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GUEST ARTIST: “Nature And Art: A Symbiotic Relationship” by Supriti Chauhan

Hello, everyone! I am Supriti Chauhan from India. I am the artist behind the nom de plume – ‘Laburnum Soul’. I hail from the beautiful North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, currently based at Noida, India. I am an Educator by profession and art is my getaway, it takes me away from the daily race of life, helps me de-stress, heal and feel rejuvenated every single morning, brimming with new ideas not only at my workplace but also in all of my creative endeavors!

I have a very vivid memory of playing with Laburnum flowers as a 4-year-old and that love story continues to date! Every year, I wait for the Laburnum trees to come alive with its brilliant yellow flowers. Happiness is watching the golden chains unfurl all around. I paint or take photographs of these beautiful flowers every year around the same time, the Indian Summer… many times over in different versions as long as the season lasts. I haven’t broken this annual tradition to date. A flowering tree that I imagine my soul to be…that’s my spiritual connect with this beautiful flowering tree, hence the name – Laburnum Soul.


Having spent most of my growing up years in the mountains and the countryside, I grew up with a very strong connection towards nature. I have experienced nature in all its glory as I have experienced it in all its rage and fury. I was taught to respect nature in all its forms right from my formative years. My parents always encouraged outdoor activities, gardening, trekking, camping and taking care of the farm animals.

My preferred playthings were mostly flowers, twigs, stones, pebbles, seedpods, shells, feathers, and anything that I could gather from our walks. If I wasn’t gathering, I was drawing them or painting on them! Cut to the present, my husband and our two grown up children (adults!) are even more outdoorsy. We love traveling, trekking, and exploring on foot. We prefer staying in a forest lodge/campsite rather than in a luxury hotel in any city. I continue to gather all of nature’s treasures. I call them my collectibles, my memorabilia of the places travelled to. I use them as my subjects for paintings.

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I should have been in a creative field, instead God had other plans. Life took its own twists and turns in the years in between, best laid plans had to be shelved, clearly, life happened. I became an Educator and got busy doing things that had higher priority, everything else took a backseat. I didn’t paint for years except for my annual tradition with the Laburnums until I picked up the brush last year. I don’t remember why or how it was triggered, I just had this strong desire to paint and I haven’t stopped since April 2019. I have painted every single day. By the time this post is published I would have successfully completed the #100daychallenge of painting every day (and more) and would not have missed a single day of painting for World Watercolor Month (July)!

I strongly believe nature has the power to heal and transform you, only if you let it. One has to embrace it the way it is and that’s when the magic begins to unravel – of the restorative and spiritual realm of a world within you, in sync with nature. The only other thing that comes close to this power of transformation is art. Now imagine what these two things together can do for you.

My art reflects my deep love for nature. I have created my own little Plein Air Studio – My Garden, a little plant world – here at home, right in the middle of bustling city environs. My passion for gardening inspires me to paint and document every little thing in my garden- the flowers, foliage, fruits, vegetables, little visitors- bees, beetles, bugs, butterflies! And my paintings encourage me to add more to my garden… I find the relationship between my art and gardening symbiotic.

Although I have dabbled in all mediums, however since last year I have deviated more towards watercolor explorations and the reason could be that it allows me to paint anywhere, anytime with the least bit of a hassle of setting up anything. There’s a little art pack in my handbag that travels with me everywhere, you never know when inspiration may strike!

I will let you in on a secret, I am a big-time art supplies and paper hoarder. Even in the years I wasn’t painting, I was collecting art supplies. If one saw my collection over the years, I dread Mary Kondo-ers (totally respect them and in awe of them) would bury me deep under the ground! But can’t help- it’s my Spark-joy! Having tried pretty good number of different watercolor Brands, I seem to have developed an extra bit of fondness for Artphilosophy, Mijello Mission Gold, White Nights, Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, and M Graham (Is that too many?! Too bad!  My go-to brushes are by Silver Brush and Escoda.

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My floral artworks are intuitive and reflective. At the same time, they are super simple, fun and loose… nothing is complex about my artwork. I seldom sketch and paint, I prefer to begin directly with the paint and brush, at times I mess up the painting yet I choose to do it this way as it gives me a sense of free spiritedness and in the process I end up learning from my mistakes. If you dropped by my Instagram profile where I post all my ramblings, you would know of my love for flowers- in watercolors and in gardening!

If you are starting out your creative journey, here’s my best advice – Just start! Don’t wait for any perfect moment or a perfect art supply. Just start, flow with it and let the magic of colors take over. There is nothing wrong or right if it brings you joy, heals you, rejuvenates you. Let the colors guide you and later you can see where you want to go with it. Challenge yourself to paint every day, even if it is just a little doodle. Participate in Art challenges, interact with the Online community (I made some lovely friends that way), as all of this helps you in staying consistent with your daily practice and keeps you inspired.

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If you have read this far, I suggest you hop on over and visit me at the links below, for some floral watercolor explorations, process videos and a bit of my garden inspirations! I will be so happy to share it all with you!

Supriti Chauhan

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  1. Namaste Supritiji,

    I am based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. All your paintings are gorgeous but your Laburnum paintings are simply magical. I too have grown up mesmerized by those yellow bunches and the name you have taken on suits you completely!

  2. Your work is so refreshing, fun and beautiful! Things I would enjoy seeing on my IG feed. Thank you for sharing your story. I am an art supply hoarder too. What artist isn’t? :p

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