When in came to our prompt of “Stars” today, the first thing that came to mind was simply the act of staring up into the sky. So this little dog appeared to illustrate the moment. As a kid, and still today, if I’m outside on a summer’s night, you’ll find me looking up to explore the stars. Living in the city, we don’t see very many stars in the sky. Just the big name constellations appear as the city’s lights continually compete with the celestial show. But when I visit my mother’s house, which is in a very small town in northern Texas, I’ll often stand outside for several minutes in the evening, just staring into the sky. There’s a world of stars that I never get to see, and it feels like I’m looking into a galaxy of light and possibility. Our universe is truly immense and immeasurable, and as much as we know, we are still learning new things each and every day. To me, this is fascinating. Staring into a sea of stars raises more questions than answers. And, it’s this very feeling that I adore! Could there be life elsewhere that mimics our own? Definitely! But, we as a species like to only entertain that which is specifically known to exist, and sometimes even question those facts. For me, I like to explore and imagine all types of possibilities.

I’ve always loved science fiction books because of the strange and yet weirdly true alternate realties they present. In the end, they are simply fiction, as nothing of the kind has exactly happened yet, but the imagining is a rather interesting thing. Philippe and I often have nerdy conversations about life and the world as we chat in the evening. We’re never interested in politics, as that’s a rather made-up, mundane, and ridiculous thing indeed, but we are both keenly interested in the actual happenings in the world. Those far more natural occurrences actually taking place all around us. I think the natural world is the most inspiring thing in my life. It’s the bit of life that gets me through all of the ridiculous bits we humans can often introduce into it. And though I do worry about how we’re treating our natural world, I still happily enjoy my place in it. My own place is just one of awe and respect for everything that makes a single day naturally happen. So many different subtle and amazing things have to occur to provide even a single day on this big little planet. For me, that’s rather incredible to consider.

Sometimes, just the simplest of actions can produce something rather awesome. I often find myself worrying over a new idea and wondering if it’s “new” enough to be worthy. And then, find myself wondering what “new” even means anymore in our culture. We’ve lived through so many new inventions and new technologies, that we are mostly less impressed these days. It’s less about finding the new, and more about finding the same, but somehow different in a way that inexplicably excites people. The very moment anyone has an idea, that idea is transmitted around the world and copycats show up in abundance, often without even understanding the original idea in the first place. So, they produce rather awkward copies. Though, it’s indeed an odd world we currently live in, I still think it’s a beautiful one. I’ve no idea where it’s all going to go, but I know that I’ll just keep moving along, one sketch at a time, still seeking to find my place in all of it. And, the moment I find myself a bit confused or wondering about things, I’ll take that little moment in the evening to consider a much bigger picture, that can only be found when staring into the stars.

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23 thoughts on “Staring Into The Stars

  1. I think we’ve often gone through phases of time where new ideas disrupted daily life and changed the way we lived and viewed life. The thing new about that these days is the accelerated rate of new ideas and push for change. I worry that it will end up like a 100-car pile-up that finally blocks anything new. I hope it result in a new idea that solves the problems like over population and global warming. Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy what we have and try not to fret because we don’t know what the future holds – why worry over things that won’t happen.

    1. So true about the 100-car pile-up… that’s rather plausible, though I hope it doesn’t happen. 😉 I think we push for more than “new” than actual change. Making the much needed change a bit of an afterthought. Yet, I’ve always been one to live in the moment, so I’m indeed taking each moment in stride! 😃💕

  2. Having lived a country life for most of my time on the planet, I’ve seen a lot of stars. But the times that stand out the most are camping trips to Lake Superior. If you spread a blanket on the still warm sand and lie back waiting for your eyes to adjust, you will see more stars than ever before in your life. And if the lake is calm and glassy, you will see them times two.

  3. With all the changes and permutations we experience each day, we can be overcome with confusion and even just give up trying to follow where our culture is headed. It’s those times that we must go out on a clear night and just look up, take in the unchanging skies, the constellations, the Milky Way that have been there for thousands of years. We can see that our problems are so small, so insignificant, that we just have to tell ourselves: DON’T PANIC!! bob.c

  4. Ya, not many stars visable above L.A.! Best places I’ve seen for stars were on a cruise in the middle of the South Pacific, Arizona desert, New Mexico near the Colorado border. and in the High Sierras. It’s amazing how many are out there.

  5. Ah, a star filled sky seen from a remote hilltop…such a wonderful sight! One of the advantages of living in the country away from city lights and another wonderful memory. Sweet puppy dog!!

  6. I remember when my son was young, we used to go camping where out in the middle of nowhere. We would spend the evenings looking up at the stars. It was always an extra bonus to see a shooting star. I don’t know about your puppy looking at stars, he looks like he is waiting patiently for a treat! Lol

  7. I am in love with your puppy so cute!!!!!!!! I have a thought for you based on the comment about new things. It is very likely that others have done the same things before. But do not let that hold you back. I have seen where some have created a similar piece of art and do not know each other never saw the other piece to inspire.. Maybe the inspiration sparks come to us all to see who wants to play with them? But anyhow my point. No one can do things just the way you can so ya go for it whatever it is cuz that is your spark in the world and there will always been others who are into it. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! 😃💕What a wonderful comment! Yes to that! We are all so incredibly unique. That’s what I’ve seen and loved on my art journey. No matter what, everyone has their own unique voice and style. It’s beautiful!

  8. Charlie says,”I think the natural world is the most inspiring thing in my life. It’s the bit of life that gets me through all of the ridiculous bits we humans can often introduce into it. ”


    Much enjoyed the article and that star gazing pooch.

  9. Love this painting, Charlie, a little dog looking up, seeing the possibilities. It’s seeing the possibilities that will guide us toward a future that’s healthy for everyone on the planet. Your pooch seems to know this intuitively. Stars in his eyes. Stars in ours.

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