For our prompt of “Green Pepper” today, I did a quick little doodle of just that with a yellow one thrown in for extra color. Mondays always seem to leave me short on time, so I just grabbed three primary colors and dove in for this sketch. Philippe came home from the grocery with a huge bag of bell peppers today, but they were all red, orange, and yellow. In truth, we rarely ever get this type of green pepper. I love the other versions most as they’re mild and fresh and good for snacking. During the summer, we often have slices of colorful bell peppers with hummus in the evenings. This is a healthier change from the cooler weather when we have slices of naan bread instead. I guess we figure if we spend the summer swapping out bread with vegetables then by the time autumn arrives again we’ll be able to pig out on comfort food without so much guilt. Though, I never turn down comfort food in any season if it’s offered.

As much as I love vegetables, I have to admit that there isn’t one that I would eat by itself that I could deem comfort food. For me, that’s always the prepared dishes and very often the ones that come with a bit of cheese. We actually have a cheese drawer in our refrigerator filled with all different types of cheeses. It’s probably my favorite drawer in the house. Tonight Philippe is making broccoli and cheese casserole so I’m rather excited about that. It’s one of those comfort food dishes that I feared would disappear during the summer months, but that hasn’t happened yet. It’s been too muggy and hot to sit outside comfortably, so perhaps the chill of the air conditioning is extending the season. Our dog Phineas, of course, doesn’t mind the weather at all and he’s been in and out all day long. Which means I have to man the door as he can open it to come in, but has never learned the trick of how to close it properly.

We just received a shipment of new festive Mexican glasses that we ordered online, so we’ll be joining Phineas outside in the cooler evenings at least. It wasn’t meant to be a full set of glasses as we just meant to get proper glasses for margaritas and ended up purchasing two additional sets of matching glasses and the companion pitcher. Unfortunately, two of the four margarita glasses arrived broken. It’s shocking that everything didn’t arrive in a pile of glass actually since the box showed up opened and looked liked it had been packed by drunk elves. But, we’ll be able to try them out ourselves this weekend at least. It was fun to purchase something new since we don’t out to retail shops anymore. Philippe got a new food processor, which he’s rather excited to receive. I’m always just excited to see what he’ll end up making with it, since I’m not allowed to use his kitchen appliances. Next up it’s snack time and I don’t know what we’re having yet, but I can guess that it’s probably just going to be some peppers.

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26 thoughts on “Some Peppers

  1. Bonjour de France, joli dessin de poivrons – mais je vous lis – je ne puis manger des poivrons crus – c’est très difficile à digérer – même cuits… voici un plat que Philippe connait, je suppose – faire un riz, avec du poulet en petits morceaux, des petits morceaux de poivrons cuits revenus, de même pour des oignons et des tomates, puis des herbes, cela ce nomme le poulet à la basquaise, je suis certaine que vous Charles, vous aimeriez

    1. Bonjour, Cathy! 😃💕 Yeah, I’ve met lots of people who have trouble digesting peppers. Philippe and I can eat them just fine! And yes! I think Philippe made something quite similar to that dish. Delicious!

  2. Gorgeous peppers Charlie! Your hot weather is heading my way. It sounds like I will be setting up my art in one of the downtown store windows in 90° heat. Luckily I will be able to come back home to air conditioned comfort. Sorry your festive glasses arrived broken.

  3. Wonderful peppers, Charlie!! Broccoli and cheese casserole sounds pretty darn good no matter the time of year. I fix an angel hair pasta with steamed broccoli, lots of garlic and lots and lots of parmesan once in awhile. I love it but my husband is sort of meh. It’s especially good the next day…even served cold…with lots of cheese, of course! 😊😍.

  4. Really nice Charlie! I like chopped yellow or red peppers in a salad. The green peppers, those I use for stuffed peppers. Yum!

  5. Vegetables as comfort food? Hmmm? Peas right from the garden. I eat them as I pick them when they first start ripening. Green beans raw, and cooked. I can make a meal of them. Raw kohlrabi. My grandpa used to grow it and would peel it and feed us kids slices right in the garden. I still love it like that. A fresh tomato warm from the sun with a pinch of salt. I like to cut a bunch of them up, toss in a pan with some smashed garlic and serve with spaghetti. But if I didn’t have any pasta I’d just slurp it up like soup. Yeah, I can do veg as comfort food.

    1. Oh yes! Fresh peas might just qualify as comfort food indeed! Green beans I need cooked, and my grandmother’s style was my favorite – overcooked! lol Fresh tomatoes, most definitely! I could eat those like apples! 😉

  6. I love peppers of all colors, with hummus and naan bread too! Such a gorgeous vegetable, what with all those voluptuous curves and hidden shadows. Lately I’ve been throwing everything in a giant pan – protein, veggies, rice – and cooking it all together. If the taste is a bit bland (my usual culinary result) I add some chili flakes.

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