For our prompt of “Rabbit” today, I made a quick little sketch of a couple of bunnies meeting in the grass. I’ve mentioned before that there are lots and lots of rabbits in my neighborhood this season. There are more this year than I ever remember seeing in year’s past. What I didn’t mention is that I squeal like a little kid every time I spot one. As Philippe and I were walking yesterday, we were initially disappointed when no rabbits appeared in our path. Just a short while later, however, we were both squealing and pointing enthusiastically as we noticed a bunny hopping away. I’m not sure if there were other neighbors around to watch two grown men bouncing up and down with glee, but in that moment I couldn’t be bothered with that. It just makes me so happy to see them! And, though I don’t like the oppressive heat that comes with summer, the fact that it’s been a summer filled with hopping bunnies makes everything better.

Truly, sometimes Philippe and I end up in our own little world on walks. We might be casually talking about Chuck and Gladys as someone passes only to have them hear us talk about the duo living in a bush. This is followed by an odd look as the stranger doesn’t realize we’re talking about groundhogs. The truth is, we’re far more interested in watching for animals than humans, like two little kids visiting a zoo. Another animal sighting happened just a couple of days ago when a large hawk was sitting in someone’s driveway. It was a gigantic bird, but when it noticed us, it just walked away to hide behind a car. We were worried that it might be hurt, but then it suddenly flew away, displayed a rather impressive wingspan. And once again, we were both giddy to have had the experience. I think that’s why we both ended up in creative jobs. When you look at the world through the eyes of a child, you are always primed and ready to invent things and easily solve those pesky adult problems.

The weather has been really warm here, so other than those short little walks, Philippe and I have been mostly staying indoors. Even our dog Phineas is not a fan of the heat and will try to cut his walks short so he can race home to the air conditioning. We try to get him to exercise just a bit more, but I can’t really blame him. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be covered in all that fur under the blazing hot sun. And, I’m hoping to see a few close friends again soon, but most everyone I know has been hiding indoors as well. Though I far prefer hugs, it’s nice that we can all keep in touch these days online. I’m happily hopping around between various creative projects, but always try to make a little time to pop in weekly here as well. No matter how crazy or busy life gets, when it comes to living a joyful one, there’s nothing better in the world than staying connected.

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20 thoughts on “Staying Connected

  1. I’d definitely rather watch animals than people. The other day, I had a white egret, a blue heron and 4 doves sitting on my back fence at the same time. I was thrilled, though with the way the heron was watching the doves, I worried there might be some violence. Evidently, both he and the doves decided there was enough distance and speed on their part that they all sat in peace for 1/2 hour or so before they all flew off.

  2. Charlie I should have seen this early this morning around 5 when I was dancing around the kitchen and humming a lively tune. Actually it was “In His hands He has the Whole Wide World.” As for watching animals our geese were seen to fly south yesterday — way early especially in this torpid zone (we had almost 50 Celsius (118 F) end of June. Methinks those geese know something. Meantime in Edmonton, AB my friend looked outside to see a tree branch bare of leaves. What the heck? Back at the hot spot here with a fire triangle a young bear, likely displaced, decided to roam our neighbourhood the other day. Hope his mama bear wasn’t around.

    Take care; it is always great to hear from you!

    1. Hola, Linda! Your friend’s tree probably lost its leaves because of the extreme heat. Trees tend to shed their leaves in order to conserve their energy and focus on surviving. Keeping the leaves going takes too much energy and nutrients so they shed them to help them survive. Wow, 118*F is scary hot even by Texas standards. We had a wonderfully rainy and cool Summer. Just now in August, we got hot and even then, we’re still below normal the usual hot. So instead of 100*F we are only 97*F. haha haha Be safe, my friend. That heat is not good for anyone. I feel so bad for all of the animals caught in those terrible fires. So heartbreaking. Take care and I hope things get better soon. 😀

      1. Hi Marisela,

        Thank you for the blessings and returned.

        Edmonton, AB is in our prairies where they have horrific winters of near minus 40 (which coincidentally is your -40F). Their fall has begun although they still have 20s and teens Celsius now. Our geese here in BC’s Okanagan left a couple of days ago (they know something) although we are still in 20s. For some reason ppl are dressed in cold weather clothing, likely the same ones who wear shorts and sleeveless shirts in February. I don’t get it.

        Interestingly I learned that the horse, animal of supreme intelligence, is the first one out before first flame! The deer just stand there and look at it — there is a famous photo of just that where they stand at a lake and a second the forest exploded. The photographer got out thank God.


  3. Hola, Charlie! I love animals and good/safe animal encounters. One day, I was out running errands and I could not believe my eyeballs! Sitting ram rod straight in someone’s driveway, a HUGE buzzard. Is that the correct name? In Spanish, it’s buitre. ANYWAY, that sucker was HUGE, Charlie. I am 5’3″ and it would’ve come up to my shoulder. And just as chubby, too. haha haha It was a shocking and albeit scary sight. Even worse, it looked right at me. Oh, he’d have plenty to eat with me. haha haha I think I much rather see bunnies. I get excited with cute animal encounters like that, too.
    I hope your temps change for the better soon. We have been horribly humid. 🌞 Always wonderful to hear from you, my friend. Sending you happy hugs!

  4. Hello hello Charlie!!!

    How are you? It’s awesome to see your post and Im jealous yet again of your bunny encounters. Though I’ve got lots of squirrels where I live, it would be nice to see some bunnies. 🙂 I tried to imagine two grown men jumping and squealing excitedly and it made me laugh. Am sure the bunnies got a thrill watching you too and discussed you at dinner…. “those two humans – thank heavens they showed up! I missed them all last week and was afraid they’ve gone into early hibernation.” 😉 Maybe they even made a sketch of you! 🙂


  5. As long as the strangers don’t think you’re pointing and squealing at them! Cute doodlewash. I haven’t seen any rabbits around this year, but I’m sure they’re around. Apparently there were some bats a few nights ago. I’ve never seen those in the neighbourhood before!

    1. Thanks, Jacob! 😃💕 lol! I’m sure the neighbors have probably thought that we were squealing at them sometimes. I’m sure they were just flattered by the attention. hehe We used to have lots of bats around as well, but it’s been too hot to sit outside and watch them. Their flight pattern is so odd as they’re catching mosquitos that they look like drunk birds.

  6. What a charming and beautiful drawing! You described perfectly how my brother and I would
    get excited about spotting wildlife in our neighborhood….although it was mostly just kitties, some of them
    were real characters who were worthy of a fan club like us! My brother’s been gone over a year
    now, and I think about the true joy he got from seeing these little animals–a joy he taught me to
    appreciate. Your post reminds me of all this–thank you for it.

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