Welcome to a brand new month and our Awesome August Doodlewash Art Challenge! I hope everyone who just completed World Watercolor Month is ready to keep right on sketching and painting. Why stop now? For our first prompt of “Waves” I immediately thought of surfing. Though I always show animals instead of people doing things, this time I was inspired by real life instead. So, I decided to create my first celebrity fan art. This is a quick doodle of Jojo, the world’s first surfing corgi and his heartwarming story was just on a show that I watched recently on Disney Plus, so it was on my mind. After suffering a near fatal attack by two other dogs, trips to the beach became a form of rehab for the little guy. And this soon led to well, actually surfing, as a form of therapy. Now, of course, that has turned into a passion and this pup from San Diego has become quite a star. And, an inspiring reminder for artists to always DO what you love and pursue it each and every day with a smile.

I adored Jojo’s story while watching the show, but mostly I just loved that he was constantly smiling. Indeed, corgis tend to have that look, but his was extra genuine and totally captivating. I honestly hadn’t known that dogs could even surf, much less enjoy it. But then JoJo came along and showed me that heartwarming look of pure contentment. It’s exactly how I hope I look when I’m in the zone and sketching stuff, even though I know I’m not as cute as a corgi. And I love being excited, just like Jojo, to show up and do that thing I love each day. Though, I don’t have a tail to wag. Trust me, if I did it would be wagging happily the entire time I’m sketching. It’s super fun to create something each and every day and that’s why I’m always on a mission to get more people to DO it!

I’ve no idea what will appear this month, but I can already say there will likely be lots of critters ahead. I’m loving the idea of animal stand-ins for whatever concept happens to pop into my mind, so I’m going to keep moving forward with that when it works. I didn’t really think I could visualize things that weren’t in front of me, but all of this practice has proven me wrong once again. While I did look at lots of pictures of Jojo because he’s so darn cute, the scene I chose to put him in was one from my imagination. That’s been a fun shift in my painting and thinking that I’m really enjoying. And proof that all of this crazy daily practice has real benefits in the end. And so, I hope you’ll join me this month for another journey into the unknown. There’s an ocean of possibilities waiting for us when we take that leap and pursue our dreams. And there’s no better feeling then when you find yourself blissfully surfing the waves.

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About the Doodlewash

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Surfing Corgi Dog Waves Ocean Watercolor Painting Illustration

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37 thoughts on “Surfing The Waves

  1. Fantastic Charlie and such a happy scene for day one! Hope you are having a great weekend. It was a very good Saturday with yard work, art, reading and a new art exhibit starting this week! Life is good.

  2. I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree that you’re cuter than a Corgi! 😁 Cute Corgi! I love animal stories like Jojo, but then I cry. He does look super happy surfing.

  3. Ahhhh, he made me smile! Yes, I feel it is easier to paint things from our heads. No right or wrong. However, some days it’s hard to get them to slow down to pick one! Hahaha!

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Thats a very fresh cool sketch and the doggie looks happy! Thanks so much for sharing Jojo’s story… I didnt know of it. I can see your point of showing up everyday but when you say things get better… I dont feel so sure. I’ve been sticking to my commitment of painting something no matter how small everyday. But today doesnt look anyway better than yesterday. I dunno what to do. 🙁 I enjoy the painting process but I dont see improvement no matter how hard I try.


    1. Thanks, Mugdha! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this! Yeah, it gets better over time, but daily, it can still feel like two steps forward and three steps back this can be frustrating. It’s taken me these past 5 years to get the confidence to make more narrative sketches and things from imagination. Now? When I take two steps back, it’s at least not quite as far back as it used to be! BUT… I still have to look way back at early sketches to remind myself of that. 😉

  5. You are amazing. Your art is always full of life, movement, dynamics, emotion! You make a whole painting out of a single word. It’s fascinating!
    I wish you can download a little bit of your mind into mine 🙂

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