Yellow Orange Sneakers Watercolor Illustration

Spending The Day In Socks

Today, for Day 5 of #WorldWatercolorMonth and our prompt of “Loose & Free,” I wasn’t sure what to paint at first and then I noticed my sneakers sitting on the floor. I had the day off from work, spent the entire time at home, and never once had a reason to bother with putting them on. I just wandered around the house in my socks. It struck me that this is a rather loose and free thing to do and certainly made for quite a relaxing and enjoyable day. As for my sneakers, shown here in this quick and loose sketch, they’re super comfortable, and are exactly this color. It’s the sort of color that either goes with everything you wear or nothing at all depending on how you think about it. I choose believe they go with everything and tend to wear them more than any of the other pairs I currently own. Between my bright blue glasses and these on my feet, it would seem my penchant for color extends well beyond my sketchbook.

Many times, I think my fashion sense is rather similar to my doodlewashes. The end result is balanced and pleasant enough, but the choices made to get there are often randomly chosen. That’s certainly been the fun of sketching and painting each and every day. I do have color combinations that I use for certain objects, yet some days I’ll just try another palette entirely to see what happens. That said, my entire palette consists of only 12 colors. I have 3 reds, 3 yellows, 3 blues, and 3 secondary colors. I adore mixing colors, and love how the the mixes are always just a touch different each and every time. And even though I wear these yellow orange shoes quite a lot lately, what I pair them with differs wildly. I think when it comes to outfits, I’ve only ever planned them for events like weddings and funerals. Otherwise, I live pretty much my entire life with an “in the moment” mentality and just let whatever wants to happen in that moment go ahead and happen. Yeah, so if you’re the type who likes to plan everything out in advance, I’m the kind of guy that would likely drive you crazy should we ever take a road trip together. I just think life is way more fun when it comes with a bit of chance.

On that note today, I have a bonus little giveaway as a special thanks for those of you who manage to read my full posts here! This one is from Winsor & Newton, who now offers more choice with their new cadmium-free alternative paints. Ten winners can try these innovative new colours for themselves with a Winsor & Newton professional watercolour cadmium-free dot card and a sample of Winsor & Newton professional watercolour paper in 140 lb. cold press. This one is limited to US/Canada only, so definitely check out the main World Watercolor Month international giveaways here! If you’d like a sample, simply add “I Want Cad-Free Colors!” to your comment below! To give everyone a bit more of a chance, I’ll draw 10 names from everyone who comments with the phrase tomorrow night before I post, and those 10 lucky folks will get one (be sure to look for my reply to you so I can let you know, and you can then send me your name and address for shipping). I adore having lots of fun prizes to give away this time of year! Well, that and having a lovely day off, of course, where I can experience the childlike thrill of spending the day in socks.

UPDATE: Winners have already been drawn for this sample giveaway! 

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Yellow Orange Sneakers Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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66 thoughts on “Spending The Day In Socks

  1. “I Want Cad-Free Colors!” I am new to exploring doodlewash but truly enjoy looking each evening to see what the painting for the prompt of the day will be!

  2. I Want Cad-Free Colors! I really enjoy reading your daily posts. I also like your orange sneakers. Your walking around in socks all day sounds relaxing. For me it is bare feet in my very worn Birkenstocks. Pure comfort!

  3. “I Want Cad-Free Colors!” Always enjoy your posts, Charlie. Hope you have a great World Watercolor Month. You do great things to encourage people to enjoy watercolor painting. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary Beth! Hope you’re having a great World Watercolor Month as well! 😃💕And, your name wasn’t drawn for this one, BUT… keep watching these posts for more chances to get free samples this month! 😉

  4. I Want Cad-Free Colors!
    New subscriber to Doodlewash, but have already emailed the link to myself at college for Fall semester students — I think t’s something they will get a lot out of as well.

