So this is another little study doodlewash, which means I’m still sadly quite landlocked and did not sketch this from real life. But I’m trying to sketch more fluidly and not overwork my images so this is another attempt as doing that.

I’m using my new Winsor & Newton Sketchers’ Pocket Box and the color is wonderful. Not to mention that fact that it’s just so small and well… cute really. Not that a cute watercolor set is necessary for success, but I have to admit that it’s fun to use something so compact. I’m not ready to progress to the intimidation of large white pieces of paper and giant palettes. So it works perfectly!

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4 thoughts on “Seaside Study

  1. Love this clean fresh painting. I have the same teeny Windsor and Newton box. I love it and have used it FOREVER. In fact, it’s my second one 😉 I have extra tubes of other colours but can’t part with old faithful 😉

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