There are some foods from childhood that I still enjoy today as a guilty pleasure, like potato chips, or potato crisps depending on where you were born. They are a delightful mixture of salt, fat and carbohydrates that makes most human brains go completely crazy for them. And I am one of those humans. I adore them so much that I rarely ever have them in the house to avoid devouring them by the Family Size bagful. Instead, I’m simply “forced” to eat them when I discover that chips are the only side available in my lunch combo at the deli. What’s a boy to do? Though they come in many flavors, I don’t care for anything other than the plain ones or sometimes the sea salt and vinegar variety. I remember seeing an article about a group scientists testing potato chips on rats and discovering the “reward centers” in the brains of these rats lit up like fireworks. There was more to it than that, and this group of scientists was a bit baffled as they didn’t have the secret knowledge of the scientists who had designed these treats in the first place. Yes, potato chips have been scientifically engineered to be addictive, so that’s what I tend to use as the excuse for my gluttony.

As with most snacks, the older I get, the less I’m able to quickly metabolize them. I would be fine if I only sampled a small handful of potato chips, but doing so is such a cruel torture that I end up just avoiding them entirely. I used to be able to burn calories with the best of them and it was actually only around three years ago that my childlike metabolism and I had a falling out. I’m not sure the exact day, and don’t remember having the “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation, but we definitely parted ways for good. It was actually around this time that I started sketching for the first time. It was perfect timing as I could at least delight in the fact that my childhood curiosity and I were happily still together and going strong. And, I’m happy to report that at least that particular relationship is still experiencing a bit of bliss. Though there are some days where I’m still uncertain as to what to make next, and many days where I’m rather unsure as to whether what I’m making is of any interest at all, I’m still perfectly delighted to show up and share a little something.

I’m equally delighted by all of my fellow artist friends that I’ve made on this journey and thrilled to see your work each and every day. Please know that even if I can’t always comment, I am stalking each and every one of you… wait, that sounds totally creepy. I’m watching each and every one of you… okay… that’s still sounds a bit creepy, but more in a Santa Claus sort of way. Let me just say that I’m loving what each and every one of you make and share each day! What I adore about this art experience is there’s just as much joy to be found in making art as there is to be found in viewing it. What I lack now in metabolism, I more than make up for in inspiration. I’ve never been more inspired to create than I am today. And for that, I have all of my fellow bloggers and social media friends to thank. Thanks so much for posting your art, writing, and stories and filling the world with goodness and hope! You’re all amazing and I feel blessed to have you as part of my life today. Though I can’t quite enjoy all of the snacks that I had in childhood, I’m perfectly thrilled that I get to spend each day viewing your beautiful work. For me, it’s even better than snacking on potato chips!

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Da Vinci Paint Co.:  Aureolin, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Terra Cotta. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Day 7 - Potato Chips Crisps Snacks Illustration - Sketchbook Detail - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “Snacking On Potato Chips

  1. Your potato chips do look awfully tasty! My forbidden food is pistachios. I get going with those things and it’s like the nutcracker suite. The shells go flying! Then suddenly I realize someone has eaten the whole bag, and no one will confess who dun it and I feel too sick to follow up on it. So I just refuse to eat them anymore. I appreciate any of the likes and comments that you leave, and treasure them all the more because I know how difficult it can be to find time to leave them.

  2. Mmm! I feel like it’s not a good thing to be craving crisps at 2 in the morning. Thanks, Charlie 😛 Well, ‘thankfully’ I don’t think we even have any. They look so good!

  3. Yum! Big potato chips fan here too. And don’t give me any of those flavored ones. Plain is best. But like you, I will have the salt and vinegar type once or twice a year. You could be my little brother!😁 I didn’t get chips very often, then hubs kind of went on a binge and started buying them regularly. I finally told him to stop because I have the self control of a goat. Now he’s back to buying them only once in a while. He buys a lot of tortilla chips, but those I pass on easily unless I have made some guacamole, then all bets are off.

  4. Nice little sketch of a food I love! I prefer regular rather than ridged, and just salted regular. If I have one chip, I need to eat a giant sized bag. For that reason, I can only allow in the house very occasionally. Like you, my metabolism slowed with age. I’d like a big bag of potato chips right now!

  5. Nice bag of chips! Almost any snack food with salt can be my downfall and occasionally one of those 2 for 1$ size bags of chips will jump into my shopping cart and find it’s way to my house in time for lunch. 🙂

  6. Your potato chips looks good. I once worked for a company that made chips, I “HAD” to taste test them once per hour. I was younger then and I never gained any weight while I was there.

    Matt –

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