Our prompt today of “Study In Scarlet,” could be anything red, but evokes the title of the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I loved Sherlock Holmes stories as a kid and read every one! So, I ended up with a magnifying glass, that’s a bit more crimson than scarlet. A Study In Scarlet, originally published in 1887, is notable as it marks the very first appearance of Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson. Sherlock would go on to appear in 60 stories penned by Doyle and thrill us with incredibly ingenious solutions and practically supernatural powers of deduction. He was my hero as a kid and I hoped I would grow up to be as smart as he was in those stories. I’m not sure that I have, but I still love a good mystery and trying to figure everything out before it’s revealed to me. Though I love being surprised as well, solving a mystery is still very satisfying. I still have it on my bucket list to write a mystery book of my own, but it will be some time before that actually happens. I’m currently working on my Sketching Stuff Activity Book series at the moment so that’s taking all of my writing time. And a huge, giant thank you to everyone who’s purchased a copy of my first one in the series! I really can’t thank you enough!

Philippe and I actually spent the afternoon embroiled in a different sort of mystery. This one revolved around who would win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Not sure who else out there watched this global battle unfold, but it was filled with lots of wonderful performances and others that left a few questions in mind. But, the mystery was eventually solved and congratulations to my friends in The Netherlands for taking home the first prize.  I had trouble deducing the outcome of this one as I actually liked the performance by Leonora Colmor Jepsen of Denmark the most. But, it was so sweet, optimistic and positive that it’s really no surprise I would choose that one. Among all of my wild dreams, I once thought I wanted to be singer as well. Like so many of my crazy dreams, that never actually happened, but it instilled a live-long appreciation for other singers to this day. It’s always when we attempt to excel at something that we learn to appreciate just how difficult it is to DO well. These days, I don’t attempt to excel so much as simply play and enjoy whatever it is I’m currently fascinated with doing in the moment. Life is just less stressful and much more fun that way.

In truth, my whole existence has constantly ushered in its share of difficult questions to deduce. I honestly haven’t yet been able to answer that ultimate question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” As a kid, I’m not sure that I wanted to be a mystery writer so much as I wanted to simply be Sherlock Holmes. This, of course, is impossible as he was a fictional character, and we can only be the people we actually are in the end. But, that never stopped me from wishing for the outcome. Life is one of the most insidious riddles as it’s not so much a problem to solve, but an idea to embrace. The final conclusion is one we’re not really present for, so it’s best to live life with all of the glee, wonder and optimism we can muster! Yet, in many ways, I often feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes as I try to deduce what I’ll attempt next on this journey. Like I’m trying to outpace myself and figure out just what my next move will be along the way. More often than not, I’m rather amazed by what happens next. And always happy that I’ve built a satisfying life that’s surprising, but inevitable, waiting for that next moment when I find myself, once again, solving a mystery.

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15 thoughts on “Solving A Mystery

  1. Sherlock Holmes!!!

    I loved the Conan Doyle stories as a teen and like you, I wanted to be as smart and observant as Holmes when I grew up. I applied myself to studying all the things I thought would be useful, as well as learning as much as I could about the world he lived in. I haven’t yet become a detective, consulting or otherwise, but I have amassed a lot of trivia and knowledge of Victorian London. I’m also a critical thinker when I watch my favorite shows on television (Elementary is one) and try to figure out the solution to the plot before the show’s characters do. It’s a life lived inside my head, a constant quest to shelve new knowledge in the library in my mind. I doubt I will ever fill it. I don’t think I will ever stop looking and learning. Everything is interesting and useful somehow. Perhaps someday I will write an adventure/mystery novel set in a fictional Victorian-esque setting. Or I may not. I will certainly have fun finding out how that particular mystery ends. 😉

    1. What a beautiful approach to life! 😃💕I adore it! And I think that you should definitely consider penning that mystery novel. I think we would all love to read it! But, love most that you’re like me… just finding the next mystery and enjoying the journey as it comes!

  2. Whenever I think of Sherlock Holmes I think of Basil Rathbone. Did you know he was actually quite a swordsman – the best in Hollywood at that time but his roles always meant he lost in the movies. I love your looking glass. Turns out you do polished wood as fantastically as you do glass and metal!

  3. I was much more of a Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden lover than Sherlock. I still read mystery series. My current favorites are Inspector Gamache books by Louise Penny. I did buy a deerstalker hat when I was in London. I wish I still had it. It was pretty cool. I have a magnifying glass with a metal handle in the shape of a frog. All the tools I need to solve mysteries, and no dead bodies to speak of. Remember Cabots Cove, Maine? Living anywhere near there meant you were quite likely to be murdered or be the suspect in a murder.

  4. As a girl, I wanted to be Nancy Drew! Her life was way more interesting than mine. Later, I became a fun of Raymond Chandler. Having grown up in L.A., I can say with authority that no one evokes the mood of So Cal as well as him.

  5. I’ve not got passed 24 yet, Charlie, so I know I haven’t reached the grown-up stage yet, and neither do I still know what to do if I ever get there! Hehehe!
    I love Eurovision. I never can call the winner, but always live in hope (or at least dream) that the UK does well. We haven’t won since 1997 so it’s more a pipe dream nowadays. Norway and Australia were my stand out favourites this year. One of my all time favourites is Amina who sang for France in 1991… She didn’t win either but came very close. I have a problem hearing some lyrics, so the language doesn’t particularly matter to me, I just know what I like. Maybe I should channel my Inner Sherlock and try to spot the clues. The Eurovision is a completely different event to how it was back in 1991, and although I haven’t missed a year since 1980 I couldn’t tell you when or how it changed. That’s another mystery for my Inner Sherlock to investigate, I suppose! 😁🔎🔦

    1. That’s so interesting, Tom! hehe… I was wondering when Eurovision changed to what it is today. It seems so different than the early artists they show, but not sure how it got there. It’s indeed a mystery! I’m totally new to it, of course, as Philippe introduced me, so I’ve only watched it the last few years. But it’s still so much fun! 😃💕

  6. If only a magnifying glass would help me focus on what I should be doing with my life. Though I’m passionate about writing, I’m incapable of writing a murder mystery. I’ve seen thousands of grisly murder episodes on TV series and in hundreds of movies, but I can’t figure out the logistics, even imaginary, of how to kill another person. The best I can do is chop down a few weeds. Your magnifying glass is a beauty – love the RED handle!

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕Glad you enjoyed my magnifying glass! Yeah, when I say mystery I mean the “cozy” variety… hehe… nothing grisly, but just the fun puzzle-solving of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Jessica Fletcher! hehe… I can’t figure out the logistics of the more series ones to save my life. That said, the ultimate puzzle-maker is Agatha Christie… even without something grisly, she still confounds me a bit with her carefully crafted stories. 😉

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