For our prompt of “Deer” today, I chose a little fawn sitting in the grass. This is a storybook concept that’s more suited for a spring story, but I wanted something warm and cheery since it’s cold as heck where I am. Though winter hasn’t technically arrived, it still feels like that’s what’s happening outside and the sky seems a bit sad and gloomy. So, inside, I decided to conjure up a bit of spring as my rebuttal. I had lunch with Philippe today at home and he stopped by Costco and arrived with a massive bag of salad. As much as I was craving spring, I wasn’t necessarily ready to return to salads. I go into soup mode as soon as there’s a chill in the air and don’t come out of that until it goes away. It’s the absolute laziest way to eat vegetables and lazy is what I’m all about in the winter. For me, it’s time to cocoon in a fuzzy blanket with a lovely mug of hot chocolate. For the record, though, I did eat my salad like a good boy, while imagining it was squash soup instead. Tonight we’re ordering out for pizza, so a salad was probably the best balance. And if I were truly cautious about such things, I’d be eating only salad in preparation for next week’s Thanksgiving feast. But, I’m just not a planner like that.

I actually took the day off work to relax, so it was a lovely day indeed. I got caught up on several things I was behind on, and even had time to play some video games. My inner child would have sulked for days if I hadn’t managed to make that happen today. I’m excited for the weekend, which technically I’ve already started, because we’re having friends over for dinner tomorrow night. It’s actually been ages since we had one of our tiny little dinner parties, so I’m looking forward to the evening. Philippe still hasn’t decided what he’s making yet and it seems to keep changing every time I ask him. Whatever it is, it’s going to be delicious. And I’m excited to see our friends whom we haven’t seen for over a month now. Sunday, I insisted that we have lunch at Alamo Theatre and see Frozen II. When we saw the first one in the theatre we were with my family in Texas and every single one of us was sick. We didn’t know it at the time, but the symptoms all started while we were watching the movie. Still enjoyed it, but was also rather grateful when it finally ended.

So despite the cold and gloom outdoors, I’ve had a very sunny day indoors! It’s fun to simply adopt whatever feeling you like and run with it. I thought about imagining myself on a beach and making a lovely cocktail of some kind like a margarita. This didn’t happen as it was just after lunch when I thought of the idea and if I drink anything that early these days, I’ll be asleep before dinner. As it happened, the day really rushed by and suddenly it was already time to paint and post something. Unfortunately, time does indeed fly by when one is having fun so the day was but a blip in the end. But it was a much needed break that’s left me feeling refreshing and super happy. Our dog Phineas already knows how to relax properly and spend the day sleeping through it. He’s curled up in a ball so tight it’s hard to tell he could ever expand back into his normal shape. Though, I can’t blame him as the cold isn’t kind to a little short-haired dog. I’ve not doubt whatsoever that while he was lying there, snoring like a sailor, he was also having lovely spring dreams.

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28 thoughts on “Spring Dreams

  1. Aww! When I was little, there was a local supper club called Babe and Ray’s. There was a diorama set up in the bar that had a taxidermy fawn it. In hindsight, it seems gross and weird, but as a kid, it was incredible seeing how perfectly tiny and perfect a fawn was.

  2. I’m a soup any time of the year person myself. I have spells where I crave salads but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the season. And neither happens nearly as often as craving for pie! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The fawn is a keeper for sure!
    So is the picture in my mind of Phineas curled
    into a ball. My idea of a perfect meal anytime of
    the year is soup and salad…hot soup when its cold
    out and cold soup when it’s not.

    So good that you had a day of R and R. That is good
    for mind, body and soul!!

  4. I was out for a bike ride in the hills near me a few years ago, and saw the fawn of a Roe Deer laying not far from the edge of the lane I was riding on. It was one of those moments that lifts your heart. Love your painting.

  5. He is so cute and does make me think of Spring. 🙁 You should have put a red nose on him. He would have fit right into the holiday season. I was telling my hubby last night, that technically in a “normal” year it is the Christmas season. It’s just Thanksgiving that is all mixed up! And on that happy note, Im putting up the Christmas tree this weekend!! Bahawaha!

    1. Thanks! 😃💕 hehe… I know, but I’m waiting until next month to do a reindeer! Though one can never have too many! And I sooooo agree. It feels like this should be Thanksgiving weekend. I’m jealous of your tree! We don’t have the time, but I wanted to put one up now too! Definitely happening on Friday though! 😉

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