SEPTEMBER 2017 CHALLENGE: Simple Pleasures

Though our World Watercolor Group will always be a “paint whatever you like” collective, many of you have asked for inspiration and ideas to keep your daily painting routine going. To keep things simple, whenever you post your watercolors, simply continue to tag them #WorldWatercolorGroup on all social networks so we can find you and link to your lovely work in real time! (even if you’re not participating in this very optional theme this month!) If you are participating in the daily challenge, simply mention it in your post! Also, if you’re not a member of Doodlewash Club, please join us and post your work there as well!


Want to play along? This month is all about celebrating those simple pleasures that make life wonderful. From a freshly made bed with that wonderful smell of newly washed sheets to that pie you once baked where the crust turned out just perfectly, these are the best bits of our lives. Though seemingly small and not particularly epic, these moments still manage to make our faces smile and our hearts happy. So let’s honor them with a lovely bit of imagination and paint!

30 Simple Pleasures To Paint This Month

If you’d like some daily prompts for what to paint for this challenge, then here you go! (these are just to spark creativity and get you painting! Seriously… just have fun and paint whatever you love most!)

Doodlewash September 2017 Adventure Prompts