Starlight Mints

Day 1 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Peppermint Starlight Mints wrapped on white background watercolour

Today marks the start of December and the beginning of a brand new Doodlewash adventure – Winter Wonderland. It’s time to celebrate the icons of the winter season, starting with a bit of peppermint. Today, I have a handful of starlight mints to add to the occasion. We’re heading to Texas to visit my family tomorrow, so this was a speedy one. Kind of a fun experiment really, as this one was just a 5 minute sketch and 15 minutes to paint with only two colors (listed at the end of the post). No matter how fast this one was, everything I sketch and paint seems to come out rather rendered and realistic, even though I thought this one might turn out a bit looser. But in truth, these little mints are seared into my brain as they’ve been readily available my whole life.

After spending last week in Paris, we’ll be heading to a long weekend in Texas next. I really do love seeing family, but the travel to make it possible makes me exhausted. Though Texas is far closer than France, since my family lives in a little town in northern Texas, we can’t get there direct and will have a layover in Dallas. When it’s all said and done, we’ll have shaved just three and half hours off a drive there. But when it comes to travel, I prefer to let someone else do the driving. If someone else could also do the packing, that would be amazing as well, but that’s still on me. Whether it’s Paris or Texas though, I always wait until the morning that I’m leaving to throw things into a bag and rush out.

Tonight, I’m just rushing off to enjoy a little bit of normal evening time. So I’ll cut this post short and simply say that I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. For those of you who are joining this adventure, it’s been lovely to see your peppermint creations! I hope you’ll enjoy the prompts this month and are inspired to paint not matter what’s happening during this busy time of year!

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Sennelier Red and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 1 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Peppermint Starlight Mints wrapped on white background watercolour

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  1. Jacob 6 years ago

    Oh how perfect! What iconic little candies they are, I didn’t know they had such a romantic name. I can’t believe you did this so quickly! Goodness, fifteen minutes is giving the wheel a run for its money 😉

    All the best for the upcoming journey, and I hope you have a great Texan Weekend (whatever that entails!) 🙂

    • Author

      Thanks, Jacob! 😃 Yeah, this was a really short spin of the wheel! Lol But sometimes I like it…keeps me from overworking it. And yep…now in Texas! Starting the first morning off with waffles! Yum! Hehe

      • Jacob 6 years ago

        Ooh yum! I hope they’re Texas-sized! 😉

  2. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    You did it again, Charlie – a perfect peppermint candy, with the stripes bending to the curves and the clear wrapper reflecting the light. I’m not sure if any other artist gets as much out of two or three colors as you.

    I also hate to drive but I’m really good at back-seat driving, even when I’m in the front passenger seat. I’d really prefer to be tele-communicated to other locations.

    • Author

      That’s such a lovely compliment! Thanks so much, Sharon!! 😃💕 hehe…i would love it if I could teleport places! That would be absolutely ideal!

  3. YesterdayAfter 6 years ago

    Lovely peppermint! It seems we got a good start I had fun painting my peppermint! Have a great weekend in Texas! 😉 <3

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Carolina!! 😃💕Here in Texas…hehe… Rainy and wet. Not really a winter wonderland, but still nice!

      • YesterdayAfter 6 years ago

        Ahaha Charlie pretend that rain is snow! 😉 <3 That's the beauty of having a creative mind and be an artist! <3

  4. Ahh red and white mint, iconic Christmas candy canes. Have a great weekend😀

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Rebecca! 😃💕yeah…I started with a candy cane, but couldn’t figure out a way to make it look interesting. Lol And we only had bowls of these in the house during the holidays so I still associate them with the season.

  5. GeorgieMoon 6 years ago

    Those mints look delicious! I’ve never associated mints with winter, though! Have a great weekend in Texas. I always associate Texas with that TV prog ‘Dallas’ with JR and the oil barons, and people living on huge ranches. I bet it’s not all like that, though! Have fun

  6. creatingincolors 6 years ago

    Once again, you nailed it! The perfect peppermints. They’re always “there”, their ever-presence somehow a small feeling of comfort – if that makes sense the way I describe it!

  7. anniedrawsthings 6 years ago

    So cute! I’m very excited for some festive December art! A very happy beginning of the Christmas season to you.

  8. snigdhadotcom 6 years ago

    yummy..looking awesome

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