For our prompt of “Wet’ today, I thought about a dog shaking off after getting out of the water. Then, of course, I got a bit lost watching several videos of dogs shaking water off in slow motion. It’s amazing to watch and really quite fun to see. The shake starts at the head and then a ripple works its way down the entire body until there’s a massive butt wiggle to mark the grand finale. Though I can see this behavior in my own dog, Phineas, studying it for a bit was very educational. I suppose I could have doused my own dog with water, but that didn’t seem particularly humane since he hates getting wet. And indeed, if this were how humans dried themselves off it would look a touch ridiculous, but on a dog it’s just super cute. The weather here has actually been quite dry without much rain at the moment. Autumn leaves crackle underfoot as I walk, which is a rather wonderful sign that the season is changing into something truly beautiful.

I could never even imagine Phineas going for a swim since even the slightest amount of rain makes him insist on staying indoors. I don’t mind a light drizzle, but I take no pleasure in being caught outside during a torrential downpour. I have a friend with three dogs, each a Shiba Inu, and she posts pictures of their adventures canoeing together or playing in the water. It’s a joy to see, but I know that Phineas would not be pleased to be so far from the comfort of his home for an entire day. He does like to go for long walks and explore, with his nose to the ground like he thinks he’s a beagle. Sometimes, he’ll stop and shove his nose so deep in the grass that I have to wonder what he’s just smelled. Or indeed, if his sense of smell isn’t quite as good anymore. Though, I’m not remotely tempted to get down on my knees and check it out for myself, of course.

It’s difficult to believe that another weekend has managed to zoom by once again. It seems as if the weekends are getting shorter and shorter. Tomorrow is Philippe’s birthday so I’ll have to get out and go get him his special cake from the bakery we go to each year. He received a gift from our family in Paris, but insisted that I hide it downstairs until it was the proper time. So, I’ve added a few more little gifts to that and he will be opening them all tomorrow evening. Phineas will no doubt be irritated that there’s a celebration that’s not centered around him. Actually, his birthday was on Thursday, and he did get some extra little treats, but still he’ll be miffed that his celebration was lacking in more presents. But, this won’t last, as dogs have an amazing ability to simply move on with life and back to happiness. In truth, it’s a wonderful skill that we humans should have as well. Even when life isn’t quite what we’d like, all we need to do with any feeling that’s not perfectly positive is to simply, shake it off.

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28 thoughts on “Shake It Off

  1. Charlie I am not a dog/cat person and do love your pet stories regardless. Yes another weekend and snow to come on the pass near us. I refer to winter as The Ugly and pull my verticals closed (with the slats open) as psychological barrier between me and it. Happy Birthday to Phillippe. I’m an October baby too.

  2. This shaking of the wet was truly amazing when our mastiffs did it. You could literally drown in the result. Even worse, one of them like to grasshopper – hopping up and down on his front legs in the mud. Then he’d do the shake when he got in the house. During the rainy season – 9 months of the year in Oregon – I had to set up cleaning supplies that I could use several times a day. I did love that dog, but it was often expressed in four letter words other than ‘love’.

  3. A belated HAPPY b’day To Phineas, a slightly early one to Phiippe, and a kudos to you for making the occasions festive. It is always a joy to step into tine with your family…The atmosphere is warm and inviting and FUN!

  4. What a cute splashy beagle! The closest we come to getting a dog shower,which is what you call it when you stand too close to a wet dog, is when a cat sneezes on us! Our cat Kirbie got sick a month ago and had to go to the vet. She had a respiratory infection and was sneezing all the time. She’s better now!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕 Awww I’m glad to hear that Kirbie is better! I imagine a cat sneeze is a lot less wet at least! Phineas just sneezes disapproval, but can still manage a fairly good spray when he does it! lol

  5. Sweet beagle, Charlie! It’s always fun to watch act a dog shake off water…from a distance, although getting too close does lead to giggles. Happy birthday to Philippe and have a fun celebration!!

  6. Feliz Cumpleanos, Philippe, and may you have many, many more, you young puppy! And to Phineas, that cutie rascal! 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉He must be related to Monster because when he got any inkling that a bath was imminent, he would run around the yard trying to stay as far away from me as possible. When it’s raining, does Phineas hold it in like Monster did? When he couldn’t hold it in anymore and I got him outside, he would pee for what seemed like minutes straight. Sometimes I would sit outside for an hour and a half just waiting for him to finally let go. So, when rain was forecast, I would groan also. haha haha Now, I would sit in a torrential downpour just to have him back.
    Cute painting, Charlie! Your Fall weather sounds so lovely. I put out our Autumn wreath on the front door, but when you’re 96*F like today and you have the A/C on, it just isn’t the same. Now, Writerleenda has me intrigued about hot cocoa! Again, 96*F. haha haha
    Have a great week, Charlie! Tell Philippe that, unlike Christopher Columbus, he is one of the best European imports to land on our shores. I hope that doesn’t sound rude to call him an import. 😋

    1. Forgot….I don’t know if you are experiencing the same thing, but we have been inundated with Monarch butterflies on their way down to Mexico. I watered my plants and was surrounded by butterflies wanting a drink. It was sweet. 💜

    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Hehe!! Oh yes, Phineas holds it all in when it’s raining. A light rain and he might pee if taken out front, but it’s definitely a poop strike! lol Hope you have a great week as well my friend!!

  7. Wonderful Charlie! But I swear I can smell wet dog now!🤭 my Irish setter with his long hair would smell and if he could he would roll in something yucky outside after I gave him a bath. 😒 I sold a painting today! I joined a local downtown pop-up shop designed to promote our local small businesses. A good day! Also at was another nice day for yard work! Happy Birthday tomorrow to Philippe!🎉

  8. Hello Charlie,

    First off, Happy Birthday Phillipe! May your year be filled and overflowing with love, laughter, vibrant health and dreams come true! 🙂 Charlie, I always feel fascinated with your water splashes and droplets. I haven’t tried painting any water yet but I so want to. Any tips on how to begin? And thanks for the valuable lesson about learning to move on. I really really need to do that with certain things but again, I don’t know how to. Someday I hope to wake up and find myself having achieved it. You have a great week and wonderful celebration for Phillipe’s birthday. 🙂 And a belated birthday hug for Phineas!


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I always read Philippe his birthday wishes! As for water splashes, I like the heavy contrast. I tend to ink most all of it in as a drawing and then add lighter blues, deeper at the edges of the large parts and blending to white (or not so blended as in this case since I’m moving quickly! hehe). Then I dab in dark Indigo at the bottoms of the droplets and will even retrace lines to get even more contrast. It’s all a quick hack, but the effect is really cool! Yeah, I have trouble letting go of some things as well. But when it’s not something happy, it probably deserves to be thrown aside. I always think that there’s nothing that’s worth distracting me from happy! 😉 Hope you have a great week as well!

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