As we close out the week and head into the weekend, we have a fun prompt of “colorful” today, which can truly be anything at all. The only thing that came to mind for me was a bowl of jelly beans, since I spent the afternoon snacking on them. Well, not the entire afternoon, but stealing a few each time I passed them. To me, this is the perfect form of snacking. The casual and stealth approach that simply includes a few quick and innocent grabs for a treat, barely counting as having snacked at all. Of course, after several trips the calories certainly add up, but it doesn’t feel like it at the time so it’s perfectly awesome. It’s precisely the same reason why my sister and I put the cap back on the can of peanuts in between sneaking bites. It’s like resetting the clock so the previous handful never really happened at all. Sometimes in life, it’s fun to sneak a little happy in without worrying too much about it. This applies to just about anything in life really and, for me at least, it what makes each day just a little more fun.

Though I definitely manage to get all the things done that are required in a day, mostly at least, in order to get through it properly, I need happy distractions. Just a little break every so often to let my mind wander a bit before I can move on the next task. In my job, many of these tasks require creative thinking, which isn’t very sequential and orderly. In fact, if thinking becomes too orderly the ideas simply aren’t quite as compelling. It’s not possible to force an idea into fruition and get a good one. They’re like children. They’re going to do what they want and the best you can do is try to guide them along the way.  It’s a thrill for me to see the seeds of an idea come together into something really new and cool. Just a bunch of random bits and pieces that when they combine, in just the right way, create something colorful and extraordinary. In fact, this entire site is a living and constant brainstorm. A collection of creative minds that came together to build something fun. Each little feature and idea that you find here came from a member of our own community. We built this all together and continue to build it together!

This has been the most rewarding part of my little art journey. Painting with friends is really fun, and being able to do it virtually is perfect for many introverts like me. A crowd of actual people would make me a bit edgy, but having a few thousand friends drop by online is the perfect sort of party! So tonight, I’m serving up a little candy and I hope there’s enough for everyone to enjoy. And I got to use my eight favorite colors all at once so that’s always a fun thing. It’s also practically my entire palette as I don’t have more than twelve colors that I ever really use. It’s way more fun to mix things together. Taking just a few things and making them into something so much bigger. I’m sure there’s equally something to be said for having a grand plan and systemically making it happen. But I like all the surprises along the way when I just start with a vague notion. You never quite know what will happen next that way. As humans, we often seek order and meaning, but I also think there’s something wonderful to be found when you’re just snacking on jelly beans.

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25 thoughts on “Snacking On Jelly Beans

  1. Haha, as I was reading the start I was thinking about the foolproof reset strategy – I’m glad you use it here too 😉 I do like jelly beans, and as I haven’t had any in some time this bowl is looking especially tempting, and one can only wonder what flavours are inside. (They come in some utterly bizarre flavours, don’t they? But I suppose that’s all part of the fun!)

    1. One should always use the foolproof reset strategy!! LOL 😃💕Oh my gosh… yes! The flavors they come in today are crazy. There’s even a game called BeanBoozled where you either get a good flavor or something sickening. Philippe and I played it once, and proved once was enough! hehe

  2. I always disliked the black ones, so I’m glad there are none here. Dad said the black ones were Easter bunny poop, so he would eat them to save us. Haha!! ( Goodness, I do mention poop a lot! I swear, I never do anywhere else in my life!! 😂😂)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕Lol… poop is funny…. it’s just a great word! And bunny poop?! Love that! Yeah, I still don’t like that kind… it just tastes weird. Guess I don’t have the taste for bunny poop!

  3. Jellybeans! My favorite, especially the popcorn flavored ones that are salty as well as sweet. I think that’s a bit like your ideas – you’ve got to get the combination, which means a pinch of this and a pinch of that and how can you do that in a neat and orderly fashion. Besides, flying by the seat of your pants is almost as much fun as mixing your metaphors!

    1. hehe!! Exactly! Love that, Sandra! 😃💕 yeah, I’m perfectly content to just go with whatever feels right in the moment rather than overthink things. And yeah, those popcorn jelly beans are weirdly good! lol

  4. Love the colors here, and of course the bowl is fabulous! But there is a brown jelly bean there; have you ever tasted the “dirt” flavored jelly bean? It is amazing how it tastes like dirt.

    1. Thanks so much, Shar! 😃💕 hehe… I have tasted that one! Ewwwwwww!! I was just commenting back to Jacob about the game BeanBoozled… all the good flavors mixed with the terrifying ones. Even stinky socks, which one has to wonder who’s job it is to taste test and create all of these?? 😳

  5. Charlie, I wonder if I haven’t gained a few pounds since I started reading your blog. Tonight, my mouth is watering for jelly beans, particularly the black ones, but any colour will do. However there are none in the house, so mixed nuts with chocolate chips will do nicely instead!

  6. I so get the resetting of the clock snacking wise, Charlie! 😉 I do it with chips, cookies, jelly beans… every trip to the kitchen feels like the one before didn´t really count – lol! And your beautiful painting actually makes me wanna go right now and grab some! I also love mixing colors and being surprised each time a new one comes into being, which is why I felt a bit guilty buying this huge set of new colors – 24 pans!! But I still mix them most of the time and have fun watching what happens. 🙂 <3

  7. “As humans, we often seek order and meaning, but I also think there’s something wonderful to be found when you’re just snacking on jelly beans.”

    Beautiful and meaningful.
    I’m seeing a book of quotes and paintings titled Charlie Art.

    …. The jelly beans are delicious, and they magically replenish as I daintily grab a handful (to savor one at a time of course!)

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