Baby Chick And Daffodils Watercolor Painting

Stopping To Admire The Daffodils

For our prompt of “Daffodil” today, I chose to sketch a little cluster of them being admired by a baby chick. I’m so ready for spring and lots of beautiful color appearing in nature once more. And even with the world experiencing a lot of chaos these days, it’s nice to know that there are wonderful things we can always count upon to happen next. The weather was warmer today and sunny so it immediately cheered me up! I’m determined to keep that same feeling going all through spring, no matter what happens next. And our dog Phineas is beyond thrilled that he can now sit outside on the terrace. Even the tiniest bit of chill in the air sends him rushing back indoors. His favorite season is summer, of course, when the sun is much less mild. I’m not a fan of that extreme, but I’ve learned to never argue with a basenji.

Philippe set up his office upstairs, which is basically the only desk we have in the house. It’s a long desk, thankfully, as we’re sort of having to share it at times. It’s the same desk where my microphone is set up for my podcast and where my scanner is located. We’re used to sharing space, though, since the edge of the counter in his kitchen is where I sketch and paint each day. I have my little bit of space at the very end of the counter. If you happened to see my Sketchbook Revival video, that’s exactly the spot where I sketch each day! So, I was certain that we’d be able to work things out. Then he arrived home with his monitor from work to add to the desk. I think I made an audible gasp when I saw it. It’s truly massive. But, tilted at just the right angle, we were able to get it to fit and now everything is in place. Though it looks a bit like we’re about to produce a television show or record our next hit record.

These are just weird times indeed. I don’t have a better word for it right now. And I DO hope that each of you are staying happy and healthy. But, yeah, it’s just super weird. Next month is my birthday month and Philippe asked me what I wanted for a present. In my heart, I just thought, I wanted all of this to go away. I wanted life to return to normal. That was the very first thought that came to my mind. Yet, I’m happy to do my part in flattening the curve by staying safely at home. And though I most likely won’t get my wish in time for my birthday, I know it’s coming one day. I’ll be patient. Still, most of you who know me well by now will not be remotely surprised at all that I’m still going to enjoy the heck out of my birthday month! I’m going to approach it with the same joy that I always DO! A month filled with smiles and appreciating the little things in life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this crazy life journey, it’s that I absolutely know I couldn’t have gotten through it without stopping to admire the daffodils.

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Baby Chick And Daffodils Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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43 thoughts on “Stopping To Admire The Daffodils

  1. Love your daffodils. It is a wet & dreary day in Sydney as we head into autumn but no whinging about rain is allowed after the summer we had so I am seeing it as a nice gentle watering of the garden. A positive in everything – well almost 🙂

  2. Tomorrow is my 38th wedding anniversary. We had intended to spend it at the beach as we have for pretty the last 20 years. It’s these occasions that really make you feel the difference in things. But we’ll spend it celebrating that we’re healthy, hubby still has a job, and in the knowledge that this will pass!

    1. Happy Anniversary Sandra! You will get to celebrate at another time. It will be all that much more special after all we have gone through. Keep painting!

  3. Daffodils portend spring and yours are the springiest.
    xxx j
    P.S. Charlie my co-blogger and I are posting daily coping with stress/anxiety/physical distancing how-to’s, mental health tips etc on both blogs. (CURIOUStotheMAX). httt:// (MAXyourMIND).

    We would like to share with as many people as possible during these scary, uncertain times and would appreciate your taking a look. And if appropriate let others know.
    Thanks and appreciation,

  4. Love the baby chick! I sent you an email re not being able to access the free gift from your sketching revival class. When I tried to sign up to get it, I get a message that my info indicated I’m “not a human.” Can you help?

  5. You really nailed that chick! If Joe would have only let me have chickens, we’d have fresh eggs for the coming apocalypse. And chicken as far as that goes presuming I could kill and eat them after they became my pets.

    Didn’t do a darn thing today but cook breakfast for dinner. Eggs, hash browns, and little sausages. If I’d been more motivated, I might have made pancakes, but alas, lazy it was.

    The biggest excitement was getting my seed packets in the mail. Peas, beans, zucchini, tomatoes. I can’t wait to start putting stuff in the ground!

  6. This is quite lovely Charlie. It appears we skipped spring and went right into summer. The high this weekend is 94 F. Really hot. Even for Florida in March. Glad you are doing well and thanks for the art! 😊

  7. Le fait, que vous êtes 2, à vous aimer, à prendre soin de l’autre, est très important, vous parlez souvent, de ce que Philippe fait pour vous, il semble un homme formidable, mais vous, pourriez-vous nous donner 1 exemple de ce que vous faites pour lui? prenez soin de vous deux – à bientôt !

  8. Oh I love this! A love the added touch of the chick. I so love Spring things, baby animals, flowers and oh all the pretty colors. When I was walking home from the track yesterday, someone had one little Narcisus blooming by their mailbox. I stopped to look at, (knowing we had the Daffodil prompt coming up) and laying next to it in the mud was a little rock painted yellow with a smiley face on it. It made me certainly smile. Now that I am thinking more about it, I think I will paint a little rock and put “Thank you!” on it and leave it there.

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