Welcome to the beginning of October and a brand new month of drawings and paintings! Our first prompt up is “Night” which could be nearly anything at all, but I thought about how cool it would be to sleep on a cloud high in the sky, under a canopy of stars. So, we have a little beagle puppy enjoying this magical moment, that could also simply be a dream. Sometimes, a dream can be so vivid that it almost seems like it’s actually happening in reality. This, of course, isn’t quite as awesome when it’s a bad dream, but when it’s a perfectly delightful one, it’s the best feeling in the world. Well, until it all ends I have to wake up again. I’ve often wondered about what my own dog Phineas dreams about when he sleeps. He’s not a beagle or a puppy at this point, but he’s currently snoring behind me dreaming about something. I can see his leg twitching like he’s running and there’s a slight smile on his face so it must be a lovely run indeed. Or more likely, it’s just a dream about running toward a large bowl of food, as that seems to be his most favorite thing of all.

This idea came to mind today because Philippe and I just purchased a brand new mattress. This one is a bit fancier than our previous kind and we ordered it online so we weren’t able to try it out first. That’s always a bit alarming for something so important. But, it arrived on Monday and it was everything we’d hoped. Our last mattress was starting to sag a bit and we’d added a foam top that we first thought would help, but it turned out to be too firm. In truth, it’s been a bit like living in the story of Goldilocks. So, it’s nice to finally find the solution that was “just right.” Philippe claims that he feels lighter in the bed, which I can actually feel as well. It’s like we both managed to lose several pounds overnight. That’s quite an exceptional bed indeed! Yet, it’s unfortunately just a feeling as the scale confirms that the bed possesses no real magical powers whatsoever.

Truly, if there were a bed that made you physically lighter, everyone in the world would line up to buy that one. Though feeling like you’re floating a bit is still a rather nice feeling. I’ve never liked a bed that was so soft and squishy that it felt like I was being slowly ingested by a sea creature. We probably waited a bit longer than we should have to replace the one we had. We’re not keen to spend money unless it’s absolutely necessary. Of course, the first thing that happened when it arrived was that Phineas jumped up on it. I could see his face glow a little as if to say, “all this for me? You shouldn’t have. Just kidding. You really should have done this much sooner.” Indeed, he’s right, but I’m thrilled that we have it during the season where we spend more time in bed. The light disappears so early that it seems like it’s night much of the time, inspiring us to just call it a day already and crawl into bed. And now, in our little home, we can all have a much more restful night as we enjoy the sweetest of dreams while sleeping on a cloud.

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33 thoughts on “Sleeping On A Cloud

  1. Soft bed, Charlie? Wow. Mine is like a cement pad. I love it absolutely. I lie there and my back doesn’t come out. No sags, no bags, I move and the mattress remains like the floor: sturdy and strong. Yummy. Sleep and snore and dream. Ahhhhhh. If I slept on a soft bed it would be like my Reading Chair (on which I fall asleep in three seconds) or the couch or the love seat: my legs start to twitch because my bones are getting tired of holding me up. Yeesh. Anyway you two enjoy your softness while I sleep and snore and ….

  2. I can just imagine his little soft puppy jowls, smiling the puppy smile, mumbling “get off my fence you.. ” I loved watching my Yorkies dream puppy dreams and chase dream kitties that would have diced them like spam if they caught them in real life. Despite our best efforts and three dog beds stationed all over the house they eventually both ended up in bed with us. Like four-legged-hot-water bottles that used up a lot of space for being less than 10lbs. And yes I miss them, so much!

    1. Aww…. yeah… trying to keep a dog out of the bed is a really feat indeed! They’re family, after all, and they seem to know it! 😃💕 Phineas ends up on Philippe’s side and Philippe complains that he’s not big enough to warm him properly in the winter.

  3. Love your beagle on a cloud; he looks so content!! Once upon a long time ago someone, who shall remain anonymous, gave us a feather bed. I still have nightmares about being swallowed by a cloud. 😊

  4. My current mattress is only about 3 years old, but it’s become so uncomfortable. But, new ones are so expensive, and we feel we have not got the proper use of this one. I’m thinking about putting it on the floor and seeing if that helps any. Inquiring minds want to know – what kind of mattress did you get?

      1. Yes and I don’t always have time to comment but your posts come in my reader daily and it brings that art and that vibe I mentioned – just wanted you to know – so keep doing what you do

  5. You must reveal the brand! Pandemic buying so far has been 1 win, 2 losses. Joe really likes his new lawn mower a lot. I hate the new microwave and the new dishwasher. I’m not going to mention other old appliances we have for fear of pulling bad luck down on our heads.

    1. hehe! Yeah, since we haven’t slept in the bed much, we were still testing it out a bit. But it’s been lovely! It’s a Saatva bed. That and a new iPad are all we’ve managed to get, though there’s more things needed for the house like new faucets. lol 😉

  6. Oh how I wish I was there with that cute pup! It is a new purchasing world, even before COVID! We purchased a new mattress and a new/vintage Persian rug for the living roomlast year online. We have been happy with both. I am more happier with the rug because it is so beautiful. We ended up buying a mattress online because we wanted one that we could flip (whoever came up with the idea of no flip mattresses, needs to be slapped!). My hubby is a researcher when it comes to purchasing anything, so I knew it would all work out. Sweet dreams!

  7. Hello Charlie,

    That is such an adorably peaceful beagle. 🙂 From your description, I gather Phineas looks exactly like that when he sleeps. Your new mattress sounds very comfortable – and magical -indeed. I hope you sleep well and dream sweet every night knowing that angels watch over you and your little family, keeping you safe and happy. 🙂


  8. Hi, Charlie! I am totally late to the party. 😀 Oh, you know who I am remembering. Such a sweet painting. I used to watch my gordo sleep. To me, he was always my baby, my puppy. He always looked like a baby when he slept. 💜 Did everyone ‘s mattress die during the pandemic? MINE included! haha I started having problems with bad pain. I told my mother that I suspected it was the mattress. With the pandemic, we haven’t been up to going shopping so I just changed sides to see if the pain stopped. Uhmmm, I almost rolled DOWN THE MOUNTAIN into the crater that my big Texas butt had created and I didn’t notice I was sleeping in. haha haha haha That was crazy, Charlie! Of course, our kitchen ceiling fan also broke, our back security light is acting up, our shower was leaking….of all times! haha haha I told my mother that we could order a mattress online now and she looked at me like I was speaking Klingon. It’s a no go on that. 💜

    1. Forgot….did you ever see the Far Side drawing of a snake, asleep in his twin bed, dreaming about daschunds? haha haha The snake had a silly grin on his face. Haha haha

    2. Oh wow! Yeah, it seems everything broke a bit during this time. But a mattress is the most important thing to replace as we spend such an inordinate amount on time on one! hehe 😉 And yeah, every faucet in our house has started leaking… ugh! No idea what’s going on!

      1. The problem is that I need a brand new bed, Charlie. The mattress wasn’t that sunk. I was joking. haha haha Right now, my mother just got diagnosed with a heart issue so a bed will have to wait. Besides, I end up on the couch. haha haha But a new bed would be SWEET! 😁 I think 2020 is just wreaking havoc. haha

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