Watercolor Landscape Painting by Sonia Dutta - Doodlewash

GUEST ARTIST: “Inspired To Create” By Sonia Dutta

Hi! I’m Sonia from the city of Punjab, India. I have not learnt the basics needed to sketch or paint. It started as a passion and then grew as a passion only. Sketching and painting to me are kind of stress busters.

My Journey

I had great love for sketching in my teenage years. My notebooks had those rough drawings mostly related to nature, landscapes and seascapes. Then, I turned to sketches and shading when I was in college. I hardly had enough time being a science student, but still kept trying my hands on diagrams included in our curriculum.

Watercolor Boat Silhouette by Sonia Dutta - Doodlewash

After graduating in science, I opted to go for a Masters in Fine Arts. But not having learnt the basics, I couldn’t clear the exam for getting admission in Fine Arts College. So, I did my masters degree in science and then got married and had kids. Working outside was not in the culture of our family. So, I got fully involved in raising my kids and looking after the family.

Painting by Sonia Dutta - Doodlewash

For some years, I lost contact with my paints, brushes and shading pencils. Even I forgot that talent to sketch. But eventually, it all started again when my kids used to get drawings and charts on different topics as class assignments and for decorative purposes at school. They used to get a lot of praise for my work from teachers and their friends. It’s then that I realised that talent still persists in me. I continued making lots and lots while they were young.

Side by side, I started making sketches in my free time on their drawing books. Once my daughter was called by her teacher and asked if I could help them in making a few colourful charts for decorating their school auditorium. That was a kind of motivation for me. I made them and they were appreciated a lot. Then, I pursued paintings too. I started posting on Facebook and they were so much liked by my friends.

My Materials

I use canvas and A4 sheets of brands like Camlin, Chand and Anupam. Pencils I use for sketching are of Artline and Apsara. Crayons, pencil colours, acrylics and watercolours of Camel/Camlin and Faber-Castell and Fevicryl.

Painting by Sonia Dutta - Silhouette Boats Birds Doodlewash

What I Love The Most

I am great admirer of nature. So, many of my paintings and sketches roam around them. The birds, flowers, landscapes etc. But, I didn’t limit myself only to nature. I love to capture human emotions with my sketches.

Social media provided me a good platform to display my work to the outside world. The likings and motivation on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram triggered me to the next level. Now I have a page on Facebook and Instagram and recently I have created my blog (links below!). I want to explore more. To date, just perusing online as it’s trendy these days. I love when people appreciate and follow my work.

Wish I could take this passion of mine to a newer level. I too wish to write a success story some day.

Sonia Dutta

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  1. Love you my friend!! I wish you go places with the passion within you… Beautiful pieces of work that you share and they amaze me every time….

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