Draw A Bird Day 2020 Bird Feeder Watercolor Painting

Spreading Happiness And Hope

For our prompt of “Bird Feeder” today, I decided to sketch one being enjoyed by a couple of birds. Indeed, in these times, I realize now it equally looks a bit like they are social distancing. But, today is rather special in that April 8th is actually Draw A Bird Day, a day meant to draw a bird and share it with whomever you choose to brighten their day. So, I’m of course choosing you! I hope you have a fabulous day, even if it does now involve a bit of social distancing. Though the 8th of this month is the official Draw A Bird Day, I often put bird prompts on the 8th of every month after being inspired by my fellow bloggers on WordPress to keep right on DOing it all year long! Birds are super fun to sketch and are always a wonderful way to make someone smile. Indeed, making and sharing art of any kind is certainly a way to spread some happiness and hope, so let’s just keep right on DOing that as well!

There’s actually a lovely story behind this day. If you’re interested, you can read more about Draw A Bird Day in this post. I, of course, adore any day that’s all about sharing art. I think that’s one of the loveliest things we can possibly share. And it’s a wonderful gift, particularly now, to be able to share what we make online with others. Today was a beautiful spring day, and it was super sunny. It was actually so warm that it felt more like summer. Our dog Phineas was extremely pleased by this fact since he’s all about the warm sun. Though I don’t normally like super warm weather, I enjoyed it a bit more while taking a little walk today. Even with all of the isolation, when we saw people out and about they would wave from a distance and smile. This made me happy to see. Even with a cloud of gloom that hangs over the world in this moment, we can still share smiles. We can still combat that gloom with a bit of positive thinking and the enjoyment of simple pleasures.

Philippe and I did a grocery store pickup this morning and it’s always a bit of a lottery these days to see what we’ll actually get from our list. It’s not until we get home that we’re able to check the bags to see what’s inside. Yeah, I have to admit that the child inside me thinks it’s a bit of game and gets a touch excited to see what’s there. Today, I was thrilled because we not only got most everything on the list, but we managed to secure some flour! Along with ice cream and peaches. These I snuck onto the list and then reminded Philippe that my birthday is also Peach Cobbler Day, so it was really just essential planning. He smiled, and so I’m just going to believe that means it’s actually going to happen. This will be the first year that I don’t have any presents that I can unwrap on my birthday. I didn’t request anything and Philippe normally shops at the last minute, which just doesn’t work these days. But, I truly only have one wish this year and it can’t be wrapped. Indeed it’s not meant to be wrapped at all. It’s simply a sincere wish that we all share the creative things we make with the world so we can combat these current times by spreading happiness and hope.  

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Draw A Bird Day 2020 Bird Feeder Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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37 thoughts on “Spreading Happiness And Hope

  1. Thank you for sharing your drawings! Absolutely beautiful! You indicated that you will have nothing to unwrap on your birthday- hmmm, you have everyday as a present to unwrap and it can be pretty amazing even during these upside times! Wishing you a Happy Birthday a bit early- I’ll be the first one! Hehe

  2. Fantastic Charlie! It is beginning to look like Spring is coming. Flowers are starting to sprout. The woodchuck has claimed the space under the deck and little chuckies should be peeking out soon. They are so fun to watch and I spend a good deal of time in my studio so I will be able to watch them grow. Glad that you got the peaches and flour. I have to venture out soon.

  3. It is important that we share and spread the happiness with each other as much as possible these days. I found out last night that my niece committed suicide on Monday. The number of suicides is up with all the craziness going on, so you never know, that ‘Hi, how are you’ or ‘I’m thinking about you’ might make all the difference.

    1. Sandra, I know this is Charlie’s blog, but I gasped when I read this. I am so very sorry to learn about your niece. I can’t imagine the despair she must have felt to do something so final. I hope your memories of her sustain you and the rest of your family.

  4. I had a yellow-bellied sapsucker in the yard a week ago. First time ever. They are in the woods, but never in my front yard maple tree. A friend of mine pos some pictures she got of loons which are migrating through now. They spend a day or two on Madison lakes before heading north for breeding and babies. When I lived way up north, I had a place on Lake Julia and there was a pair of loons on the lake every year. The loon yodel is one of my favorite sounds on earth. It’s one thing I miss living down here in the flat lands.

    1. I had to look up that bird!! And then realized… it’s a woodpecker!! 😃💕We have those here! I love seeing them, but wow that sound! You just hope it’s not happening on your house! hehe I think a loon yodel sounds much better!

  5. Great happy birds, fun to watch at the feeder. And your birthday wish is so pertinent for today: that our artistic creations can shine a bit of light in the current darkness. Thanks so much.

  6. This terrible crisis is making us reevaluate what’s really important in our lives. We celebrated Passover, usually a holiday that fills our house with family and friends. Until yesterday, I had no intention of doing anything, even though I’d bought most of the necessary food items almost 2 months ago. But my older grandson called me yesterday afternoon and asked if we could do a family Passover via Facetime. He and his dad, our son, set it up between our three quarantined families. We got to watch while our youngest grandchildren helped to make homemade matzah and our oldest grandchildren played piano. We are so very lucky. I miss my family and friends but we are all healthy and we have food and shelter. I don’t need more jewelry or new furniture. I need to be with my family, even if only over a computer connection. Very glad you and Philippe enjoyed the day. Looking forward to ice cream is a huge joy right now. Take care and stay healthy, Charlie.

    1. Aww… I adore that story, Sharon!! Thanks so much for sharing! 😃💕 That’s so beautiful that you got to enjoy tradition if only virtually. And yes, thank goodness for technology to help us connect and get through this! Stay healthy as well my friend!

  7. These are just lovely! The world may have slowed down, but the birds are still busy building their nests and some feeding their new families. I noticed this little glimmer of hope yesterday. 😉

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