Answering the question of what to see next opens the door to the left of the small table, and you cautiously walk through it into another room. The floor of this room is covered entirely in grass and laying in the grass is a doodlewash of a dog. Next to this is a journal, which is opened to today’s date. Though you wouldn’t typically read someone’s diary without permission, you glance back over your shoulder, and start reading:

Dear Diary,

So it’s National Mutt Day today, which got me thinking about one of my favorite mutts. My first dog as an adult. He was a yellow lab and basenji mix named Simon. I realize it’s Christmas season and I should try painting more seasonal things, but he was on my mind so I decided to make a drawing.

He was fast as lightening and loved to play with a yellow tennis ball. Simon was amazing and had all the best traits from both breeds. He was silent and bark-free, yet had a lab’s sunny disposition. It was several years ago when he left this world for a new grassy haven somewhere else, but I’ll never forget that smile. 

This has been a whopper of a day and so I’m going to keep things nice and short. Also, I love having people choose what I draw, so sky’s the limit next and I won’t always be doing a celebration day. But I wanted to mention that I started a new sketchbook and have switched to a Pentalic Aqua Journal and LOVE it! In the end, the Moleskine just couldn’t handle multiple washes and layers very well, and this new baby is 100% cotton and a dream to use! That’s all for now, I’ll be back with more tomorrow.  


Charlie O. 

At the bottom of the diary entry there’s a single question. “Oh no,” you think, “another choice to be made. Well… here’s goes nothing!”

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34 thoughts on “Simple Simon

  1. I… w.. I just… that’s ridiculously good, Charlie. I’m running out of ways to say that… but seriously! The eyes, the ears, the fur – everything. He’s perfect, and so very adorable.

    I think I made a possibly controversial selection this time. We’ll see. It was a difficult one.

  2. Such a heart charmer…your portrait is fabulous, love the gleam in Simon’s eyes, so expressive and he looks like he had a lovely personality. Your beautiful painting is a sweet statement about the bonds of our companions. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Simon is adorable!! And looks like I voted with the “in” crowd this It’s exciting about your new sketchbook! I hope you’re not stressing yourself out, keeping up with everything… ❤️

  4. Simon is so charming, I think I purred when I saw him first on Instagram. He’s perfect! And a new brand of sketchbooks thrills me. I gave up on Moleskine too. Their books are beautiful but after I paint in them my books look like a fan. The elastic band doesn’t help at all.

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