For Day 13 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Valuable,” I sketched a little tabby kitten admiring a gold ring with jewels. I have to admit that I often find shiny objects fascinating. When I catch a glimpse of my simple silver wedding band, I’ll get a bit lost for moment in the reflections. Both the visible play of light on the silvery surface as well as the memories of the moment I first began wearing one. It was rather amazing that I was actually going to build a life with that guy from Paris, and the impossible was about to be made possible. It will be 9 years in November that Philippe and I have been married after over a dozen years together. Well, not always together at the beginning, but that’s the beautiful thing about life. The things that are meant to be, tend to work themselves out in the end. I’m truly grateful for all of the wonderful things that have happened along the way, and I’m excited to discover what the future will bring!

I usually have something new and shiny that I’m working on, but lately I’ve just been working on all of the existing stuff I’ve already started. After making so many ideas happen these past few years, I often find myself struggling to keep up with everything. It’s often a race with the clock and wishing there were just a few more hours in the day. Philippe always looks at me without saying a word when I seem to feel a bit overwhelmed. I know exactly what he’s thinking, “you did this to yourself. You know that right?” But it’s so much fun to come up with ideas and see those ideas come to life that I can’t seem to stop! This very month was one of those big ideas and it’s been amazing to see how much it’s grown in both participation and enthusiasm from artists across the globe. So, I’m always humbled when a project I thought might be really cool is actually embraced by others as well.

I think I’ll always be inclined to chase after new and shiny ideas. There’s something so thrilling about working on something that I’ve never done before! It’s why I love turning each new page in my sketchbook to find out what’s going to appear there. After creating thousands of watercolor illustrations, you’d think I’d be able to guess what something will look like when completed. Yet, I’m always surprised myself, and that’s exactly what makes it so enjoyable. It’s what keeps me coming back to watercolor. Though I don’t make traditional paintings or indeed use the medium in a traditional fashion, I’m captivated by its allure. Watercolor has become a very valuable part of my life and made for a very rewarding art journey. Not simply the medium, but everything it’s made happen along the way. That’s why I think it’s important to follow dreams, even if you’ve no idea where they might lead. An idea might not work out exactly as planned, but the one thing that’s certain is that it’s an adventure worth taking, and one that’s simply fascinating!

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Kitten Cat Looking At a Shiny Gold Jewel Ring Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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19 thoughts on “Simply Fascinating

  1. The new and upcoming thing is always alluring, but sometimes you have to stop, take count, and finish up some of the things already happening or you just collapse under the weight. You’ll feel better for getting some of it out the way, so you have room for that alluring new and upcoming thing! I can’t wait to see what it is!

  2. oo Mary said it so well. I too love the kitty lost in the sparkle and I see my cats actually do that sometimes. I thank you too for the sparkle you put in our lives. It is wonderful seeing something you started grow to be such an important and embraced event isn’t it! Everyone talks about Watercolour Month and so many participate Charlie, I am so happy for you. I know how it feels because I suggested (in a little group I’m a part of) that we do an art collaboration in an art journal. I have 7 people, actually 8 with a new one that just joined in, all over the states that are involved and I am tickled pink at the excitement that my little suggestion was met with. People are really getting involved and it is so cool. I made the journal and sent it off to beautiful artists. It will look beautiful in the end and the collaboration is so much. fun :). So, on a tinier scale I know how awesome it is to see a little idea grow into something beautiful. And my dear friend – it is all because of you. Doodlewash, you and all of your core people, Sandra, Mary, Gary especially encouraged me and started me off and the joy you give me Charlie continues to ripple throughout the states and Canada. 😉 Love and hugs to you my dear friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 It has been wonderful to see how World Watercolor Month has grown! I did da collaborative journal once years ago for a friend in hospital! It was so much fun to do and brought her so much joy. Hugs and love to you my friend! ❤️

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  3. Charlie, what a cute kitty! I’m waiting for my sparkling wedding ring and the big, sexy man that I tricked into marrying me! 😂😂😂😂 I’m joking.
    You know what journey I’m on right now. I feel like I’m waiting for the Lord to part the Red Sea so I can cross over to the other side. I keep my hope on the Other Side. The Other Side is where what I have been praying for and believing God for is. It’s waiting for me. Beautiful, happy days. My life and health restored. My beautiful, gorgeous man. Our life and future together. I focus on that, Charlie. I focus on the good stuff to come. Not on where I’m at right now. Not on what’s on my to do list for right now. It helps especially when the Right Now seems daunting and I feel like David facing Goliath. (David defeats Goliath, though!) I have a whole entire world and a whole entire LIFE ahead of me. Trying not to cry. Trying not to cry. Trying not to cry.
    Enjoy your Pizza Friday. 💜💜💜

    Sparkling Heart
    • zoie
    1. Thanks, mi amiga! 😃💕 Sending positive vibes for that big, sexy man to come your way! hehe Here’s to focusing on the good stuff always… there’s really no other way to get through this crazy life! Even when things seem SO daunting, you and I both know it’s nothing a little chicken fried steak can’t cure. 😉 hehe Much love to you! ❤️

  4. Hello Charlie,

    “The things that are meant to be, tend to work themselves out in the end.” Thank you for this Charlie. I needed this. And I really love the kitty, specially the expression in her eyes. It’s kinda like she’s gazing into a crystal ball and has seen something awesome in her future. I so wish I had a crystal ball right now, just to gaze into what’s in store for me 3 months from now. There’s something which I’d be thrilled to have go my way for once. And all I can do is wait to find out… and waiting is hard. Fingers crossed! But thanks again my friend… you gave me a reassuring thought.


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Sometimes I think I want to see the future, and then I think… spoiler alert! lol I tend to enjoy the element of surprise. Though I hope at least a few of my dreams come true along the way, of course. Fingers crossed for your dream!! Sending you hope and love! ❤️

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