This week has been a whirlwind of activity already and it’s only Tuesday, so I was excited to sit for a moment and doodlewash a couple of elephants for our prompt today. As much work as I had to DO today, I still took time to go to a belated birthday lunch with one of my best friends whom I adore. That may seem odd to say when I tell you that this was the first time we’ve gotten together this year. But, that’s the thing. We have that certain connection that always reignites whenever we DO manage to spend some quality time together. It’s as if no months have passed at all. That, to me is the mark of a best friend. It’s not about how much time you spend with someone, but how you spend the time that you do. And it’s about having that someone who always seems to spin back into your life at just the right moment. On my birthday, Saturday, I had been missing a friend of mine in Los Angeles whom I’d lost touch with over the last couple of years. While Philippe and I were having lunch that day, she called me! It was one of the best presents I could ever hope to receive. And, it felt like no time had managed to pass at all. Another best friend moment. I’ll admit that I’m quiet and shy and not prone to rush to social gatherings. But I have a deep love for my friends and feel lucky knowing that I have people in my life that show up just when I need them most.

As busy as everything seems to get lately, I’m making a more conscious effort to be present for my friends. They are my friends, after all, because they know all of my weird idiosyncrasies and they adore me anyway. I’m not sure if it was my recent birthday, though it wasn’t yet a big milestone, but I’ve been thinking a bit about this lately. I used to think my father was practically anti-social at the end of his life as he didn’t seem to have many friends at all. But, whenever he would talk about the friends he did have, he lit up and I could feel the emotion there. Friends are the glue that holds our life together. And I feel so lucky to have met people all over the world, creating many new friendships. Sure, we can’t go out and have a coffee or, even better, dessert, which breaks my heart really, but so many of you have helped me through my art journey that I couldn’t even make a full list. I feel incredibly lucky to have so many friends in the world and who knows, one day, maybe we’ll finally meet in person! That would be amazing! A meeting of the Doodlewash community would be so fun. And mostly because all of you would be so excited to see each other! My heart is at its happiest just watching the connections that have been created here.

Thanks for playing along with all of the crazy ideas from this shy guy. It’s been so fun to play and DO new things with all of you. So, yes, I’ve gotten so many things going at once that I can sometimes get a bit lost in everything. My hobby and passion project is so passion-led that I don’t really have a roadmap of what happens next. But, that’s equally exciting isn’t it? Or, is that just the crazy guy trying to justify his lack of ability to plan things properly. But you see, I don’t have a plan, just a passion. I have things I certainly want to try and DO, but they aren’t goals. They’re just lovely dreams. I’ve made lots of my dreams come true with this site so far and hope that many more will follow. I also hope that everyone out there is making some of their lovely dreams come true as well in this very moment. I’m not entirely sure of the point I intend to make, except to say that life is always better with good friends and dreams. And a huge hug to you my friend if you’ve once again made it to the end of one of my little rambling posts. It’s the best feeling in the world when you find you have someone you can count on.

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Elephant Mother Child Illustration Watercolor - Doodlewash

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35 thoughts on “Someone You Can Count On

  1. Here’s hugging you back! Even though we’ve never met in person, I feel as if I know you well. It would be fantastic if we could actually meet some day. So far though, I’ve had problems actually getting together with some of the Doodlewash members here in this area. Another problem of the age, I think. We’re all so busy doing so many things, we find it hard to make time for people.

    1. BIG hugs to you Sandra!! 😃💕Virtual ones in place of the real ones when we finally meet, of course. Yeah, life gets so weirdly “busy” as an adult. But I can’t remember I time when I was young that I didn’t just make time for friends.

  2. I have a lot of friends, but probably two best friends. The stand up for my wedding kind of friends. Last weekend I got a call from one of them who lives hours away and we chatted, then ten minutes later she pulled into my driveway. It was an impromptu visit. And they brought lunch. As I’m writing this, I’m sure I already talked about it here, but it just goes to show how wonderful it was to have a best friend show up. We filled every second with talk and laughter. Of course. That’s exactly what best friends do.

    1. You did mention it and I remember it because it’s so wonderful! And totally worth mentioning again!! hehe! I love that! 😃💕 It’s that kind of connection that’s so rare and wonderful in this world. Always best to drop everything and just enjoy it!

  3. What a lovely article about friendship, Charlie. You have friends because your values are impressed deeply in your psyche, and your sense of empathy radiates. As for being shy and quiet, you’ve overcome those in order to reach out to the entire world and get them painting and sharing. Maybe you’re just not loud and obnoxious.

    No matter the inspiration, this painting is just beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕Glad you enjoyed this! And thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I’m also rather sure that being a quiet guy is what connected me with my French husband. Americans are known there for being rather loud and obnoxious… hehe… so I’m sure he was concerned at first. 😊

  4. Love your analysis of long-time friend, Charlie. Don’t be heart-broken because, who knows, one day there might be a giant Doodlewash convention. Barring that, know my heart is full from “meeting” you and all my Doodlewash friends! 😘

  5. “You’ve got a friend in me….la la la”. I haven’t known you very long, nor have I ever met you, but I know our paths crossed for a reason. We have learned together that we are two similar peas just rolling around life. And enjoying the ride! I love elephants. I love how they are so family oriented and caring. Your rendition shows this. Very sweet!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend!! 😃💕 Yes, we are definitely friends for sure! There’s something about trying to riddle your way through art that really brings people closer together, right? hehe And glad you liked my elephants!

  6. I’ve been thinking there should be a Doodlewasher meet-up for a long time. Kansas City is conveniently in the middle of the US, if not the world. Seriously, we could have one big picnic or a series of small group workshops, kind of like Urbansketchers or Schetchbook School Conventions. Think about how much fun it would be to meet in person! I’d be willing to travel for such an event.

    1. Thanks, Mary! 😃💕 Big hugs to you and I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying the community! I don’t even get to play in it as much as I like as the Admin… hehe… it’s all I can do to keep it running some days, but I’m so happy its there!

  7. I don’t pop in that often, but I just happened to catch this post, and the content and sentiment resonated with me. I love your rambles, Charlie – ramble on! A lot of the time, I can get self absorbed in what I’m doing – painting, drawing, knitting, spinning (all passions) – but every now and then I feel the NEED to reach out my tentacles and link up with friends… It’s all how we prioritise our time, I guess. So thanks for the hug and right back at you. The sap is rising with the Spring! Lots of love!

    1. Thanks, Terri!! A BIG hug to you my friend! 😃💕 Yeah, it’s so easy to get self-absorbed and I think even more so for creative people who can drift into their own little worlds. But always wonderful when we make time for friends.

  8. Another wonderful painting and article so lovingly put together. Thanks to you, I have met so many new friends
    here on Doodlewash and even one in person. Looking forward to seeing you on your upcoming video.

    1. Thanks, Jodi! 😃💕And back at you my good friend! I feel like I have created so many moving parts that it’s begun harder and harder to comment and reach out like I used to. But, know that I always adore your words and they make me smile (your images I see every single day and they’re gorgeous. Your food, however, is like torture and makes me drool a little 😊)

  9. I usually read first and then spend time with the painting, but those elephants
    are so spectacular that I just had to give them top billing. Absolutely splendid!

    Charlie says, “Friends are the glue that holds our life together.”

    Oh my, that is so true!

    and then he says, ” life is always better with good friends and dreams.”

    Yes, yes and yes!!

    And I read all the way to the end, and found the hug.
    and now here’s one for you {{{{{Charlie}}}}

    Wonderful painting and wonderful article..(as always, but this one especially so!

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