Today, for Day 3 of World Watercolor Month and our prompt of “Picnic Food,” I opted for some watermelon slices quickly picked up at the local grocery store. I didn’t have much time to paint today, so I was in a bit of a rush. When I was a little kid, a whole watermelon would appear for such festivities, but today, I see more and more convenience items like this available at the store. It makes me giggle a bit to think how cutting things somehow became an arduous extra step. From pre-cut cookie dough to apple slices, it would appear that we’re heading toward a point where knifes themselves will become something of folklore. But, in reality, we’re just quite busy these days and there are so many different things demanding our attention. Indeed, a ton of things online to see via social media. Except for today, where both Facebook and Instagram went down for most of the day and we were left with mysterious text instead of images. It was quite strange to see only what a robot thinks of our images, and yet quite illuminating as well. Particularly for my own images which are most often just a single thing in the form of an illustration. It was rather fun to read the descriptions the robot had to offer up!

Yet, I was little bit saddened because we don’t post our art for robots. We post it in hopes actual people will show up and see what we created that day. As much as I love that social media helps us to do just that and connects us with one another, I don’t have a great degree of confidence that the robots are actually showing us what we’d actually like to see most. I know this because I’m an early adopter and lived through the earliest stages of these social media platforms. It wasn’t that many years ago really, yet I still find myself nostalgic for a time when we could actually connect in real-time. Though I’m quite happy to see artwork from my friends, I feel like I’m somehow behind when it finally manages to appear in my feed a few days late. While I often jump back to my childhood for memories, I now find myself jumping back just a year or two to reminisce about the good old days of social media. Those democratic days when the sheer voice of the people could give us rock stars like Grumpy Cat (may she rest in peace). What I loved is that this new Internet thing resembled my beloved network television. We’d all rally around something and talk about it the next day.

These days, things have changed quite a lot. We aren’t assembling in the same space anymore because the space itself changes when we ourselves arrive to it. The robots are getting smarter, but in the process, we’re not all living in the same exact world anymore. It’s a bit different for each of us, and that’s both compelling and confusing at the same time. I guess I miss the days when we all felt like we were showing up to the same gathering. Where what I saw might actually be something that you saw as well. I get it, there’s tons of content being created each day, so this is most likely the only possible result. But, that never stops me from feeling just a bit nostalgic for those good old days once again. And, the wonderful news in all of this is that even despite the robots, there are still people seeing what we create and make each day. And even if those people become fewer, we’re stronger for having shared what we made that day! And even making one person smile is always worth the effort! So, post away and be proud of what you created. There will always be people excited to see what you made and enjoy the sheer thrill of showing up to the picnic!

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Aureolin, Quinacridone Red, Opus (Vivid Pink), Leaf Green, Cobalt Blue and Indigo. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with black ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Photo Reference: Fitri Agung. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Watermelon Grocery Store Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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26 thoughts on “Showing Up To The Picnic

  1. Even though social media is ever changing, I’m thankful for the sweet gathering of folks we have in our art circles. They are some of the kindest, most encouraging people, and you’ve given us places to get together here and with World Watercolor Group/Month. Thanks for that! With all the awesome picnic foods today, we are sure to have a grand gathering for a long while. Nice job on the cling wrap, too 😘

    1. Yay to that, Carol! 😃💕And I adore the community… it’s what launched Doodlewash! I’m hoping to improve the community on this site next month to give people a better social media option. 😉 Glad you liked this! Though I don’t like the heat of summer… give me that picnic food! lol

  2. Watermelon is a perfect thing to bring to the picnic.
    It was odd to see the hiccup happen with Facebook and Instagram today. I realized that I have made most of my connections with other artists through social media which is odd for someone who clearly remembers life before computers. It is great to connect with people from all over the world but connecting face to face is also important. Scary sometimes but important. Working on that. Plein air with a group I have never meet this weekend.

