As many of you know, when I’m not particularly inspired by the prompt of the day, I dash off a dessert instead. Today’s prompt is maize, and while perfectly lovely, I didn’t have an idea for it that wasn’t captured well enough last month. When you look up the word maize, it tells you it’s also known as corn, but not before telling you to avoid confusing it with the word maze. A different word entirely and one that I feel like I’ve found myself in lately with all the many things I’m juggling at once. If you’ve had trouble uploading art on Doodlewash, please hold tight as I work with support on figuring out the issue, and try a different browser as some appear to be working better than others. Some days, everything seems to go splendidly, on others, you’re just left scratching your head and wondering why. This has been my journey into web development and it’s made me realize that I’m probably better at watercolor, but I keep persisting in pursuit of something great. Actually, painting works much the same way with some days turning out far better than others and times of head scratching in between.

I’ve been back home from my trip less than 24 hours and I still haven’t fully acclimated yet. I think it will take one more night of sleep in my own bed before I feel like everything has drifted back to normality. There’s a pile of dishes waiting to be washed and as I stare at them I keep hoping they’d just figure out how to wash themselves. I now realize that much of life’s routines that I actually crave to return to are only the fun ones and the others aren’t quite as brilliant. But I guess it would be impossible to live life with only the fun bits unless you were really rich and people to do all the mundane things for you. I’ve often wondered what a live like that would be like, but then worried that it might make me perfectly insane. In truth, having a bit of adult chores to do is probably what keeps my inner child from taking over entirely. It provides a bit of structure to my day that helps remind me I’m middle aged and don’t have a trust fund.

Even when things go a bit wrong, I still know that in the end, they’ll turn out for the best. Each little challenge and obstacle in life is simply a way to look at things differently and not only solve a problem, but make everything a bit better in the process. The only thing that would be even better than all of that is having a few more hours in the day. It seems some days I wake up and before I know it I’m back to doodlewashing before dinner and off to bed. I sort of struggle to remember what happened in between all that and why I didn’t accomplish everything I thought I would. I think that’s why it’s become so important to me to carve out that little bit of time each day to paint. It’s a chance to do one thing I know I love. It’s not that I hope to make a masterpiece when I sit down and grab my brush. For me, daily painting is really nothing more than sneaking some dessert.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Quinacridone Red, Leaf Green, Yellow Ochre, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
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31 thoughts on “Sneaking Some Dessert

  1. Your dessert looks far more interesting than either maize or maze! I’ve known a few rich people who do have someone to do all the uninteresting chores, and they all managed to figure out something to do that was just as uninteresting, and to convince themselves it had to be done or the world wouldn’t function. I think it’s human nature to seek out these things – as you say, necessary for our sanity.

  2. And that is a very pretty dessert indeed. I try and do my adult chores early in the morning to have all done and over with. Then I have the rest of the day to play. Doesn’t always work out that way, but often enough to keep my inner child happy.

      1. Hehehe, I used to look at other artists painting glass stuff and think, “you’ve gotta be kidding!” now, like you, I look for opportunities to paint it. It’s such fun. I think, if you are like me, it seems we like the same challenges, you’ll LOVE toned paper, it challenges you with the color choice.

  3. There is a corn/maize dessert! It’s called, variously, Indian corn pudding or just corn pudding. Delicious with berries on top and real cream poured over the top. Eat it while it’s hot. Yum! Interestingly, your dessert could well be corn pudding.

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