For our prompt of “Strawberries” today, I started to simply sketch them alone, but then ended up with a strawberry tart and whipped cream. No doubt, the fact that I’ve been trying to cut down on sweets and calories like this is precisely the reason that one appeared. My reality has been mostly bowls of salad, with no whipped cream in sight. Though indeed, the two don’t go together well at all. Thankfully, fantasy desserts don’t have any calories whatsoever. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of whipped cream and am even fine having it all by itself. That said, if you throw in some strawberries then you’ve just created a little taste of heaven. As spring nears, this is one of my favorite treats of all! Though yeah, I’m still trying to eat very healthy so it’s a treat that will be rather rare. But, that’s the very definition of a treat so everything works out just fine. And yes, our current times are a bit stressful, and so my personal goal is to just keep spreading joy and art in the world. I figure that’s two things that the world could really use now more than ever.

In truth, writing these posts in the midst of a growing global pandemic becomes a bit odd in some ways. There’s so much swirling around me and rather than any clear danger, it all just comes across as white noise disguising chaos. Our world has disfigured itself into something so politicized that getting any reputable facts has become increasingly impossible. This certainly creates anxiety and stress, yet that doesn’t seem to change the behavior of those in charge. Without the ability to rely on them, we simply have to resort to our own common sense. Stopping a bit of extracurricular activities for now, is a mere inconvenience that will indeed serve the greater good in the future. Together we can do the simplest of things that can make a real difference. And as artists, we can continue to make art and share the beautiful aspects of our world. When there’s optimism and hope, there’s a real chance to create the positive change we’re all wishing would happen next.

So, in the meantime, I’m just going to keep sketching my way through life. I think that in many ways now we all feel a touch powerless and that never makes anyone feel good. But, we’re never actually powerless. We always have the ability to make choices. And that’s a wonderful gift indeed. I choose to embrace life and, yes, perhaps enact a bit of physical social distancing for the near future. And yet, I will still make art and connect online with others who do the same. I’ll continue to enjoy our fabulous community of artists who magically inspire each of us every single day. That’s a pretty awesome world in my book and one that deserves to be celebrated. The world is at its best when we all come together in a sensible way. Indeed this very act might seem surprising in this day an age, but like all good stories, it’s inevitable. Our families, and our communities are a precious and wonderful thing. It’s the love we share for each other that will get us through even this most trying of times. And, back to the days of those glorious spring gatherings of strawberries and cream.

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Strawberry Tart Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail


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33 thoughts on “Strawberries And Cream

  1. Wow love your strawberries and cream looks luscious ..and yes we will get through this difficult time! Art helps me a great deal and as I said to you before..I love coming here and seeing all the beautiful pictures and your lovely words of wisdom! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the bit of cheering up. I went shopping this morning and it was very depressing. No human checkers at all – just self scan and I worry that means less jobs for people even after all this settles down. But as someone once said ‘The world wags on’, and I think the most precious thing that I’ll take from this is the choice to be grateful. This panic shows just how lucky we have been and not to take it for granted.

    1. I went to Winco yesterday, thinking it might be quiet. Yeah, thinking was the problem. Add the threat of snow and it was ridiculous. They were not prepared for it. The lines were crazy long. I was never so happy to go home!

  3. I adore strawberries! I buy eight quarts every June when they are in season here. I freeze about 5 1/2 quarts, turn 1 1/2 into strawberry shortcake, and eat about a quart while I’m washing and hulling them all. I don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration either. And then, midwinter, I pull some frozen ones from the freezer and taste a bit of summer while it snows outside. And I always serve them with whipped cream!

  4. Strawberry pies are so pretty and so is yours! They always look like they have a coat of shellac on them. I feel like I had a few weeks of practice on this staying home business. I can do this, thanks to my arts & crafts and my online buddies. Good time to do some Spring cleaning too!

  5. It surely is a topsy, turvy world right now. I find the panic almost as scary as the pandemic. We’re trying to live our daily lives with some moderate changes, common sense and without panic. Also trying to reassure those around us not to panic. And who knows what “news” to believe. Having said all that…what a WONDERFUL strawberry tart!!! I eat fresh strawberries every day on my homemade granola…would much prefer them in the form of a strawberry tart…with cream of course. We are just coming to the end of Strawberry season here…sad to see it end.

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