For our prompt of “Pineapple” today, I decided to doodle this one. I love pineapples, but they are rather complex when it comes to sketching a realistic one, which was my goal for today, at least. I’ve actually had the day off, but spent a bit of it playing video games and snacking like a kid. It was fun to take a break and just play for a bit without trying to do too many adult things. That said, I’m pleased to report that I managed to do two loads of laundry in the process so I felt that was more than enough chores for one day. Then I went right back to being a kid again. To me, that’s the best way to spend the holiday season. And, as I always say, it’s the best way to sketch as well! When faced with the inordinate complexity of a pineapple, I just grabbed my pen and set to work with full confidence that a pineapple would appear there. Confidence is not something I have in spades naturally, but when I let my inner child take over, I get really bold! Perhaps, even better, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m proud of what this kid comes up with in our sketching sessions. I think, no matter what we make, we should always feel like a proud parent in the end. I always do, and the Internet has become my digital refrigerator where I display my art! Look, mom, I made this today!

Well, as many of you know, my mom doesn’t see these posts as she doesn’t see the need for the Internet. All attempts to convert her over the years have sadly failed. This means that when I visit her next week, I’ll end up sharing some of my sketches with her that she missed this past year via my phone. After all of these years, I’m still intrigued to know which pictures she likes best. Which ones would have made it onto the refrigerator gallery and which ones would end up in a folder somewhere. Indeed, a fridge would look rather cluttered with 365 images added to it every year. So, choices would have to be made. I’m not particularly precious about what I create. It’s made for the mood of the moment whenever I sketch it. I have my own favorites that have somewhat magically appeared over the years, but it’s always wonderful to know what mother likes best. Also, I have my fingers crossed that my own art isn’t the only thing shared. She promised me a new version of Paddington Bear that she’s making for my Christmas present.

And heading back to family for the holidays definitely turns me into a kid again. Every nutcracker on the shelf that my dad had collected over the years brings back so many good memories. It’s not the house I grew up in, but it still contains many of the wonderful little things that I grew up with. Like the little brass hotel bell shaped like a turtle that rings when you push down on its head. Nothing truly significant or valuable in monetary terms, but in emotional terms, completely priceless. I can’t wait to see my family again and enjoy yet another break next week. That’s another fun perk of this time of year. I get a lot of time off work. One would think I would plan lots of projects for all of that extra time, but I’ve planned nothing at all. That makes things even more fun. Just going with the flow and enjoying each and every thing that happens. While never knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. Doing what I can and enjoying the pride in whatever I end up accomplishing, always standing tall.

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Pineapple Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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29 thoughts on “Standing Tall

  1. Wonderful pineapple Charlie! I’m glad you had a chance to relax today. I should have cooked but I cleaned instead. Tomorrow morning will be a whirlwind as I pull together our Thanksgiving feast. There will be 7 of us and too much food. I try to get most of it done prior to everyone arriving. I have a small kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie!

  2. A perfectly punchy pineapple! And yay for kicking back with video games, obviously. I find myself gaming much more towards the end of the year, especially the old classics. It’s all part of the fun!

      1. I do like the look of the Switch, maybe Santa will bring me one if I’ve been good enough this year. The game I’m working on is coming out on it, too. If I did get one, we might even be able to play online! 😉

  3. It was a wrench for us when Mom moved into Assisted Living and most of the household stuff, including the Christmas ornaments had to go. I think my niece ended up with most of it (I don’t decorate – I know! I’m a Scrooge!). This will be a difficult Holiday season for me but I’m so thankful that I had Mom for 66 years. That’s longer than many people get.

  4. Did some housekeeping today because company coming. Not that they care really, but Joe and I were feeling a bit slovenly. I’ve been dealing with medical stuff for long enough that things had begun taking on a life of their own. Now the stove is clean again and I won’t feel as if I’m doing a science experiment by cooking on it. Have a wonderful day! I’m thankful I met you and all these watercolor pals!

  5. A fine pineapple, good enough to eat! I’m sitting here checking out all the detail on it, and enjoying the aroma from the kitchen of the pineapple pie my wife is baking! All of these sensory inputs triggering our memories of holidays past, and melding them all together into a pleasant melange. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving and the best to your entire family and to our Doodlewash family too!

  6. Ah, Charlie…to be an Aries AND enjoy a kid day, resplendent with snacks and video games, sounds quite fulfilling. And two loads of laundry are definitely a high five chore. I intuited your refrigerator art, and uttered much the same to my husband about my “outer child” and her fridge. Your brilliant pineapple–the symbol of hospitality for my hometown of Newport, RI, deserves center stage on your ice box! Thanks to this post, I have a better handle on how to actually PAINT one. Thank you, Charlie! Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.

    Fanna Turano
    Denver, CO

    1. Thanks so much, Fanna! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this post! I had a lovely Thanksgiving, hope you did as well! And yay to letting our inner children take over and tell us exactly what we need to DO next! 😉 hehe

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