    1. Thanks, Karen! 😃💕 Yay to your plein air meetup! That’s awesome! Yeah… I’m a total introvert which is honestly where social media excels! hehe But so thrilled and thankful to have met so many artists along the way!

  3. Love the way you paint plastic wrap! I think one of the reasons that grumpy cat and such things go viral is that people want that feeling you talk about, having something in common to talk about. It isn’t just the novelty – it’s sharing the novelty.

  4. I am thankful for WordPress. Yes, it is not easy to keep up with Social Media these days but I have made some wonderful friends like YOU, Charlie while blogging. And for this I am grateful! 💕🍉 I was inspired to purchase a small watermelon today after seeing one painted by Sharon Mann! Your watermelon reminds me of the days when there were black seeds and not the seedless variety! ☺️

    1. Yay to that, Jill! 😃💕 WordPress is awesome! Or moreover… where so many of us were able to meet in real time! It’s been such a joy! And yay! Thrilled Sharon inspired you! We have such a fun group! And yes… seeds… are just more interesting, so I add them even when the watermelon is seedless! 😉

  5. I should have put watermelon on the list of groceries that Joe picked up this afternoon. I had broccoli on the list and he said they didn’t have any. I’m not sure I believe him. He just didn’t want to go around the store a second time because he missed it the first time.

    1. My pleasure, June! 😃💕Yeah, I’m a tech kind of guy, but things are moving way too fast. It’s exhausting. I’m just glad we can all still manage to connect as that’s the most important thing!

  6. Weird ideas today:

    A quick glance at your watermelon slices – they look like red fish filets ready for the saute pan. Not a comment about your painting skill – you did a great job. But I’m in a weird mood.

    I didn’t know about Facebook being down, just thought all those odd pages with text instead of photos had something to do with what a tech moron I am – maybe I double clicked when I should have single clicked. Or let go with a curse when I should have said a prayer. I thought it was cosmic retribution but it was just technical glitch.

    Finally, reaching a place where knives become folklore – how I wish we’d reach a place where guns become folklore.

    I gave my granddaughter the Sketching Stuff Activity Book. You did a great job on this book, a perfect amount of information and opportunity to create art. She’s excited about getting started. We’ll work on some pages together.

    Happy 4th to you and Philippe and Phineas.

    1. Red fish? hehe… that’s awesome! yeah… I think this sort of watermelon packaging is a bit rare. 😉 Yeah, social media went belly up for the day, but not entirely so it was just weird. lol And I’m so thrilled that you picked up my book for your granddaughter! 😃💕 That makes me so happy to hear! Let me know what she (and hopefully you along with her) think of it!

  7. LoL! Did not know that happened with FB or IG. Glad to know my goal of staying off the internet more is working. Didn’t miss a thing. Your sketch is just ridiculous with that cellophane! Ridiculously cool! I also sketched a girl eating watermelon. I am lucky I live in a household of watermelon eaters and I am able to buy large ones. We have a short window of time when we can buy our Oregon grown Hermiston watermelons. They are the best! I’ll buy one a week during that time. Happy 4th of July!! Stay safe!

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕Yeah, the socials went crazy for a bit, but seem to be working again now. Oh wow… now I want one of those watermelons you described! Sounds yummy! Happy 4th to you as well!

  8. wowza, again i am enjoying the artwork Charlie. I always enjoy your stories as well. thanks for mentioning “Grumpy cat” sure enjoyed the fun around this beautiful kitty. Ya the world has surely changed. I find myself always going back too so many great things that were part of my childhood. Playing outside til after dark, and later Mtv when the m was important to the channel lol. So many “ahsome” things and now the internet is such a great place to connect and for information.. just like the library which is still my friend. thanks for encouraging us all to share as well. It’s wonderful to see others sharing stories now too. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕 Glad you enjoyed this post! Yeah… I miss those good old days, but there’s lots of cool things we can do now that we couldn’t back then. As long as we can all stay connected, it’s a beautiful time indeed!

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