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SPECIAL FEATURE: New Freshly Curious Reference Photo Gallery!

Just a quick post to let you know that there’s another gallery of photos that I added to my new section: Freshly Curious – Free Reference Photos For Artists & Writers. Many of you had asked for human references, and so I’ve added just a few in a brand new gallery titled “Human Curiosities.” I need to gather up more of these, but wanted to get something out there to start. I hope you’ll enjoy and find use for these photos. It seemed odd to have them all hiding on a hard drive somewhere when they could maybe find a new use and home in your wonderful creative projects!

It’s been fun to look through these old photos, some of which I haven’t even looked at in years. In many cases, you’ll find my original title that I gave to them. This was the extent of my writing for my previous blog! I’ve gotten far more wordy since as any of you who follow my daily rambles now know. But my work has always been about storytelling.

A Short Story
A Short Story

Each photo is a small story that I had in my head back in the day. Looking at them now, I can’t always tell what story that was, but, as ever, hopefully you’ll be able to come up with your own. I’ll continue to add photos to the existing galleries and perhaps add others galleries in the future. This is all a bit of an experiment, so your feedback is always welcome!

Happy painting and writing!

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