With our Doodlewash prompt of “hay” today, I wasn’t quite sure what to sketch. Then I saw the Inktober prompt of “weak” and a rickety little cart inexplicably came to mind. So I inked a fast little doodle of a wooden cart, replete with wonky wheels and scribbled hay and then washed some watercolor on top. I’m not entirely sure what this little sketch is meant to convey other than the very idea of autumn itself. It’s just a bit of fall stuff, the kind of thing you might see sitting outside a shop, barn or antique store here this time of year. Bits of the past that once had a real function but are now simply bits of seasonal décor. I love autumn here because it’s always been celebrated with these bits of hay, wood, and pumpkins. As life and technology charge forward, autumn is still happily enjoyed with things that came long before. Perhaps that’s why I love this time of year. It’s always a bit timeless. While the New Year and spring are about everything new, fall returns to remind us of the cherished things and just feelings of thankfulness for the simplest bits of our lives. For my part, I’m just thrilled to still be showing up and sketching stuff each and every day.

I also was just reminded that I failed to mention here on this blog that a new episode of my Sketching Stuff Podcast aired last week. If you missed it, then please do check it out and leave me your comments and stories! I fully realize that everything from the way I approach my podcast to the way I make these posts is a bit different than the standard fare, but I do hope you enjoy it. I’m not cool enough to be a rebel, my mind just works a bit differently and this is the only way I know to express it. Yeah, by totally rambling on until a point manifests itself. I have many brilliant friends who actually have a point before they start typing and spend quite a bit of time composing each and everything that appears. I think they’re fabulous and I figured that in order to be successful, I would need to approach things in exactly the same way. I tried to do things in that preferred way, but it didn’t work for me at all. I almost gave up when I started this blog, because I didn’t fit the mold and couldn’t do what I saw everyone else doing so well. But an amazing thing happened next. People actually showed up anyway and commented and liked my posts, even though I was just being ridiculously, impulsive me.

So, today, that’s what I’m most thankful for as I sit here warm inside as the chill of fall blows just outside my window. I’m beyond thankful for you, dear reader, who made it this far through my crazy stream of consciousness. And those of you who have shown up here each day to share your own stories and beautiful memories. Life can spin so fast that we can forget to stop and take that moment to appreciate what it really has to offer us. Not the glorious milestone moments, but the little ones that remind us we’re not alone in this wild world. We, together, share rich memories of the past and can paint the brightest of futures. Though technology unites us, it’s our love of beauty that makes the real connection. That shared feeling, knowing the real and tangible things in life are still among the best things of all. And when it comes to those intangible things, well, they’re best when they come with a great deal of heart. Feelings that swirl about, waiting to be manifested in some way. This is the great creative journey that we’ve all embarked upon, even when we find ourselves simply sketching autumn stuff.

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Day 15 - A Wooden Cart With Hay - Doodlewash

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18 thoughts on “Sketching Autumn Stuff

  1. I love your rickety old cart. Old things are the best and you have shared so many of those fond memories you have of them with us. Thank you. I have enjoyed everyone of your stories and paintings that match those memories.

  2. I have two cups of coffee every day, more or less. A number of years ago I had a favorite 16 oz mug with poet caricatures on it. Then one day the handle broke off. I was heartbroken because I couldn’t get another one. So I went searching for a new 16 oz mug. I found a set of mugs on Amazon (of course) that had animals i on them along with info about the animal. They were perfect and I have a set of them. My favorite has a moose on it. In the description it says that moose live in northern forests replete with bogs and marshes. And here, finally, is my point. In your essay today, you used the word replete. A wonderful word that is seldom used and I commend you for it! Lol lol😂😂

    1. haha!! Love that comment, Lisa! 😃💕 Thanks!! You know… I often type words quickly and then sometimes look them up quickly to be sure I’m using them properly. lol At least when my big vocabulary words pop up! And yay for your 16oz mug set! I think it sounds awesome! I would love that!

  3. Love your hay cart! One of the best parts about Autumn! I missed your podcast, and at the moment, I’ve got family swirling all around so I’ll have to remember to listen when I get a moment of quiet. Thank you – it gives me something wonderful to look forward to!

  4. Charlie says, ” While the New Year and spring are about everything new, fall returns to remind us of the cherished things and just feelings of thankfulness for the simplest bits of our lives”

    genuinely beautiful and oh so true.

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