For our prompt of “Puppy” today, I ended up with a little beagle and a Christmas present. I’ve no idea if the present is from him or one that’s for him and he’s wanting to know if he can open it now. When I was a kid, there would sometimes be a present under the tree early that was addressed to me. I would never touch it or pick it up, but I would marvel at for quite awhile and imagine all of the various things that might be hiding inside. My own dog Phineas gets a little stocking of goodies but nothing wrapped and waiting for him. He’s generally not interested in any of the craziness that happens here during the holidays. Well, I’m the crazy one as my inner child starts pretty much just taking over my body. I’ve never seen the holidays through the eyes of an adult. I can’t imagine it would hold the same level of wonder and excitement, so I just keep right on viewing everything through the eyes of a child.

This week, we still have Thanksgiving to celebrate, but the very next day we add ornaments to the tree and move right into the Christmas season. I’m so excited to enjoy the week ahead and thrilled for every little moment that awaits. Right now, it’s still a few days off. And, currently the only thing happening is that Phineas is slurping water really loudly and it’s a touch distracting. He then burps even more loudly to end the ritual. It’s equal parts really adorable and like living with a drunk uncle. We actually joke that he thinks each evening is a celebration of him as he gets his food and all of the things that he loves. We say that he refers to it as “Thingsgiving” and he just assume that something that wonderful should happen every single day of the year. Thankfully, for Philippe and I, this special time only comes once a year so we can truly appreciate it.

I’ve usually bought some presents by this time already, but this year, I’ll be waiting a little while. Philippe make a rather comprehensive list of little things I’d never think to buy him since they’re all mostly for the kitchen. Some of the things requested look like completely alien to me and even the description fails to shed any enlightenment. I’ve not really made much of a list. I’m happy to simply be surprised by whatever appears next month. And I don’t have the option of imagining what might be inside my gifts for very long as Philippe insists that can only come out on Christmas Eve. I broke this rule last year when my closet door wouldn’t shut properly with all of the boxes I tried to jam in there. We don’t spend much money, but we like to have lots of things to open. And after all of these years, not much has changed. When it comes to the holidays, I’m still a little puppy.

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23 thoughts on “Still A Puppy

  1. Legal dog precedent decrees that the present belongs to the dog. Haven’t you seen the t-shirts with the dog rules?
    1. I found it, it’s mine.
    2. I got to it first, it’s mine.
    3. If it’s in my yard, it’s mine.
    4. I chewed it all up, it’s mine.
    5. It looks like my toy, it’s mine.
    6. It was in my mouth first, it’s mine.
    7. I had it all day yesterday, it’s mine.
    8. I have it buried someplace, it’s mine.
    9. I do not care if it was yours, it’s mine.
    10. If I broke it, it’s yours.

  2. Back to beagles! I approve! There is a possum out on our deck right now eating cat food. That’s the only Xmas gift he needs. Especially if it comes every day. They don’t hibernate so they are always looking for food.

  3. He’s a beautiful and well behaved beagle. Just look at the patience he’s exhibiting by not tearing into that pretty package. It’s almost like he’s waiting for the go ahead from you, Charlie!! When we had dogs they never showed any interest at all in opening packages at Christmas but our first cat LOVED opening her presents and watching her tear into those packages was more fun than opening our own….okay, almost more fun! Have a great week, Charlie!!

  4. Adorable Charlie! I’m glad your Christmas lights arrived. We just saw pictures from the younger daughter who’s house is all decked out already. I think I counted 5 trees. A bit over the top. She makes up for my lack of holiday spirit.

  5. haha haha You made laugh! Phineas drinking water and burping out loud reminded me of a little boy that I know. I know this is kinda crass, but when Monster would scratch the base of his back/tail with his teeth, he would squeeze out farts. Cochino! haha haha To make matters worse, he liked to smell them! Again, cochino! 😂😂😂 I would laugh when I would hear my mother yell, “Monster!” It usually meant that he let one rip in her bedroom. haha haha 😂😂😂 I have actually dreamt of my Gordo drinking water and burping. 💜
    There is nothing wrong with being excited about the holidays especially Christmas. Something is wrong with you when you aren’t excited. I have never understood Grinch-y people, but that’s me. It doesn’t matter if you decorate perfectly or if you do it right. It’s about the joy of the season and how we celebrate it. That is the joy of the Lord. We should be happy to celebrate His birth! I am sure that your decorations are beautiful, Charlie. It brings you joy and fills your home with the Christmas season. I still have decorations and ornaments that are ridiculously old, but it’s the memory of the people who gave them to me. Quick story: I was 2 years old when my parents bought this house. I was the only kid on a street with grandparent age neighbors. I was chubby and cute—- forget about it! It was the perfect storm! I made out like a bandit with gifts on my birthday and Christmas. Our next door neighbor was like family and she gave me a Christmas tree ornament every year until I turned 18. Those are the ornaments that I still have and use on my tree. I look at them and remember Margaret. 💜 The day that she passed, my uncle brought us Monster. One loved one left and another arrived.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautifully special Christmas, Charlie. Don’t hold your excitement and joy in. Shine bright with excitement and joy! 💜

    1. Aww thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 I couldn’t hold all of the excitement in if I tried! hehe… and as for dog farts… Phineas does that as well. It happens more as he gets older. And I love that you have ornaments that remind you Margaret… that’s so lovely!

  6. So sweet. I think he is thinking, “Great, you gave me this gift early, but I can’t open it for another month?!?!” I like to wrap the gifts early (even my own), because most of the time I forget what is in them. 😉

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