For Day Four of World Watercolor Month, our optional prompt of “Spatter” led me to a hamster painting a masterpiece. I assume that if a hamster were given a paintbrush there would be lots of splashes and spattering. Truly, my quick and playful approach to sketching often ends up with a bit of mess around me as well.  I have to clean it up before Philippe sees what I’ve done to the edge of the kitchen counter. I also have lots of shirts that have little dots of pigment on them. I think it adds character. I start out calmly, but then my inner child takes over and the splashing begins. As ever, my initial sketch is simply a coloring page and I never really have much of a plan when I start. I prefer to just let the colors tell me where they’d like to go today and let Little Charlie have his time to play. And still, to this day, I’m always totally surprised by what actually appears on the page. That’s what makes it so much fun!

It’s why you’ll always find me doodling. I still sketch and draw every single day but I had stopped my daily posting as I’m stealing time to work on other projects and even in other mediums. So, it’s fun to be back here on Doodlewash each day for World Watercolor Month! Watercolor is still my favorite way to color! Splashing bits of color about and not fussing over exactly where they land is very therapeutic. And so I’m having a wonderfully happy weekend! I’ve had funny movies playing in the background today while Philippe spent much of the day cooking and sealing batches of homemade food for our dog Phineas. Today’s recipe, however, was not the usual turkey special. So instead, the entire house smelled like a fresh fish market. Phineas nearly lost his mind with the smell and I nearly did as well for entirely different reasons. Thankfully, it dissipates fairly quickly as I don’t want every bite of dinner to taste like fish.

Since it’s the 4th of July and a holiday here, I talked Philippe into having a burger and fries. Yes, that elusive combo in our house that he never lets me have. The burgers are plant-based and delicious, and I also snuck in a bag of crinkle cut fries into our grocery order. He even talked about making a peach cobbler, which would be insanely awesome. But when he went into the kitchen and started working on something, I soon realized that the dog won out again. When I was a kid, there was often a family cookout during the afternoon. And then all of the kids would set off fireworks with glee and completely questionable safety protocols. It was a literal blast! Yet, even though I’ve grown older now, I still get excited for holidays and treats. And today, I’ve learned that I can still always recreate that childlike joy as I spend a few minutes with my sketchbook, splashing up some fun.

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Hamster Painting With Easel Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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13 thoughts on “Splashing Up Some Fun!

  1. I’d hope to have a hot dog today – something I haven’t had in years, but settled for a hamburger. I had hand made potato chips too and they were delicious! We’ll probably go to bed early as we’ll be traveling tomorrow. We’re hoping there won’t be any fireworks. They’ve been banned here due to extreme fire danger, but they were on sale, so I’m sure some people will ignore the ban. We’re going to visit the Prehistoric Gardens on the Coast. A cheesy tourist trap set up in 1955 with statues of dinosaurs. We both remember it seemed so real when we were kids, and of course, it’s laughable now, but the lure of dinosaurs and nostalgia is a hard one to pass up sometimes.

  2. It’s great to see that you are back to daily sketches during July, and the hamster is a real Hoot! And we are glad you kept all your fingers after the fireworks days! I remember my dad being in charge of all the explosives, as he couldn’t trust 7 kids!

  3. Oh Charlie it’s so good to “hear” your voice on the regular, even if it’s for a month. Your “little Charlie” can think of it as Summer camp with the Doodlewashers🤗 We stood in the backyard after appropriate food and activities and “oooo-ed” and “awwwwed” till the finale of fireworks! Little Nellie’s one and all, young and old. There was almost a reverence about it this year after 15 months of quiet, our home sounded like a beehive. Free to have fun🤗 Thanks as always for all you do😊

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Happy 4th of July! It’s already the 5th here and I stepped into a new decade with a surprise chocolate cake that was rich and luscious and all things nice. 🙂 I even ate a piece for you. 😉 I really love the hamster and the splashes of color that reminded me of the 4th of July fireworks. It’s such a happy pic. Though am not a big fan of fireworks they still are magical when they light up the night sky with brilliant sparkles. Are you gonna be able to see them tonight? Enjoy them lots!

    Love, hugs & chocolate cake,

    1. Thanks, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yes, we got to see them for a bit… we have a great view from our window and can avoid the crowds. hehe… it’s always magical to see. And thanks for eating a piece of cake for me!! hehe! Yay!!

  5. This one reminds me of my five-year-old granddaughter who really gets into her art! And delights me in the process, much as this critter is delighted by her artistry.
    You must have been a hoot to watch when you were a kid, Charlie. I can see you up to your eyebrows in paint and glue. Creative spirit abounds.

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