Three years ago, Philippe and I spent a week in Lyon, France and had a wonderful time, so I made this doodlewash so we could visit again. It’s a little looser and uses just a handful of colors (Naples Yellow, Alizarin Red, French Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, and Burnt Sienna).

The gray of the street is a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna with a little bit more blue, while the brownish hue of the stones to the left are also the same mix with a little more sienna. I love the range you can get from these colors and I tend to splash water and more or less color in the mix as I go just to see what comes out. The cobblestone is part of that random mixing as I go with little pops of extra blue.

I remember that each time you turned a corner in Lyon you were met with a view like this one. Some new little street begging you to walk down it and see what’s around the next corner. The buildings were various shades of yellow and orange that appeared to glow golden as the sun was setting.

When you’re standing at the top of streets like this you can sort of casually stroll down them in a relaxed manner. When you’re standing at the bottom and working your way up, you realize half way to the top that perhaps that beer and large burger you had at lunch wasn’t one of your most brilliant choices.

I’m hoping we can go back one day as I’d love to do some plein air sketching there. It’s such a beautiful city and there’s lots of different views to choose from. I’ll probably try another sketch in Lyon before my virtual France in August doodlewash trip comes to a close. I have 8 sketches to go! But I’ve also been asked to attempt a French Poodle so maybe that will be first.

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28 thoughts on “Streets of Lyon

  1. Charlie–terrific image. That looks so inviting and fun to walk down. I kinda wish you had stuck a little person in there somewhere, just for fun and scale. By the way, I’ve managed to get my “I’ve been doodlewashed!” badge up on my site. It appears on nearlyevery page, but not on very first page, for some reason.

    1. Thanks Kirk!! Hehe…and I see you caught me removing the people. 😊 Yeah, I swear I’ll start adding them in eventually. I just need to practice more! Always afraid I’ll ruin it. And cool on the badge!! That’s actually perfect! Don’t want to distract from your wonderful site anyway. Thanks friend!!

  2. Architectural drawings are hard to do, so I commend you for trying and doing a lovely job! I’m too big of a chicken to try. European cities architecture is really wonderful. If I ever go back to Europe (haven’t been since 1990), I will be inspired by you to try some plein aire drawings.

  3. Having lived in Lyon for two and a half years, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that you captured a street “dans le veille ville” that gives me chills…excuse my terrible French–it’s been awhile…! 🙂

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