So on our last vote, we had a perfect tie again! Since I barely had time to doodlewash, I needed to figure out a solution and this is it. Here we have something that makes festive noises that is also the star of the song called “Silver Bells,” that popular Christmas song, composed by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. I realize the song refers to bells in the plural form, but I only had time to make one. However, if you cross your eyes while looking at this one, you will see not one, but two lovely bells, so the problem is quite easily fixed really.

What I thought was fun about the song “Silver Bells” is that the writers had originally named it “Tinkle Bells” to which one of their wives said, “Are you out of your mind?” Better than this little gem of a story is the fact that Wikipedia has to explain the joke by dryly stating that “the word is slang for urination.” Something tells me that with the original title we wouldn’t still be enjoying it today, no matter how catchy the little melody. It would be a strange world indeed if people saw it fit to turn “Pee Bells” into a Christmas classic.

Additionally, the co-writers can’t agree on the inspiration for these bells. One of them says they are inspired by the Salvation Army bell ringers and the other says it was just a bell that sat on their shared desk. I’m thinking the first writer simply had a better background in public relations and embellished the story. Also, the other option raises too many needless questions for a single interview like, why did they both share a single desk and what the hell did they need a bell for anyway?

This isn’t one of my favorite songs, because it sounds like an old record that’s playing on the wrong speed. It’s like the entire cast of The Lawrence Welk Show took too many Xanax, washed them down with whiskey, and started to sing. It’s sung so slowly it actually feels like time has stopped and life has started to move in reverse. Or perhaps it’s just my short attention span. Either way, I’m not a fan. But give me a little Brenda Lee’s Jingle Bell Rock and I’m happy as a partridge in a pear tree!

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34 thoughts on “Silver Bells

  1. Woes, not *another* tie! Perhaps when this happens, you should let Philippe have the deciding vote (that is, if he’s not already among those voting?) If not him, perhaps Phineas can help 😉 A fabulous doodlewash. That looks a pretty intimidating object to try and paint under time pressure, but you did it so well!

    I must share your lack of enthusiasm on this Silver Bells song. It’s not one of my most played, though there are definitely far (FAR) worse available. Hit me with some ‘Sleigh Ride’ or ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and the festivities shall begin! 😛

    1. Thanks Jacob!! 😃Nope…neither Philippe not Phineas ever vote so that could work! Lol This one had to be knocked out before I dashed off to a party. I had considered adding the customary red ribbon, but I didn’t have any time for that, so I left it naked. And yay to that songs!! Anything with a little pep just feels happier. Some Christmas songs sound like they should be played at a funeral.

  2. Oh, Charlie! You had me laughing! 😄😊😃 I will always think of tinkle bells now when I hear this song! 🎶 Perhaps it was a teacher with a bell on her desk? Maybe she rang it when it was time for her classroom to take a potty break?! Lol! 😜 Wonderful bell doodlewash! Like how you painted the reflections. 🌟🌟🌟

  3. Lovely doodlewash! There are so many wonderful Christmas songs. I actually like Silver Bells. My husband loves Christmas songs even though he’s Jewish. There just aren’t too many great Chanukah songs. 😁

          1. Yes because I’m just like you and really dislike it lol. I was just telling my husband that if he’s tempted to get me anything else, don’t because I placed a Blick order yesterday when $29 got free shipping! He’s like a little kid too. I’m glad you’re so excited!! Lots of art supplies under the tree for you, I bet!

  4. This post had our whole family laughing and tears rolling down my cheeks.
    I love Christmas music and for my husband’s whole career as a Navy musician, I had to turn the carols off every day when he came home. He’d started rehearsing a couple of months prior and had played them all so many times he was sick of them! One of the reasons I’m happy he has retired!

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