  5. I really like those sneakers… and that you added some “dirt” so they look well liked and worn. I agree that walking around the house without shoes is a really freeing feeling. And I want some cad-free colors! 🙂

  6. I have to agree with Susie M…I want those sneakers…
    I’d say I wanted the blue glasses too, but I absolutely know better.
    DO and blue glasses belong to you! As for those sneakers, I wear
    a size 6 shoe so I’m guessing I’ll just let keep those too.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! hehe… glad you like the the DO Blue Glasses combo with the orange yellow sneakers! Life needs lots of color! And I wear a size 11, you’d just need one of these shoes it seems! LOL 😉

  7. “I Want Cad-Free Colors!” I love the shoes, I love bright colors! I myself have three red pair, a pair that are olive, eggshell, and dark brown, and a red, turquoise, and black. Thanks so much Charlie!

  8. I want tax-free colors!

    One of my favorite colors has always been yellow. It’s bright and cheery and lifts your mood if you are in a funk. My problem is, I can’t wear yellow because my coloring is pale and it makes me look like I’m going to pass out at any moment. But, in the summer I do spend a lot of time outside and I tan pretty well, so I have two yellow dresses that I wear as often as I can. The other thing about yellow is that it attracts paint. So my yellow dresses have dabs of paint on them that just won’t wash out! You just can’t take me out in public!

    1. hehe… depends on the where the dabs land I think… could make for a very artsy look! lol Love that, Lisa! 😃💕And, your name wasn’t drawn for this one, but keep watching these posts for more chances to get free samples this month! 😉

  9. Like everyone else, “I want Cad-free colors!” Usually I shy away from the cadmiums because they are so opaque but these may be different. And those sneakers, awesome! My wife would shoot me if I came home with shoes that color, but I make up for it with bright colored shirts. I’m not a slender guy, so my motto for choosing shirts is “If you can’t hide it, decorate it!”

  10. I love your tennis shoes! I’m sure I’d love them even more in real life, lol! I’ve never been a big one for buying lots of shoes, but I am a sucker for pretty tennis shoes! My paint palette only consists of nine colors. Of course, I have about 20 other palettes so that’s not saying much. I’d be a better artist, no doubt, if I honed down the number but I always hear that siren call – “what’s that? Another color? One I don’t have?” No sweeter music.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕hehe… Yeah, I don’t own a ton of shoes, but when there’s a cool pair of sneakers, I can’t resist. And yeah, I tend to stick to only about 6-8 colors on a regular basis, but have finally honed it down to only 12 to ever choose from. It only took 4 years to figure it out! lol

  11. Lol, I took this prompt in a way different way! I painted free and loose. :p I wish I would have took your way. Your shoes do look compfy!

    And yes “I Want Cad-free Colors!” That would be fun!

    1. Thanks, Lori! Glad you liked this… I did try a bit looser style, but this is as loose and free as I ever get! lol 😃💕And, your name wasn’t drawn for this one, but keep watching these posts for more chances to get free samples this month! 😉

      1. Bummer! I did notice that most of the winners, aren’t regular posters, so hopefully you have picked up some more fans!! 🙂

  12. I want Cad-Free Colors! Funny, I just bought a pair of tennies that color yesterday. I love them. Can’t wear that tint of yellow next to my face, but I can wear it on my feet. Thanks for all your sharing.

    1. Yay! Cool you bought the same color shoes… love these, and yeah as long as the tint stays on the ground, I’m good! lol 😃💕And, your name wasn’t drawn for this one, but keep watching these posts for more chances to get free samples this month! 😉

  13. The best way to spend the day…relax and enjoy! Hope you had a great day. Love the yellow sneaks! Sorry I am late responding. Missed out on the cad free colors but good to know they are now available. It’s a good thing. 😁

  14. Yesterday was my nervous-about- earthquakes day – I only answered a few emails about us being safe, if rattled. Thankfully, today was calm.
    Oh, just realized that “yesterday” was actually the day before – it’s nearly half past midnight on July 7 – how time gets away from you when you’re hiding under your bed. Just kidding – not under the bed, but in front of TV.

    I do like your yellow shoes. Yellow is such a happy color. Yay for happy.

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