Today is Thanksgiving here in the States and marks the official start of the holiday season. My inner child is screaming with joy and thrilled for all of the coming days ahead! I adore this time of year and today is one of my favorites. We don’t have any snow, but some is expected this weekend to complete the mood. And we’ll be putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow in preparation for the season. Philippe is currently singing along to French songs as he prepares an American Thanksgiving feast. We don’t do the midday dinner, but instead will enjoy it all at the usual time with candles sparkling this evening. For those of you celebrating this day, I hope you’ve had a perfectly lovely one filled with food, family, and friends. Though it’s Christmas that’s normally known for anticipation, the smells coming from the kitchen right now are about to make me lose my mind. But, I adore this day because it seems to last forever, yet, the season still seems to sail by way too fast. Moments like these are the best reminders that life is really quite wonderful.

As a kid, I only had to wait until mid-afternoon, when the family would finally sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. And it still managed to feel like an eternity of waiting. I’d then eat way too much and would find myself napping before the sun even started to set. This dinner and the one at Christmas didn’t really differ very much, and sometimes, when Philippe and I visit my family in December my mom and sister will make an extra Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner for us. It feels just as festive, proving that any day can be as special as you choose to make it. This reminds me that I need to text my sister and make sure she’s at least making her infamous rum balls this year. And though Philippe and I are spending the day inside, I hope we can drive around a bit tomorrow after the sun goes down to see all of the glittering lights that will suddenly be blazing. It’s such a beautiful transformation to see and I’ve never lost that thrill of seeing it all again each year.

I guess, that’s what makes this season so special after all. The decorations, lights, and food that only show up once a year. And moments spent with family that create new stories to be told for years to come. There’s always so much to be thankful for in life, but it’s nice to have a day to spend celebrating it. And, as I type this, Phineas is curled up on the floor next to me, in hopes he’ll get a little special treat later as well. He will, of course, as Philippe would never forget his baby on this special day. Yeah, it’s just the three us today. A little family trio at home and texts and phone calls to our family far away. We’ll be reunited with them soon and, no matter when it happens, it’s always a reason to celebrate. So, as the lights begin to sparkle across our city and my very significant other puts the finishing touches on a culinary masterpiece, I’m beyond thankful. I’m in love. And my heart is still glimmering with all of the hope and wonder that I had when I was just a little boy, lost in anticipation, and sledding into the holidays.

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14 thoughts on “Sledding Into The Holidays

  1. I had a lovely visit with family and ate too much, but shared my pumpkin donuts with family, so we’ll be back to normal for tomorrow – no sugary goodness whispering my name and sending come-hither glances my way. Nothing can flirt like a pumpkin glazed donut!

  2. I made three pies, a coffee cake, turkey broth for extra gravy, and Swedish meatballs today. Tomorrow is our turkey day because our guests came from far away and we didn’t want to take a chance on dried out turkey if they were late. But we dipped into the pies after meatballs and they were wonderful. Pecan pie is so easy to make, I wonder why I don’t make it more often? But.It probably wouldn’t taste as good of I had it more often.

    Our niece and her fiance stopped by for pie this evening. It is always so good to see her. It makes me think we should move closer to our families who are all in Door County. Then I remember my maxim. Relatives should live close enough to visit, but far away enough that they have to call first.😂😂😂

  3. Charlie says, ” any day can be as special as you choose to make it.”


    and he also said, “lost in anticipation, and sledding into the holidays”

    What a joyful declaration!

  4. It’s not the day of Christmas but the days leading up to that day. Don’t get wrong, I still love that day of christmas. Waking up to the morning to the smell to amazing homemade food. Spending time with amazing and unwrapping the gifts. But it’s those days leading up to Christmas that gives me more excitement. Everyone is happy and smiling, kindness is all around and everybody is filled with the holiday spirit. I am always listening to my holiday playlist.

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