For our prompt of “Songbird” today, I made a quick little imagined sketch of two birds singing to one another. I just love the thought of birds bursting into song like they’re suddenly appearing in a musical. Indeed that’s why I enjoy watching musicals. It’s fun to think that people could be so in tune with one another that their conversations could become more like poetry set to music with a bit of dancing for good measure. In reality, of course, this doesn’t happen, and perhaps it would make life a bit odd where it to become the norm. But, in our world today, though so digitally connected, it seems like there’s somehow fewer ways to come together as one big community. I can’t jump in and start excitedly talking about the season of a new show like when I was younger, because not everyone watches the same shows anymore. Instead, even with close friends, it’s often more about going through a list of things to see what we might have in common today. It’s funny how much things have changed.

I think that’s why nostalgia is so popular and why I tend to talk often about things from a more distant past. It’s going back in time to find a point in time when we all had the same life events in common. Things we can all remember together. Indeed, there are always universals about what it’s like to be a kid in the first place and definitely the emotions that come into play as an adult trying to master art. But, I do have to admit that it was fun when every single person I would talk to had just watched the last episode of Happy Days or Laverne and Shirley. You always had something to start talking about as though you’d been friends all your life. Even if you’d just met at the supermarket. That was such a great feeling and it’s something I really do miss today.

But, I do love that you can easily find your own “tribe” today, or people who share similar interests and ideas. It’s been lovely to connect with artists around the world and sketch each day with so many of you, just for the sheer joy of DOing it! And I think that’s what I love most about making art together. It connects us, even when we might share different interests or views on something. It’s a universal language that’s so wonderful to experience and connects us all across the globe. That’s been the real joy of my own journey and why I adore our community that we’ve built. It’s such a positive and enjoyable place to create art, and it’s way more fun when we all do it together. And though we each show up sharing our own unique way to see the world, we still share so much in common that we’re still all singing the same song.

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Two Songbirds Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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18 thoughts on “Singing The Same Song

  1. Beautifully done Charlie! It’s great to hear the music of the songbirds! I’m running late today as we went to Maine to take my mom out for lunch to celebrate her 90th birthday. I got to see a beautiful sunrise, beautiful sunset and a lovely moon. Now to get some sketching done.

  2. I think it is interesting how in many ways the world is much more complex, and in others more simple. Who would have ever thought so many people would connect over a cat with a grumpy face? Just looking grumpy?

  3. So precious!!! love love love the colors!!! gorgeous!!! OMG i remember watching happy days and Lavern and Shirley!!! So fun and Gilligan’s Island lol it was so funny how the winds would get him so his legs would be straight out as he held onto the palm tree!! lol 🙂 i love to talk about my generation cuz i will always find fun and wonderful things!! 🙂

  4. These little birds are so simple. I love them! Amen to your comments about our little community here! It seems like nowadays, I don’t discuss television shows with anyone. One, is because most of the time I don’t know what they are talking about and two, when you watch Christmas movies and Friends all the time, I am limited to who is even interested. Hahaha! Day 6 of plumbing…..I might have to get out my big sketchbook and crayons to let off some frustrations. ;p

  5. I’ve been retired for over 10 years now, but I remember how in the morning people would come in and chat about some tv show everyone had watched the night before. Now that the Netflixing of America has happened, that little connection must be gone. You’re correct, I would miss that a lot. The only thing left is the weather.

  6. Love your songbirds and alas I love your views as well. The internet with all its good has changed how we interact with others. I do love the art communities(like Doodlewash) that I have been involved in as we do share a commonality unlike others. It helps me feel a little more connected than I would without them!

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