Although, as a child, I spent quite a lot of time in front of a television, as an adult, it’s not my favorite activity. Perhaps it was because the television was a notable piece of furniture that demanded a bit of awe and respect. Only the printed TV Guide could tell you what was going to be appearing on the magic box that week. It was always like you might miss something wonderful if you didn’t browse all of the listings very carefully. But, since Philippe and I are currently sailing through the sky on the way to Paris, screens are a lovely thing indeed. My favorite thing about televisions getting smaller is that you get your own little screen on the plane now. Prior to this, you had to watch a single larger screen that could be too far away to see or one would pop out of the ceiling and be too close, threatening to break your neck while attempting to view it properly. The entertainment selection has increased as well and shows and movies I might have never watched, finally have me trapped as a captive audience.

There are many movies that I wouldn’t bother going to the theater to see and they’re all waiting for me when I board my flight. Many, I wouldn’t even bother watching at home. But, when you’re trapped and spiraling through the air, several thousand feet above land or a vast ocean, nearly every option looks intriguing. I’ve experienced this “plane effect” each time we visit family overseas. And, in truth, I rather love it! Even a movie that’s not amazing can be rather good and unexpected company on a long flight. That said, if whatever show or movie choice is bad, it needs to be tragically and humorously bad, to count as entertainment. Otherwise, I will move on to the next thing. Philippe and I have a headphone splitter with separate volume controls so we can watch it together. Once we forgot to bring it and would have to prep the movie on each of our screens and press play on the count of “1…2…3…GO!” Toilet breaks for either of us meant we had to repeat the ritual to stop and start it again. Once we were slightly off on our count while watching The Conjuring and Philippe kept jumping with fright a couple of seconds before things happened, making that movie the least terrifying one I’ve ever witnessed.

But, I adore good stories in any form they come, so I’m thrilled when we find a gem of a movie on the flight. One we might have immediately rejected were our options not so suddenly limited. In some ways, it reminds me of those good old days with the printed TV Guide listings. When you only have a few options of things to watch, each one earned a bit more importance. Perhaps that’s why there are shows from our youth that we can all confess to watching while even today’s most popular shows can produce confused shrugs from some. We may not have had the Internet back then, but television itself was a form of social media. We all loved Lucy, and didn’t have to explain which Lucy we were talking about. No matter who I met when I was young, we always had something in common. A way to start a conversation and a way of feeling connected. These days, even if you live together you’re no longer reading from the same guide. There are so many personal and individual distractions, content isn’t quite the same reliable bridge it once was. And with so much time spent staring at our own individual phones, it’s lovely to have this time with Philippe. Just two married weary travelers, cuddled close, and once again, sharing the same screen.

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12 thoughts on “Sharing The Same Screen

  1. Love your TV-wish they still looked like that, though I’d miss our 50 inches. It does seem as though the more selection we have, the less entertainment to be found – or could we just be more jaded now? Have a fabulous flight with fabulous movies and fabulous nap-times in between!

  2. You make watching a bad movie romantic!

    I think your logic in this essay is spot on. It explains why I love watching old episodes of MASH and Hogan’s Heros. They were important to us when we were kids now we are overloaded with too much mediocrity so nothing is important. And we don’t even have cable. 😂

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this post. Yeah, the options for screen time come from every direction these days. I miss though days of those shows! And even appointment viewing seemed like a tiny celebration!

  3. Love this tv and the “end of the viewing day” screen. Forgot all about that and the National Anthem being played. Some sleepless nights I am glad there is tv, but lately during the awake hours, I find myself turning it off. I spent several hours just the other day listening to your podcasts (oh yeah…are there pods #1 & #2?) and I was happy as a clam. Safe travels!

    1. Awww thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕Thrilled you’re enjoying the podcast! All episodes should be showing up… you can got and hit the load more button to go back to the beginning. Let me know where you’re viewing them and not seeing 1 and 2 though, as some of the methods hadn’t pulled them all in, but should be now!

  4. Thanks, they are there today. It could have been my tablet running amuck. Guess it was tired of me listening to them non-stop. Now I have 2 more to listen to……yeah something to look forward to!

  5. I love that painting! I haven’t seen that test pattern in more than half a century.
    when I was young, the flag would come on the screen and the national anthem
    would play. When the song was done, the test pattern came on and stayed on
    until 12:30, at which time snow would claim the screen. It is hard to believe now,
    but I can remember waiting for the snow to come on before shutting the set down.

    Your experience when you left the splitter home is hilarious. Good stuff!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕yeah, that test pattern seems ancient now! lol And I remember the flag… that was a sure sign that it’s time for sleep. These days, the content never ends, so I’m not entirely sure how people ever know to sleep! lol

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