open the outside door (the grownups didn’t lock doors then in the tiny coal town). One day it got into my carriage. End of cat. Likely the same way my father got rid of our distempered dog too — with his rifle. I never thought to ask. Much as I am not a dog/cat person I disagree with this method. Thank God your neighbour could let you in.

  4. Too funny Charlie. You captured the look of my cat Tiger when she is watching TV. It is absolutely hilarious and I don’t know whether she gets her cues from the music or if, on some level, she understands what is going on. But it is the funniest thing and if she is intently watching a door slamming or a scream sends her straight up in the air and then gone. lol

    You have one smart dog there 😉 I’m so glad your adventure turned out all right in the end. Hugs and much love my friend! <3

    1. That’s too funny!! Elliott watches TV as well, but just seems intrigued all the time, never worried. He prefers things with music in them. hehe Hugs and much love to you too! 😃💕

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  5. Our cat had that look of the cat in your painting with the fireworks going off last night! She growled a bit, then ran into her “hidey-hole” (part of the cat tree) to weather the “storm”. What a smart boy Elliott is! Sounds like you’ll have to keep an eye on him… 🙂

    1. Aww… it’s wonderful she has a little hidey-hole for times like that! And yep… Elliott is really smart, but we do have to watch him closely! hehe 😃💕

      Smiling Face with Heart Eyes
      • mz7owengmail-com
  6. Elliott was probably muttering to himself, “I’ll show you, Charlie! Leaving me down here alone! Even went and told Marisela my weight! Like she’s so petite or something! They’re going to have to work to get back inside.” 😂😂😂😂😂 Monster figured out how to open my mom’s bedroom door. He wasn’t allowed in because he would roll around on her bed and she didn’t like that. He would wait for her to leave and go running to open the door. 😂😂😂

    1. Hello Charlie,

      Elliott’s story is hilarious!!! He is one smart puppy. He really got his revenge on you. 😂 And your scaredy cat brought back memories of an irritated cat from long ago. She belonged to my aunt and I was visiting with some other cousins. One of them had a habit of pacing the room as he talked and he never noticed that he accidentally stepped on the cat’s tail a couple of times. We did notice the cat look at him with narrowed eyes several times but thought we imagined it. Till the night we were on the roof watching fireworks. My cousin decided to come downstairs to get something and it was when he passed through a dark corridor that the cat decided to jump onto his head. What ensued was beyond hilarious. To this day my cousin goes absolutely quiet and still when a cat is around. Hahahaaa🤣🤣


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